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Slightly awkward pose from a too confined tower, but details were burnt out in the morning sunshine... AM Eyewear Harris Wharf - raw edge cotton (still pretty slim sized up) Uniqlo Dries Van Noten Barker
I wonder whether they're fur-felt or just wool and whether the stencil is applied before they're blocked?
More SS14 rather than AW14 but I didn't want to restart that dead thread... Just picked up a pair of rip-stop fatigue pants from Indigo & Cotton. Their shipping costs to the UK (for basic 1st class) are very reasonable. Do any UK buyers have any recommendations for US/Canada sellers that other attractive shipping rates, or are particularly 'Internationally friendly'? Would appreciate PMs.
One of your best recent fitsGood to see you again. PS - a couple of deluded MU fans wondered whether you'd like LVG back?Decent, but I think a similarly patterned round-neck T would take it up a level.---Some how missed quoting CottonDockers post, but yes nice use of colours---NiceNice suitI'd prefer boots but that's just my odd preferences. Great fit.I like it - boot tuck and all
Do Eg solely sew on the patches? It's not uncommon for patches to be fixed in the centre with bonding tape/glue before being sewn at the edges.
Alexander - the shoulders and chest look spot on. Sleeve wise length is a bit long (even as someone with fairly long arms I can find it an issue) and I'm not sure about the elbow patch placement. The ideal would be to shorten the arms from where they join the shoulder, but that could be costly...
Peggs have their winter stock up: http://www.peggsandson.com/brands/engineered-garments
I've got one of their non-rubberised cotton coats from a couple of seasons back - nicely made but will only cope with very light short showers. Even light but persistent rain penetrates pretty quickly.
It's one definition Much of Nigel Cabourn's work is very much fairly 'straight' revivals of classic menswear (as is a lot of Engineered Garments, Our Legacy etc. etc.) and where do you place a pair of Tricker's brogues?It's an artificial divide really. I know some CM members see fedoras as too costumey or antiquated to be considered classic menswear
Great colour choice. I'm almost looking forward to cooler weather
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