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All Yohji Y's today apart from the boots (DM):Jacket fabric detail: [[SPOILER]]
Just finished 'The Circle' by Dave Eggers. A frustrating book - a good idea that wasn't badly done in parts, but the most unbelievably naive 'heroine' and odd irritating passages.
Is the Bureau discount non-UK only? I didn't get the email and the code wouldn't work...
Bottom half looks fine, but I agree with Jet, the shirt looks a tad small.
Jeans look a decent fit - logo'd polo doesn't look a great fit and is dullI like the combination but it all looks a little too slim for my tastes - not bad though.
Thanks all
Belt maker to the stars: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/70416112/leather-belt-w-roller-buckle?ref=shop_home_active_11Excellent work
Thanks -they look good on you anyway
Shingles - I want to steal your tie. Mikey - how slim are the USN compared to fatigues?
Cool sweater
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