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Does it give you even cooler WAYWT backdrops?
Some nice pieces.It's an odd season for - very few pieces jump out as must buy now before stocks run out, but there's lots of pieces I like. I can see me buying little at full price but picking over the sales quite carefully (which I'm sure wasn't the intention).I'm pretty set on a Moleskin bedford, but still vacillating on which colour.
Yes it's more across the waist where I noticed the difference (maybe that's my large waist ) the shoulders and upper chest aren't that different.)They came in several fabrics for the summer (I picked up the dungaree fabric, but I think Mike got the nicest version) and sold out quickly. Winter wise there's currently cashmere, wool flannel and broken denim on sale at the Bureau.
I want It's 6w navy (well the matching Clement vest is) so I'm guessing the B1P in Navy might match - not sure whether they're exactly the same shade though.
Noticeably more generous
@Cotton Dockers I like the balloon pants. Has anyone sen the wool ones from the FW15 lookbook anywhere? @mbaum I'm sure you can squeeze in another outing of the shop coat. Looks great
I think Bedford's are more flattering for most people. I like your fit though and the jacket/shirt length looks fine.
Sunday: Post Overalls SS15 EG SS14 Birks
agreed - for what it's worth I'm 6'1" and don't find Inverallan sleeves too short in a 42 or 44
Thanks - not sure about the suede Converse, in retrospect boots would have been better.Looks great
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