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Showery Saturday: Nigel Cabourn Levis Made & Crafted Garbstore Redwing *excuse the too narrow belt - I think my wife tidied away the one I wanted to wear
Another casual work fit - on the way to the office on Friday: Nigel Cabourn MMM x2 Loake
If you get stuck and can risk a large Oi Polloi still had them (and Olive Cambridge in all sizes).
Needsupply lists them.
@agvs Great combo
Any thoughts on the fit of the Mil Shirts? How long are they and does the lower pocket risk interfering with trouser waistbands if worn tucked in?
Much better. Personally I think the hats are fine too.
Thanks - It's why I don't post the "heading to work" in cheap suit fits that take up much of the year
Another heading to work pic: Harris Wharf Margiela Dries Loake
@synthese love that jacket.
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