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I've got a hat block and flange in my size so I might just pick up a felt cone and start from scratch. Could be a fun project...You've got a good tailor there!
^ Very nice
Looks great
I'm a 43 - 44 chest so Bedfords in XL are okay on me.
Thanks - the Akubra looks good. An unblocked hat sounds a lot easier than reshaping an already blocked hat which was a route I was thinking of
If any New York residents are passing and they have an XL I'll happily reimburse you and give you a small token of my appreciation - PM me.
Missed out on the remaining XL brown homespun Bedford on Garbstore and am looking to avoid paying the horrendous duty importing from the US/Canada will cost. Anyone got any inside info. on when the Euro stores are likely to get the new season in? A lot still haven't.
Good stuff in the last 24hrs.
Thanks good prices, but probably too similar to my Cabourn ones to justify.
I've not had a problem handwashing wool. Silk is dangerous due to the dyes (plain white silks can wash nicely).
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