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A sunny Bank Holiday (almost unheard of): EG x3 RW
Great colour and fit.
It's a clear sign that you need to permanently adopt a yellow jump-suit.
I like Monitaly's designs but they tend to be cut on the small side for me - XL seems to equate to a euro 50-52 whereas I'm a definite 52-54
Thanks - I wish EG still did the cinch pants in the looser leg - the current ones are just that bit too narrow for my taste. Yes I've read it, but many many years back. Destruction as art.
Attractive duds! I shall rely on my natural wit and charm.Seriously it's a good challenge, and I'm starting on my research:
Clothes? Am I the only one who'd like to face the end of the world naked with at least one other person of the opposite gender in the same state?
Mid-week work fit... An icy morning turned into a pleasant Spring day, so I had a wander and found an interesting old wall (no idea what the weird bulge was from, possibly the remains of a house - the whole area was bombed to smithereens in the second world war and has been a car-park for as long as I can remember). Custom Hat (Tim/Cane Rod Maker (he mainly makes Cane fishing rods, but makes nice hats as a sideline/paying hobby)) EG - Bedford, Mil Shirt, Cashmere Tie,...
Yes it's very much the euro brands that are always found in TKMaxx.
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