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Sorry, only online stores.
"Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me" (Kenneth Williams)Sadly I know I'm big in Japan, arguably huge if half the measurements on Size 4 pieces are too be believed
Zenmarket.jp (styleforum affiliate) are very reliable
Sunday, and supposedly Spring, but bitterly cold again... Kapital x3 RW
Saturday. The sun was shining but bitterly cold for late April. Hat, shirt, coat: Blue Blue Japan Scarf: Superior Labor Pants: Needles (photo doesn't really show frayed side seams) Docs (light a bit too contrasty - needed fill-in flash, but tried to rescue photo)
@brad-tGood to see you back, and I'm glad life is less shitty.
Photo angle makes it hard to judge length, but it looks okay. They're designed to be fairly short - if it reaches your belt it should be fine.
After all the stress you've been putting us through, the least you can do is provide a photo of you replicating this fit.
I love that coat/jacket
Want to swap places? - I can offer a cold grey Canterbury, and a mountain of reports to write Nice fit.
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