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I think the three week ones have had more entrants. One week is definitely too short.
Navy batik cinch pants SS14 - the Bureau Belfast still had a pair in their sale yesterday. I believe they come up slim...
I really like the Suffolk, but prefer it in the wool iterations. Both are nice jackets, so obviously the answer is you need both
UK VAT is 20% (something I'm reminded off every time I order from the States - you get 20% off our prices, I pay 20% on top of yours...)
Sounds good - I'd give people 2-3 weeks to get themselves organized - we're not the speediest participants
Agreed - I needed to size up one compared to the jacket. Ideally I'd have liked half a size, but it's not overly loose 1 up.
@Beedub I'll probably post a fit in the week. On the XL the hem is about 8.75" about 1/4" wider than the ripstop fatigues in the same size.
Yes the Andover works well - navy and mid-brown are a nice combo.If the Truman are a 36 and you decide they're not good enough drop me a PM ---No new AW14 for me, but a SS14 plaid miner shirt, polka dot scarf, swallow T and the AW13 olive reversible pants have arrived from Bodega (annoyingly via UPS rather than USPS so a big customs bill ). Awaiting the SS14 expedition jacket...
Some good reductions at Cro'Jack : http://www.crojack.co.uk/c-17/sale As usual stock photos are shockingly poor - the stuff is much better IRL and UK made.
@mbaum Looks great, and the summer jacket works fine. I don't have a problem mixing the seasons up. If it's warm enough/cool enough go for it.
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