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Wednesday work fit. Same location as last week, same suit but slightly different fit... Custom made hat (North West Hats) Garbstore Uniqlo Loake @Superb0boWent with black footwear this week - do you agree brown works better with this shade of blue?
Too old for it... I've not been in the 18-25 category for a long time
I enjoy experimentation, and sometimes it works better than others. I've probably got a big enough wardrobe that some pieces that I've not worn for a while look like new pieces, but I spend too much on clothes. Arguably I might be happier buying fewer dearer pieces, but the cost of a piece seems to bear little relationship to how much I like it. I don't tend to drop cash on really big ticket items - much as I might be tempted by a pair of Visvim Skagway for example I'll...
It's not just Canada - most countries are similar, the US is an exception. In the UK the limit is £15 for purchases made outside the EU.
Length looks good.
The larger 14" size is pretty capacious (my wife teaches A Levels and she can get a day's worth of marking in one ). The quality isn't bad - they're made in the UK from reasonable leather and come with a lifetime guarantee.If you're wanting something nicer maybe try Henry Tomkins: http://www.htleather.co.uk/category/satchels he makes very nice bags.Most of my wife's students seem to use sports bags, but I'm possibly too far away from 16 to know what a 16yr will like.
Go traditional? http://www.zatchels.com/default/sale/up-to-50-off.html Decent enough quality for the price.
I swap around between a couple of Seiko 5's a basic Orient watch and an entry level Tissot automatic. They're accurate enough for me.
Agreed - I can't say when I watched the film I had a clue (or cared) about the character's sexuality - there's nothing explicit either way. I don't understand why it matters if the character ends up flirting with Finn rather than Rey - I don't see the series suddenly turning into a romance, at most it will be scenes to show the characters as people who care about other people - basic character development, rather than the plot focus.
Why would it put you off if there's two male characters who flirt with each other. I can't see that Star Wars is going to turn into a romance, but for example Poe flirting with another character who happens to be male would hardly be any different from Lando flirting with Leia in terms of character 'rounding'. Do coincidentally gay characters put people off going to see a film?I suspect if they do decide to make one the characters gay it will just be flirting along the...
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