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Thanks - decided they were worth a try at a further 25% off and free shipping.Nice fit btw
The Workaday are pretty much M=34W L=36W. I've only tried this seasons Corduroy Fatigues from the main line which are by measurements just fractionally under tagged waist size. Measurements of the bull denim fatigues are listed on Kafka as 1" oversize whilst The Bureau lists them as TTS - which is correct, I've no idea.
Thanks. All my other Bedfords (in various fabrics fit fine) so I'm probably safe. If I can decide which colour.
My Wildcard went after GW2...
Wednesday. Rather rumpled after a day in the office... Marni MMM MMM Loake
General EG questions, but as there isn't a general EG thread... 1. Desert pant? http://www.yoox.com/uk/36714298LA/item#dept=men&sts=sr_men80&cod10=36714298LA&sizeId= Any idea how they fit? Slim? TTS waist or looser? 2. Picked up an older pair of denim fatigues - wondered which season they were from - popper cinch tabs - tagged 36 waist (although probably nearer 36.5" rather than L/XL - open rear pocket on one side, flapped on the other, rather than two flaps. Any...
Thanks that looks great - I'll have a proper read later.
Agreed - the 'correct' exposure isn't always the one you want artistically.One of the great things with black and white is how far you can push exposure and it still looks right. With colour some subjects will cope with severe under/over exposure and look fine, but skin tones have a much narrower range to look acceptable.
It really depends on your camera's meter and what you tend to shoot - some cameras blow highlights more easily than others. It's easier generally to recover shadow detail from RAW than highlight detail. I tend to find that for quick shooting when I don't have time to be sure I nailed the exposure, evaluative metering works better than spot, set with 1/3rd stop underexposure in very bright conditions. The short answer is 'it depends'...
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