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You won't regret the homespun purchase The Lafayette arrived thanks to@habitant. I like them - I'm not a fan of sweatpants on me and the Lafayette have that relaxed nature without looking too like gym wear.
Cross-post from WAYWT: Custom Hat and Converse leather sneakers, rest is EG from mixed seasons:
The HipStore are doing 40% off sale stock with 'BLACK' until midnight tonight (UK time) http://thehipstore.co.uk/ BUT oddly what were the better sale pieces have mysteriously become non-sale pieces...
Thanks to @habitant for the legwear: Hat custom made by Mike at Northwest Hats EG Navy wool Bedford, old EG brushed twill shirt, EG wool Lafayette pants Converse
@Knight Thanks. That floral bedford is beautiful and you pull off the deer-stalker perfectly.
Lens options (and that my local dealer is stopping stocking Sony) is putting me off the Nex/Alpha system. The X100s looks a lovely camera.
I thought the NEX line had been discontinued? Or maybe just in the UK?
Zissou - you made the right decision with the vest
Notre (see black Friday thread) has 1/3rd off.
BLACK28 this weekend at Couverture & Garbstore - 20% off http://www.couvertureandthegarbstore.com/category/mens
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