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cyc wid It - they look good
Garbstore from Goodhood (great service)
some okay drops on Barbour http://www.outdoorandcountry.co.uk/Shop-by-Brand/Barbour/Barbour-Sale/Barbour-Sale-Mens.sub
Thanks - Garbstore & Couverture had one of the grey glen plaid cotton Bedfords left in their sale in XL, so I've ordered that to see how it goes.
I'm waiting to see Regis in Harris Tweed - maybe a Cabourn Mallory Jacket & vest
http://www.stylepit.com/guy/brands/nn07I like NN.07 - much nicer quality than a lot of the Danish brands
More drops at http://goodhoodstore.com/ up to 70% off
Yes just a badly designed shop front. Why can't all shops do a hover-over actual availability function (and remove or at least grey out unavailable items?).
Almost full size runs on a lot of stuff, for some strange reason...
Looks good - nice job on the painting. The jacket's a nice piece unpainted, but that does add something.
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