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Discovering that myself.
I'm beginning to feel sorry for Brazilian fans...
I've not tried Harris Wharf, but noticed Flannels had some good prices: http://www.flannels.com/harris-wharf
0-0 borefest tonight or 5-5? I'm giving up predicting scores
It varies - this winter's cord jackets were much nicer than the previous year's and this year's trenches were better than last year's but not as nice as two years ago.
Damp & dreary... Christy's Nigel Cabourn Levi's Made & Crafted Garbstore Converse
Costa Rica saved my game week - went into the last match with 49pts...
It was a pretty dirty match from Brazil too - Rodriguez was lucky not to be stretchered off.
Same here - struggling on guessing the Fra v Ger outcome.Would love to see Colombia win the cup.
I like it. As a side note I'm glad to see more hats, but that style of hat is being very heavily used...
New Posts  All Forums: