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Mid-stride. Walk along the creek after a day's visit to Eltham Palace (http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/eltham-palace-and-gardens) - a must visit place for anyone who likes Art Deco. EG Margaret Howell Birks 'Graz'
Great fit and photo
Yes I do like mono fits, but I think brown or khaki sandals would probably have had the edge. The problem is I'm drawn to coloured footwear as standalone pieces, then get them home and find that brown/black footwear is much easier to wear and end up squeezing them into fits. I've done the same with navy boots and navy brogues, so haven't learnt my lesson
United have looked very poor so far (apart from defensively).
Too many - I had to take over the spare bedroom Thanks - I feel as comfortable in both but photographs don't always show that.
Another cross-post:
Sunday blues: EG SS15 dungaree shop coat EG SS14 floral tab collar EG SS14 Charles? pants - chambray Birks
Birks ought to be mandatory Looks good - I'd roll the sleeves a little more (and a little more loosely) but it's a solid fit
Worth a try - I know some Fuji users have found the way the jpeg engine attempts to smooth skin tones can cause problems that are resolved with RAW.
Thanks. I like them with a shirt too.There's a NWT pair on ebay at the moment: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151774194061
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