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Yes I sometimes wear Harris Tweed when I'm not in a suit - I think just getting round to giving the Bedford a press (first outing since I picked it off the bottom of the wardrobe floor from last Winter) - it's unstructured but not normally this sloppy
Thanks - the cinch pants are pretty slim (arguably a little slim for pairing with a heavy Bedford ...). Swapping to shooting with a longish lens rather than cropping from a wide angle helps too I have managed to shed a few pounds though
Quick snap on the commute yesterday - had a play at adding silly filters, but I'm not quite sure it's good enough for the spicy pumpkin challenge EG Olive Homespun Bedford FW14 EG Tabcollar shirt FW15 EG Cashmere Tie FW14 EG Wool Cinch FW13 DM Bentley's
Thanks folks.
I don't wear jeans enough... I love natural fades and raw indigo, but I also like wearing other pants so even my most worn jeans are still pretty dark after a couple of years, yet want a pair of light, preferably worn looking jeans. Best option? 1.Buy a pair of secondhand worn jeans from a vintage dealer? 2.Buy a pair of pre-distressed LVC's 3. Buy a pair of pre-distressed jeans from one of the Japanses makers (probably Kapital or Studio D'artisan unless someone can...
If that had been an XL I'd have snapped it up I liked that pattern but all I found were bucket hats (don't really suit me), the bomber jacket thing (ditto), and the vest (a tad slim fitting on measurements).
A lot of the listings don't have the size in the title, and there are very few XL pieces on Rakuten anyway (oh and watch out if you're buying brands that are unsized or Japanese sized - the listing title might say XL, but the measurements will often equate to what we would consider M to L). If you're a western Small to Medium it can be a goldmine, and you get pieces not widely available.
Finding stuff big enough on Rakuten can be a challenge though
Leather satchel
Bad photo from Sunday: Kapital Needles Rebuild Needles Vans
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