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You could try a white silk scarf for the WWII look?
^ Nice first post
Thanks - oddly I think it was some of this season's more English inspired pieces that persuaded me to give EG another go.I wasn't sure whether I was being brave or foolhardy There are prettier bits of FavershamCheers. Cabourn prices were getting too astronomical for me to keep expanding in that direction, and EG is fun.
Yes really high standard of entries.
Looks good.I like the versatility of a lot of EG - you can change one piece in an outfit and completely change the tone.---cross-post from WAYWT:F/W14 Herringbone button shawlF/W12? wool LandsdownEG shirt I've had for yearsF/W13 Lafayette pants
Having another play with a shawl: Panizza hat EG herringbone shawl, Landsdown, shirt, lafayette pants Converse
Tokyo Joe - not Bogie's best but worth a watch.
I don't know what's happening round here, but the average standard of fits the last few days has been higher than I remember for ages.
^ Thanks for the update on rott's shipping. I wonder why they stopped international shipping? It's a shame because they're sale prices have always been really good. I don't know if we've got any current Russian members who would proxy.
Thanks I'd assumed you needed to use the one you signed up with...
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