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Another new hat from Tim. Dodgy compact doesn't capture the ribbon colour very well - it's much closer to the jacket than the photo suggests... Custom made Fedora (rodmaker@ptd.net) Nigel Cabourn Maison Martin Margiela x2 Loake
I prefer the traditional lining (not that you'd generally see the lining though). Branding doesn't bother me, as it screams Barbour anyway.
The colour looks good. Any idea whether it's the same weave used on last year's stone or the tighter one used previously?
Agreed - it varies from piece to piece.
They're mainly made in Vietnam rather than China, but yes the MIE line use slightly stiffer leather. Personally I'm unconvinced they're much better than the Vietnamese ones, but I the new MIE are better than the old English ones with cardboard insoles that used to breakdown really quickly.
Thanks useful to know - I may have got lucky with the XL. What chest are you? I'm 43"
His new charges from 1st September are 235 USD for rabbit or 300 for pure beaver +shipping. I think you can knock 50 dollars off those prices until the end of this month, but email him to confirm. No website but he'll happily email you photos of his work. Very much a part-time hatter, but his turnaround is pretty quick and does an excellent job. There are several happy customers over on TheFedoraLounge, and photos dotted around the place.
Only tried a flannel shirt - nicely made. I'm generally an XL and whilst it was slimmish it fitted fine
Thanks - nice guy to work with and keeps international shipping charges low...
New custom made hat from Cane Rod Maker ( rodmaker@ptd.net ). Tim's usual excellent work and customer service:
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