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eluther - I took the approved Styleforum route and decided to go for both I'll wave to you next time I'm in Dover Checked, and much appreciated Is this actually owned by Nepenthes. Looks a little odd...
I think his prints are growing on me, but I'm still not sure whether it's 'too playful': http://www.welcometosaintpaul.com/
Look good.Again if if anyone is in the store area and is happy to proxy an Olive in XL please PM me
Synth & Spacepope - the galaxy is safe in your stylish hands
I find the overall convenience of a Galaxy Note 8 out-weighs the goofyness of holding it to my ear - not that you can carry an 8" tablet in most pockets...
xtrasale gets you 20% off sale items at www.aspecto.co.uk A fair bit of Barbour, a bit of EG and a few other odds and ends that might appeal here.
Nice interview guys
I've got a hat block and flange in my size so I might just pick up a felt cone and start from scratch. Could be a fun project...You've got a good tailor there!
^ Very nice
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