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Thanks folks - I hadn't considered the Lows based on the fact I don't really like low rise jeans, but from measurements they look more like what many a manufacturer would term mid-rise. I'll keep an eye out for a cheap pair in a was I like. I' wish jeans were made to tagged size (or with raw expected shrinkage) - my Studio D'Artisan;s are about 3" under tagged size and the RRL seem a good 2+ " over tagged size...
No knitwear?
Fresh drops at The Bureau Belfast: https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/brand/kapital
Jeans help (possibly asking the impossible)... I've got a pair of brown slim bootcut japanese selvedge in a 36 and I really like the denim, they're the perfect fit in seat, thigh, leg. I even like the rise, but they're a bit big in the waist - okay with a belt, but pretty much 1.5" too wide. I'm looking for a washed/distressed blue pair with basically the same fit but a tighter waist. If I size down to a 34 I'm worried that what's a nice fit elsewhere will suddenly become...
Hairspray worked for me on a wool suit with a light biro mark.
More than incipient middle-aged spread I'm sorry to say There are a few big out of town shopping centres in the UK - Lakeside, Bluewater etc. but thankfully mall culture hasn't truly taken off over here. I avoid out of town shopping centres with great loathing (not that most of our high streets have much going for them).
I think they do. In the same way they still wear carefully patched tweed and wool trousers, and railroad workers are the only people wearing extra-tough baggy denim jeans.
Thanks - it's quite slim cut, so does have a different feel partially unbuttoned.
@VitaTimH I'm not sure whether I'm more envious of your fit or your photo location. I think the former, but both are great.Nice - love that aviator
Cool and breezy Sunday:Cap: NeedlesShopcoat: KapitalShawl, Workshirt, Fatigues: EGBoots: Red WingHad a play using the shawl as a giant scarf/sweater: [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: