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I like the individual pieces, but I'm not sure about combined.
Thanks (and thanks to everyone else who commented). I think untucked has the edge, but maybe with a straw hat tucked will work better. The buckles sold the pants to me, getiing the rolls to hold evenly is a pain though as they're quite long. I'll have a play with them unbucked sometime, I don't know how the hanging buckles will work.Marni varies a lot from season to season (these are from a couple of seasons back I picked up on discount) but I generally like most of what...
On the grounds that it's still Sunday the 18th here I'll post whether it's counted or not Custom made Fedora (Cane Creations) Alessandro Gherardi Marni Birkenstock
Hot and sunny today, and a change from work/heritage wear: Untucked: Or tucked?: Cane Creations (Custom made Fedora ) Alessandro Gherardi Marni Birkenstock
Christys Common People EG Nigel Cabourn Trickers
I'll happily give you £6 Good find.
I quite like the tie design. I've seen the shirts he produced for the railway crop up a few times on ebay.
Thanks I've registered, and will set up a league as soon as they allow.
Garbstore cancelled my order due to a stocking error Of course now I really want it... If anyone can find one in this colourway in XL a large dollop of appreciation and a small finders gift will be forthcoming.
Baines has the experience to stay back, and I've never been that impressed with Carrick. Both Gerrard & Lampard have been playing further back this season, and can easily slow things down.
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