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Thanks Synthese - I wouldn't let you get away without a u in honour for Scrabble though
Ghostface - I want to steal that tweed.
Cabourn vest sizing... Is it just the Mallory vest that has a peculiarly small chest for the size or do most Cabourn vests fit similarly? With the Mallory I needed to size up to a 56 to fit my 43" chest (leaving it a little loose round the waist...).
The start of a few days off work, and the weather held Saint James Cro'Jack Levi's Made & Crafted Nigel Cabourn Sanders
Spraypainting the bottom of the wall to offset the tie was a bit extreme Stanley.
KingJulien - sweater on sweater action gets me going Herp - beautiful texture combining.
Sounds an horrendous experience!
The Compton in Maroon/Gold arrived yesterday - excellent service from Corniche. Lovely jacket, I wouldn't want it any tighter in the shoulders or longer in the body though - if you're tall and slim it would probably be perfect.
Alexander - looks much better. I like it.
Trousers (pants to you foreigners ) might have been better than jeans: Flechet (French 60's) Common People x2 Uniqlo W+H Trickers
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