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I might just scrape a Europa League spot
I'd try and check the measurements - LVC's vary a lot. Some are vanity sized by a couple of inches and some are an inch down on tagged size.
From my youthful memories (I was 6 when Star Wars came out) no kids really wanted to be Luke, even to 6yr olds he wasn't that cool.
The latest catalogue - 'Denim Perth' arrived this week. It's a strong collection and the catalog is starting to crop up on yahoo.
Not quite today (Sunday to be precise) but I've been busy... Kapital x2 Birks
Blame young boisterous cats who decided they were hungry... I did go back to bed but was wide awake.
Messing around in Denim: LVC LMC LVC RW
It's definitely risky. I agree with you on that.I think there's a reasonable chance it will be 'okay' rather than 'right', but yes it's risky.I hope they don't try and shoe-horn in too many other known characters.
He looks physically close enough for it not to jar too much.
It may have the director's wish to provide a role for his wife...In any case it was only turned into an all female cast after Bill Murray made it clear he didn't want to lead the remake.
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