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No - not too loud.I've got the first shirt and really like it (It's a tad darker in real life), but the other one looks good too.
Cheers - I'm a 43 chest so XL seems to be the way to go. Off to play some Buffalo Springfield
Thanks - most helpful! I'm not overly broad in the shoulder, but big in chest and long in arms - think orangutan
Around '89 - '90 - a mere callow youth I kept the pony tail up until my early 20's - had a few years break, grew it for a few years late 90's and gave up with it over 10yrs ago.
@Lorcan7 looks great. How do you find the sizing on Post Overalls? I keep looking at the sizing and wondering whether I'd get away with a large rather than my usual XL or whether it's just the cut...
Found that one - it's about a quarter of a century old for you youngsters
canstyleace - thanks Follow up from TBB: "It has been pointed out to me that we actually have more on order (I should have checked our order sheets more throughly). The ones I sent you through before are all knitted but we are also getting these ones- Brown/Navy Wool Twill Plaid Dk.Olive Worsted Wool Flannel Dk Grey Worsted Wool Flannel Brown Wool Antique Herringbone Brown Homespun Grey 13oz Wool Herringbone "
Thank you for your enquiry. Here is what Button Shawl’s we have on order for this Autumn/ Winter-Dk Navy Sweater KnitDk Green Sweater KnitOrange/Brown Sweater KnitGrey Herringbone KnitThey should be in our next delivery which should hopefully be here at some stage next week.Hopefully I'll grab one from the bureau before they sell out and avoid the horrible customs charges with ordering from the US...
I'll try and dig one up, but we're talking last-century and pre-digital
I can see the shawl collar knits, but no button shawls?
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