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Apart from the necessity of using launderettes when I was at University I've always avoided tumble dryers. I've never felt the need for one.
I'm weirdly tempted even with the branding:
Patience is the key - I've seen new old stock Oliver Spencer and Garbstore pieces sell on ebay for within your budget.
I'm unsophisticated with treatments ans simply use Obernaufs LP on all my non-suede RW. You get some colour change but that doesn't bother me.
I enjoyed it. Very British and not big-budget, particularly the first season. More thought provoking than action based. Probably best to watch the seasons in order.
Tuesday at the seaside: Han Kjobenvavn Armor Lux Garbstore DM For Sci-Fi fans, this is in front of the beach cafe used in the second series of 'Humans'. Decent sandwich washed down with a bottle of Gadds No.3.
You'll print a second edition once MOMA put their copy on display though?
Birthday Monday: BdP EG Garbstore DM Jacket is a birthday present from the wife.
Cheesy pose Sunday: Stutterheim Uniqlo x2 Adidas Court Vantage
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