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It's the decison between going for versatility or something that will definitely make a statement I was looking at this season's Cabourn corduroy, but his prices have gone from being a stretch to completely beyond me.
I got off to a poor start and wildcarded early. It was the right decision for me I think, but we're not a third through the season yet....
cross-post from WAYWT: all SS14: Plaid bedford, fatiques, grey tab-collar shirt & white/black polka dot scarf.
@artishard116 nice fabric texture contrast
Off to lunch with the parents... Col (vintage French) EG Bedford, Fatiques, Tab-shirt & Polka dot scarf Converse
@Superb0bo are they the straight leg le laboureurs? They look good. I'm still tempted by the ridiculous Largeot velours taille haute
Cross-post from WAYWT. First outing for one of the shawls. I need to play around with it a bit, but I'm liking it: (all EG apart from boots and hat)
Only if you can provide a full Ennio Morricone soundtrack
Finally cold enough to have a play with the shawl: Akubra x RM Williams hat EG shawl, Bedford, Tattersal & Fatigues Red wing
I don't think the thread is a bad idea - I just can't be bothered to join in.
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