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Cold and grey Saturday: EG x2 Studio D'Artisan Red Wing
Thank you. Not an artist I'm familiar with - time for some research. I like it.
Rumpled EG Sunday: EG x3 DMs
You might even get a small window of opportunity to buy from the UK before we make the disastrous final step of withdrawing from the EU, and the way the pound is dropping UK goods could be very cheap for a while...
Cold and grey Saturday: EG Jean Shop DMs
Catching up (Thursday): Garbstore x Indigo Farms Uniqlo Garbstore DMs
Got to dumb down occasionally
501 1966 cut - slightly tapered but not overly so.
I'd work on the assumption the measurements are correct. Japanse sizing isn't any more consistent than UK/US sizing. I'm a 43" chest so typically a generous US Large but normally a UK XL and had to go for a Japanese XXXL in a Beams jacket.
Monday: Vintage (70's) Levis suede Vintage (70's) NOS Levi shirt - look at that collar LVC Redwing
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