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Thanks - I'd wear it more, but it's wool and far too warm for much of the summer.
Tuesday: Nigel Cabourn Uniqlo Universal Works Trickers
Almost missed this Looks great.
Cheers - T was a bit too long.
Yes - they're jean cut with a woven, rather than printed camo pattern from a couple of seasons back.
There's no fool like an old fool...Christophe LemaireUniqloDries Van NotenConverse [[SPOILER]] Bright and breezy for those that want the weather...
Dressing for Saturday's April Showers: Cro'Jack Saint James Garbstore Red Wing
Agreed - that and variance in stance/lens etc. makes a difference.ThanksThank youYour's fits you better The Indigo Farms/Garbstore collaboration pieces are generally good.
Thursday - Spring took a step backwards: Cane Rod Maker - Hat EG WWM Universal Works Red Wing
That list is dreadfully out of date. Garbstore in Notting Hill does have a few bits, but not a huge range. If you don't mind a short trip - Peggs in Brighton has a fairly good selection and The Hambledon in Winchester carries a reasonable amount.
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