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Have a look at zenmarket.jp ( styleforum affiliate)
Thanks folks. I'll give it some thought - it seems there are pros and cons either way.
Found an LVC suede jacket that I liked: Do I spray it with suede protector or not?
How true to size are current LVC jeans (distressed washes)?
Thanks - I'd considered an EG Explorer jacket, but when I wore it on Friday it was far too nice weather for the end of the world I'm looking forward to seeing the other entrants efforts.
Really good stuff from the past few hours.
It was time to move on. I’d picked up a couple of distant radio broadcasts from a village somewhere in France, broadcast on a valve set that had last seen service under the resistance during the occupation. With no means to communicate back and only rudimentary French I could only fill in some of the gaps, and the panicked voices soon gave way to the wall of static. Maybe they were still alive, but I had no way of telling. There certainly weren’t many of us left, with...
A sunny Bank Holiday (almost unheard of): EG x3 RW
Great colour and fit.
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