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I don't dislike it, but the short length trousers and oversized jackets have been done a lot...
You can do substitutions at any point. You can only sub-in players who haven't played in that round. Each round has a separate tab (as round 1 and 2 cross both are currently open). If you change formation, it will drop the player closest to the bench. Transfers aren't available until after the group stages. I think that sums it up!
Do I look stupid
101 with a couple of substitution options if I feel like gambling. Gyan was a bit of a disappointment last night.
I like the CdG women's collection this year.
Thanks. I've got the Milano in brown (same as Arizona, but with a back-strap) but seem to end up wearing Ramses/Cairo much more. I might pick up a pair of Arizona in black and give them a go. I can't get excited by sandals in the same way I get excited by boots.
Why did Joel Campbell have to impress so much? West Brom looked like getting him on loan a few weeks back, but I think that chance has probably now gone
Not quite sure what to do with the tent-like shirt proportions, but first attempt: Yohji Yamamoto Margaret Howell Birkenstock
Room for more, and you can always auto-select for the group stages if you are short of time
You should be able to do transfers prior to kick off on the transfers tab. No transfers until the group stages are over, but you can sub unplayed players to others in your squad.
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