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Okay - a step down from Garbstore but better than WoodWood.
Breezy day at the beach: Common People x2 Birkenstock Pity me - today I've got to shift over a ton of aggregate...
Do provide us with a review. Their shoes look extremely reasonably priced is construction and materials are reasonable quality.
Any shawl stockists yet?
The Sanders pebble-grain shoes I've handled have been embossed top-grain, but I've little experience with McNairy's offerings, and without looking closely at the actual shoes to see whether they've been coated I couldn't tell you. Personally I prefer pebble-grain on tan/brown shoes.
I like the shades of grey approach FWIW
They look decent. pebble-grain is just embossed calf leather. just your normal polish/cream needed. They are made in Northampton by Sanders (or at least all of his recent shoes have been). Decent quality in my experience - not up to Edward Green but as good as your typical English shoemaker.
Saturday: EG Garbstore Birks Not sure that the pink & white flecks in the trousers comes across well in the photo...
Any guidance on sizing current jackets/vests (SS13/14) I keep thinking I might get away with a large despite a 43" chest.
It's dangerous guessing someone else's foot size, but the Kempton's at least are pretty generously sized and fit my wide feet okay in an 11F. I find this site useful: http://sizeadvisors.com/
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