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I think they come up almost a size smaller than last year's e.g. Large is 34" rather than 36" but I don't own any.
On the way to work: Marni MMM MMM Loake
You can't beat Birks for the summer I keep looking at Vans and just on't see their appeal, but then I still like Palladium's...I see what you mean about the pants, but the fabric is lighter than it looks in the photo - not really any heavier than shirting. First outing for both pieces (picked them up late last year) and I suspect a couple of washes will soften/relax the look. Maybe fuller pants are the answer though - the Fisherman pants might work better.
Sorry no - I'm regretting missing out too. There are very few Bakers or Bedfords knocking around in XL in this year's sales - those that are seem mainly to be blue.
Caustic - I jumped over the wall from CM a few year's back. Probably the most important lessons I've learnt are: a) You need to be bold b) Don't be afraid of experimenting and getting it wrong
I ignore that sort of thing - if you're buying within the EU they have to give you a full-refund for sales - just mention Distance Selling Regulations if they get awkward.
TheHipstore have finally put up their EG sale stock at 50% off (less VAT for you lucky overseas folks). Limited selection, but a few decent pieces (three different Explorers). I picked up the Jersey jacket and a fish T.
Nice fits.I tried the long shirt with this year's dungaree shopcoat and they work well together. Too warm that day for an extra layer though.
Dull and Breezy Sunday: Vintage French Saint James Garbstore DM
Really good @mbaum. I love that Baker.
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