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Aaarrgghh they sent me the link, but it won't recognize my UK postcode
some really good stuff the past couple of days
Definitely ship internationally : http://en.fott.ru/catalog/product/NC-W13-OW-9/?CURRENCY=USD
Thanks - would be pretty snug on my 43" chest but might work.
I think the suggestions already garnered are good. I think you'd probably get away with those trousers if you simply changed the shirt for a white one and swapped the footwear for black polished derbies. I'd be tempted to have a play with going really bold too - red/burgundy trousers, white shirt and black shoes would be pretty full-on but might work well. Nice piece anyway
Nice dye job.
@eluther I love that vest. I'm still toying with an interliner - can anyone confirm what the maximum size the strings will take it to?
If you don't mind ordering from the UK Kafka have it in both Homespun and Olive Canvas with free international shipping on orders over £150 http://www.kafka.co.uk/browse/Mens/b-EngineeredGarments-376/
It's tricky - there are budget strikers who have really performed well - Berahino for example (I'll keep quiet about who I've got my eye on ). Hazard is an explosive player - you stand a chance of a hat-trick but equally he can go weeks with not a lot, meanwhile there are options around the 6mil mark who are scoring regularly but unspectacularly...Of course Aguero is injury prone (and City aren't looking that strong), Costa isn't without further injury risk and has...
Yes pretty widely available from euro stockists (depending on fabric).
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