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The Barker Nairn is pretty wide in the front:
Another lunchtime with family... EG Our Legacy Aspesi Loake
I did okay, and finally broke on the EG lafayette wool pants with the Hawaiian print, with the further 10% off. The XL stuff seemed to be hanging around - perhaps everyone else decided that trying to pull off bold florals when you're not exactly slim was insane
It's not Blackwatch (blackwatch has no red or gold in it) - this site covers most tartan if you're trying to identify it: http://www.tartanregister.gov.uk/search.aspx
The new Needles jacket looks good.I can't compete with you on hair
Wool Bedford, Miner shirt, E1's with elastic removed: @Beedub - E1's with elastic removed as promised - pretty roomy
Off to lunch with family. Slightly awkward pose... EG wool Bedford EG Miners Shirt EG Cotton Twill E1 Trickers
I'm not a big fan of pictoral prints on jackets, but that's nice.
I think the three week ones have had more entrants. One week is definitely too short.
Navy batik cinch pants SS14 - the Bureau Belfast still had a pair in their sale yesterday. I believe they come up slim...
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