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Yes the cinch appear to be back to the cut I like.Looks a very solid collection, although I'm hopeful for a few more brown/olive pieces than shown.
So does 'crumpled heap in the corner'
I'm more this vintage :
I didn't notice any comments or strange looks. Faversham's a very mixed town, you see a bit of Barbour and tweeds but you'll probably see more North Face and Nike. There's a regular local food market that brings out the French workwear too.
Sunday: Kapital x4 RW
Great fit NN, and I love that jacket.
Sunnier Saturday, with temperatures back above freezing... Kapital EG Studio D'Artisan Docs
I've found sizing a little inconsistent - some 4s fit me fine, others are far too small. Outerwear seems much more generous than shirts and legwear. Great stuff when it fits :-)
Thanks - actually it is my usual spot behind all that freezing fog :-)I agree on NN - always a treat.
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