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Went up to London for the day, principally to see the Audrey Hepburn exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery (well worth seeing). I took an infrared converted body with me and took a few touristy snaps. IR is completely useless for recording visual tones - the jacket is almost as dark as the swallow print on the T-shirt, but as it's quiet I'll share a photo I grabbed on the way home:all EG SS14 apart from Redwing's (Batik Baker jacket, Swallow T, Ripstop...
Thanks - it works okay with a T. Maybe a henley?Thanks.Pretty much impossible to wear without the straps - very loose around the waist.SS15, but not carried many places. I picked one up from Barney's of all places.
Cross-post from WAYWT:EG SS15 Jersey knitEG SS15 OverallsEG SS14? Miner's Shirt
Another play with the EG overalls: EG x3 Converse
TTS on the waist?
Showery Saturday: Nigel Cabourn Levis Made & Crafted Garbstore Redwing *excuse the too narrow belt - I think my wife tidied away the one I wanted to wear
Another casual work fit - on the way to the office on Friday: Nigel Cabourn MMM x2 Loake
If you get stuck and can risk a large Oi Polloi still had them (and Olive Cambridge in all sizes).
Needsupply lists them.
@agvs Great combo
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