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Trip to the seaside earlier this week: Hat: Cane Creations (custom made) Suit: Common People Shirt: Oliver Spencer Derbies: Loake
ASOS offically hot! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-27954344
Cabourn pant sizing varies a lot from garment to garment (hey it's Cabourn what do you expects ) generally though the inch sized stuff will be of that measurement i.e. a 36 waist will measure exactly 36", whilst the size 3, size 4 etc. will measure to at least the upper size indicated, and often an inch more...
Good to see Berlin Report again - always great fits, and I love Guy Burgess' post
Cool fits over the last couple of days among the playground talk.
The Netherland's defence is going to be their stumbling block.
112 total for first round
I don't dislike it, but the short length trousers and oversized jackets have been done a lot...
You can do substitutions at any point. You can only sub-in players who haven't played in that round. Each round has a separate tab (as round 1 and 2 cross both are currently open). If you change formation, it will drop the player closest to the bench. Transfers aren't available until after the group stages. I think that sums it up!
Do I look stupid
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