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I wish it was an xl...
That shirt
Thanks - I'm not sure how much longer I can get away with the hair at work...Minimal attention dressed like this. The floral suits get a bit more though...It's the lightweight wool from last season - probably my favourite Bedford in terms of how the fabric drapes, but the tweed ones from this winter are pretty special.
Just been catching up a bit. From Sunday: EG EG Garbstore Other Shop
@Rais - nice look and photo
Thanks - nothing recent.
Arpenture WWM Barbour RedWing
No - black cords seem to be a rarity, but they're not something I've really hunted for.I think you win background of the week
Thanks - yes Euston Cords - slim /regular straight fit when you don't have hands in your pockets...
Not a lot of time for SF the past couple of weeks with work, but here's a couple of dul fits from the weekend. Cold Saturday: EG x2, Barbour, Redwing Warm Sunday: EG, Common People, EG, Redwing
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