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You'd have probably got a season out of Adebayor before he flopped... When he's motivated he can score quite well
I'm very happy with the signing. Shame the Hammers messed us around with Carlton Cole, and the Olson deal didn't go through though.
Yes. I like this season, but nothing says 'must have' so far. I'm sure I'll pick up the odd piece to mix in with bits from last Summer though. AW15 looks very strong from the B&W shots so saving a little this summer might be handy!
Beyond budget sadly, and difficult to find in 'huge'
Cross-post from WAYWT - mixed seasons:
Multiple floral shirt owner. Actually multiple floral just about anything
Personally I'd happily wear the whole suit
@lawlercon I really like that one
Yes nice piece. Some of the older WWM does slip through without too many bids but I suspect that's going to go high.
Cold and grey Saturday: Hat: Custom made - North West Hats Boots: DM Rest: EG
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