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Thanks - the chucks are suede. I'm not really into sneakers and leather/suede chucks are as baller as I go Cheers - I like the quality/price ratio of Garbstore, and it fits my frame pretty well.
First drops at Frans Boone : http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/Engineered-Garments Not the most exciting choices unless you fancy the fake fur bucket hat.
EG St James Garbstore Converse
Nice idea for a challenge.
We'll cope
I've not got a Tweed yet, but as a 43ish chest I find both my cotton and wool XL Bedfords a decent fit - if the shoulders on a large are okay and you prefer a definite pull on the button (some people do...) you might get away with a large in the winter versions, but you'll definitely have the chest pulling.
There's a little too much conflict between casual/formal with trouser crease. I'd either swap the pants for something uncreased or dress it up by tucking in the T and swapping the shoes for chelsea's or similar.
eluther - I took the approved Styleforum route and decided to go for both I'll wave to you next time I'm in Dover Checked, and much appreciated Is this actually owned by Nepenthes. Looks a little odd...
I think his prints are growing on me, but I'm still not sure whether it's 'too playful': http://www.welcometosaintpaul.com/
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