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I'm sure a season at West Brom would be good for his career Cuadrado looking a great player too - setting up JRod nicely.
^ looks good. I've got a few Panama's but they're not my favourite straws. I'd love a decent 1950's Milan straw (most of the current 'Milan's are plastic - practical but not that nice). Sisal/Hemp can make really nice hats.
Some superb fits over the past few days - really hitting a high.
Yes if they're not made in Ecuador they're not really true Panama. The best are generally made in Montecristo with cheaper hats made in the Cuenca area.Optimo in Chicago sell high quality Montecristo made Panama's, but you're talking $500 for a cheap one up to thousands of dollars for the finest weaves.Personally I'm happy with cheap Cuencas. Some shops grade their hats by the weave count, but no two shops use the same grading system...
There are several decent Panama sellers. I believe Borsalino use Tesi to block their Panama's - RMR in Italy sells Tesi : http://www.rmr-hats.com/Shop-Summer-hats-3-0.html
Shame my punt on Arias starting against Uruguay didn't pay off, but happy with JRod and Cuadrado's points.
I like the Edwardian feel to the Ann D collection
I was expecting 6 months
Agreed on both points
I'm torn on who I want to go through. I love watching Ghana's spirited play,but if the USA scrape it then it will raise the profile of the game.
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