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Agreed - I can't say when I watched the film I had a clue (or cared) about the character's sexuality - there's nothing explicit either way. I don't understand why it matters if the character ends up flirting with Finn rather than Rey - I don't see the series suddenly turning into a romance, at most it will be scenes to show the characters as people who care about other people - basic character development, rather than the plot focus.
Why would it put you off if there's two male characters who flirt with each other. I can't see that Star Wars is going to turn into a romance, but for example Poe flirting with another character who happens to be male would hardly be any different from Lando flirting with Leia in terms of character 'rounding'. Do coincidentally gay characters put people off going to see a film?I suspect if they do decide to make one the characters gay it will just be flirting along the...
Spare bedroom/boxroom and racks although it's getting a bit full. I need a clear out...
II didn't know they'd released the cast yet. What's her name?
Sunny but cold Sunday: Kapital x3 RW
I know this was sort of covered a while back with the MMM suede jacket, but I'm tempted by a suede trucker or similar. How awful are the mainline Levi one's? Are the LVC much better? Any other options besides Aero?
Thanks - Vest is the padded denim BBJ from matches http://www.matchesfashion.com/products/Blue-Blue-Japan-Padded-denim-gilet--1023338
Nice - I regret not picking up the wave pattern from 14
Better close up The band is a raw edged piece of indigo dyed cloth, plaited.Hooded shirt - I think it was first produced for Kapital's 'Farmy' collection.Thanks.No none of my friends dress with my eclectic eccentricity . Most seem to have gone down the middle-aged man at Debenhams/M&S route, although I've got a friend from university day's who does embrace a bit of Old Town.
It's hooded (not that I'd ever wear it hood up).
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