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The size 3 looks good on you, and I don't think they make the ring coats in a larger size. I was curious as I'm tempted by one myself
Looks good. How did you find the sizing?
I looked, but I think it might be a tad snug on me - nice looking piece though.
I'm tempted to take a big hit to try and sort out my mess...
I use Zenmarket.jp - the search tools aren't great when you're searching for anything beyond a manufacturer (partially a translation issue, partially the way the listings are headed) but it's pretty good, and typically you'll pay around 700 yen for the internal Japanese shipping and always pay 300 yen per item for their service - so factor in around 8 usd on top of an item cost, but they'll hold multiple items for you so that you can reduce shipping costs as one package.
Thanks folks - I hadn't considered the Lows based on the fact I don't really like low rise jeans, but from measurements they look more like what many a manufacturer would term mid-rise. I'll keep an eye out for a cheap pair in a was I like. I' wish jeans were made to tagged size (or with raw expected shrinkage) - my Studio D'Artisan;s are about 3" under tagged size and the RRL seem a good 2+ " over tagged size...
No knitwear?
Fresh drops at The Bureau Belfast: https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/brand/kapital
Jeans help (possibly asking the impossible)... I've got a pair of brown slim bootcut japanese selvedge in a 36 and I really like the denim, they're the perfect fit in seat, thigh, leg. I even like the rise, but they're a bit big in the waist - okay with a belt, but pretty much 1.5" too wide. I'm looking for a washed/distressed blue pair with basically the same fit but a tighter waist. If I size down to a 34 I'm worried that what's a nice fit elsewhere will suddenly become...
Hairspray worked for me on a wool suit with a light biro mark.
New Posts  All Forums: