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Snowy Saturday: UU EG Albam DM
If you're happy with a shawl collar rather than a hood your options are wider e.g. EG can't find any in stock, but Kapital sometimes do the ring coat in a knit: (I want one!) ?
I make Bernie Sanders seem right-wing.
I write right-handed, I eat left-handed, I batted (cricket) left-handed but bowled right-handed. I'm sort of 80% right-handed...
International customers are the important ones Or may-be twice a year if that was more achievable.
UK12 / US 12.5 AdidasUK11 / US12 VansClarks Desert boots UK 11 (not sure what US equivalent is)RW Iron rangers - US12 (but they're a bit snug in the forefoot for me)RW Engineer boots - US13 with insertsRW Mocs - not sure which models off hand, both US 12, one pair fits like a glove, the others are a bit narrow in the forefoot.Not sure how useful this is - I've got feet like flippers (narrow heel, wide up front).
I'm a US 12 in some Redwing, but some designs are just that bit too small. With the engineered boots I bought a pair of these and they solved the problem perfectly:
I like both and would happily wear either slightly oversized.
Yes Canterbury's youths are probably 80% Superdry clad
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