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Cold weather casual suiting... Work fit, but it;s a very casual heavy wool suit (cold and windy today). Garbstore Suit & Shirt Gitman Vintage Tie DMs
I'm not sure StyleForum is ready for naked protests
Givenchy couldn't afford my rates.
Rodin made extensive use of urine to create patination.
Thanks - I looked at a couple of bru na boinne pieces and they looked good. Is the sizing as erratic as Kapital and Blue Blue Japan?
Cold, bright and breezy Sunday:All Kapital apart from RWs. [[SPOILER]]
I suspect unless you handle it evenly you'll get a less uniform patina - it will be the oils, dirt and sweat from your fingers that will add the patina.
If you keep it out of the light and don't handle it leather doesn't change much. It can dry a little but that's all.
Yes I'm almost vegetarian, but eat clams/mussels/cockles/oysters, and don't worry if there's a bit of fish sauce in curry paste. I've not eaten meat in over 25yrs and don't miss it at all. I seem to recall Ottolenghi isn't vegetarian, just generally finds vegetable based dishes more interesting.Thanks - just ordered a Braun set - it's 750w so should hopefully be powerful enough, and comes with a jug attachment that supposedly has blades that will cope with ice (not that...
Probably mainly of interest to EU based buyers, but Kafka has summer stuff up (as is usually the case with Kafka they're the more subdued offerings): http://www.kafka.co.uk/browse/Mens/b-EngineeredGarments-376/
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