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It's definitely risky. I agree with you on that.I think there's a reasonable chance it will be 'okay' rather than 'right', but yes it's risky.I hope they don't try and shoe-horn in too many other known characters.
He looks physically close enough for it not to jar too much.
It may have the director's wish to provide a role for his wife...In any case it was only turned into an all female cast after Bill Murray made it clear he didn't want to lead the remake.
May the fourth be with you.
The ratio of the militia/military in Star Wars doesn't look one to one to me.Back on planet Earth the ratio of women to men in militias varies a lot - for some countries it's up to 30%. I'm guessing it's increased over the past 40 years in the US?You've got a weird view of size if you'd describe Felicity Jones as looking anorexic. Even Daisy Ridley could only be described as slim - arguably a similar build to most gymnasts.From what I've seen of the Rogue One trailer (and...
I'm assuming you're trolling... 2 films with female leads out of eight films - a one in four ratio against a population with a one to one ratio. It's hardly over doing it...
Typical Bank Holiday Monday weather - cold and windy... Kapital/Docs
It was a fun challenge - one of the best themes we've had. Thanks for running it @Rais
Sunny Sunday - difficult to believe it was snowing earlier in the week: Superior Labor x2 P'Overalls Orslow Birks
@Rais Both of you look great. I was tempted by the chambray blazer with the pants but worried that the sizing might be a bit small.
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