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Anything where you'd wear black shoes. In the UK (and Europe) black hats have always been more common than brown.
New custom made hat from Cane Rod Maker ( rodmaker@ptd.net ). Tim's usual excellent work and customer service:
Trying out a new hat:Hat - Cane Rod Maker (Custom made - rodmaker@ptd.net )Sunglasses - Ava AM EyewearYohji Yamamoto Pour Homme x2BirkenstockDetail shots: [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, but it's the shawl I'm after not the shawl collar sweater.
Thanks - no UK stores... Any idea where the Outpost is based?
It's one of the nicest donkey jackets I've seen.
AM Eyewear Sunglasses. I'm no expert on glasses but they seem decently made:
Sunny Saturday: Akubra WWM Upland Vest Garbstore x2 Converse
If you change your mind give me a shout - the Bureau sold out before I got a chance.
A selection of walls: Christys Common People x2 Garbstore x2 Loake
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