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Have you thought of pm'ing zissou? He made me a couple of nice belts a few years back and might be able to do something.
Anyone been to the Vogue photo exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery? Worth seeing? I was thinking of taking a trip up to London with my wife and it might be more her cup of tea than the the Paul Strand at the V&A.
Agreed on Colorado Hippies.Sailor NinjaRoute E10Sant Domingo Burning ManFarmyare all really goodDiamonds in The Rough, Peace Pilgrim and The Tide is High are probably my 3 least favourites, but they're still interesting.They are frequently dirt cheap on yahoo.jp / rakuten but postage is pricey on weight so I've avoided the sets of used ones that always seem to be 50% duplicates.Ebay is generally very pricey for both catalogue and shipping. If anyone has any other sources...
I love a lentil dal occasionally, but it's an occasional thing for me as a good dal has to be oily.I'm not an exact measurer so they vary a bit but basically for enough for two:Fry half a small onion, a clove of garlic and roughly a half inch piece of fresh ginger (chopped) in oil (ghee is best but I tend to use rice bran or failing that a mild olive oil) until soft but not coloured.Add about a teaspoon of dried ground coriander and about the same of whole cumin seeds, 1/2...
I've got an old pair of the 1966 501s that I like, but fancy something slightly slimmer, but not really slim. I was thinking of the 1947's - am I right in thinking they'd be slimmer in the thigh and leg but without the taper? Waist measurements look a lot bigger on the 47's for the same tagged size - are they large fitting? Thanks
Need a US or Canadian address though
New lookbook released for Spring 'Denim Perth': http://www.heddels.com/2016/03/kapital-springsummer-2016-denim-perth-lookbook/ Out of interest does anyone else collect the catalogues/lookbooks? I've got about 20 now...
Very casual work fit for a day when hardly anyone else was in... Beams+ Our Legacy Garbstore RW
I can't wait for the shots.
Nice fit and I don't think anyone would complain if you posted on a daily basis
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