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^ Nice find
Loake's 1880 range isn't bad for the price, and a search on ebay might turn up discontinued models
On the way to the office after a couple of weeks off All Common People, apart from shoes (Loake) and cap (Christys)
Go for it
Thanks for the comments folks - hat is definitely dark grey rather than black when it's not soaked through. agvs - collar removal works well.
I like the idea of bucket hats, but I need the large to fit my big head and there's so much volume in the crown I'm not convinced it works on me. The large circumference, but the mediums's height would be perfect.
Dull wet and grey today... Vintage Flechet EG Bedford Garbstore Jean Machine JM1 Hunter
Great look - I picked up the same jacket and always wondered how best to wear it.
It certainly sets a high bar, but there's a week to go...
Back to work on Monday, so the fits are probably going to tone down a little (some of you may be breathing a sigh of relief), but as I'm still on holiday I had to go for an Hawaiian shirt... Vintage RJC Hawaiian shirt YYPH Birks
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