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Applying plenty of leather conditioner (and polishing regularly) when still fairly new will help a bit.
Agreed - I like the neck closure on the shirt, but the jacket's a bit 70's busy
Great fit Melo. Work fit so a bit MC... Vintage Adam Premier Macintosh Austin Reed Turnbull & asser H&M Loake Sadly someone else's house...
+1Thanks to everyone for their wishes - it's a lot better than it was.
Looks good and linen suits are one of the few valid excuses for wearing loafers
Nick I've not tried both cameramen, but from my experiences with other ventile garments, the ventile version will almost certainly be much less clammy whilst not quite as wind resistant, and not quite as dry. Ventile is very water resistant when the fibers swell, but will transmit water eventually.
Great write up again Synth!
Great post. Thanks.
Thanks folks.If I need one long term, there are plenty of options Hopefully I won't need one very often.I tried one about 1.5" shorter and it was too short - I probaly need something in between. I'm hoping I won't need to use one that often. The drugs are reducing the inflamation for the time being.Thanks folks.
I've not posted much over the summer. Battling arthritis and haven't felt very sociable... Christy's Common People Norsea Industries Nigel Cabourn Trickers
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