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Again Zenmarket have been really good. I've had a couple of yahoo sellers cancel bids because they won't sell to a proxy, and they've had to refund me a couple of times for where rakuten sellers have refused to sell for the same reason, but that's out of 40+ transactions over the past three months, and not something I can blame zenmarket for. In terms of zenmarket's service they've been very efficient, with stuff dispatched quickly, packaged well and marked as requested....
Thanks - I was trying to play up the slight 30's feel with the high roll.
Sunday: all Kapital, apart from the Red Wings
I don't think the wind was helping, the demin is still a bit stiff too.
Saturday BlueBlueJapan Kapital Studio D'Artisan DM Much as I like the wide-cut SDA's I'm not convinced they work with the coat...
Woo woo, woo woo
Looks very interesting denim - the revised cisco cut sounds good too.
@la guyI've been getting the same annoying ad pop up this morning and I'm on Windows 10 using Chrome.
^ @cyc wid it I want the jacket. Tell me it's a size 5 and yo're bored with it.
Probably Ricemans (long gone). I know the punk shop you mean (also now gone). Ashford has grown a bit since then - still not a fashion mecca, but there is an Ralph Lauren outlet in the the outlet village that has the odd piece of past season RRL in amongst the polos with oversized logos (or at least there was last time I headed that way).
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