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Saturday. I've been stuck in suits all week so fancied something completely different. Vintage 70's NOS Levi's Orange tab Cheap graphic T from Germany LVC 501s 1966 Adidas Samba
Ich bin ein Engländer, ehrlich!
I can't see anything much on their web site at the moment, but Garbstore often have jackets and trousers in matched fabrics that make nice casual suits.
Sunday, Still fairly warm, but cool enough to break out the padded vest. Blue Blue Japan x2 Our Legacy Birks
Lazy Saturday. Almost October and still a bit warm for outerwear... WWM EG Birks
After a couple of days of torrential rain it's finally cool enough for a jacket: EG x3 Birks
Mixed seasons:
Sunday was back to shorts & T weather (don't worry I'll spare you my legs) but Saturday was a little cooler: Needles rebuild Yohji (YYPH) Birks
Unexciting but inoffensive. Might pick up the odd piece on sale but nothing that says 'buy me now'
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