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Sunday: Scarf & trousers: Needles Jacket & shirt: Engineered Garments Boots: Redwing
Thanks.I'm not sure it's that bucolic, or really countryside (the black building over one shoulder is a sailmakers, the brick building directly behind my head is the Shepherd Neame bottling plant - I'm about 200yds from the brewery).See above, and don't farm workers wear workwear?I'm also occasionally guilty of wearing sneakers away from tennis courts and gyms.I think both the coat and jacket are loosely based on Japanese military designs rather than workwear. I suppose...
For me 11.5 - 12" rise is perfect, but then as well as being reasonably tall I have middle-age spread to deal with
I think the coat benefits from the 'weight' at the bottom, but I appreciate your comment.
Wore my long one this morning:
Cold and damp: Kapital x3 RW
I've got one of each and the long one get's a lot more wear, but both are great. They're not hideously expensive bought direct from Kapital via a proxy.
Bank Holiday Monday - off to lunch with Step Son & Partner: EG x4 Henry Tompkins TFFlyers/Other Shop
New Year's Eve - Have a good one folks: EGx3 Docs
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