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I'm sadly right in thinking they don't do a more generous cut in the homespun, aren't I?
With free international shipping Hey I can dream
My best week this season thanks to Costa (we'll draw a veil over the first three weeks...)
A few summer bits left in Aspecto's sale http://www.aspecto.co.uk/l0-mens-l1-men's-clothing-l2-engineered-garments.html xtrasale gives a further 20% off until midnight today (UK time)
50 Shades of Grey: Christys EG EG albam DM
I've not got that one, but the quality of Inverallan has been universally very good in my experience (about 8 tops + scarves, hats etc.).If you like it go for it.
I need to size up on the Mallory jacket with the vests. Going up half a size would be ideal but there isn't that luxury
Slaters is probably the cheapest place for suits - they do a mixture of cheap own brand suits and better discontinued stock. The quality isn't great on the cheaper stuff, but better than Topman and they'll do free basic alterations in store.M&S is worth a look - their basic suits aren't great quality but they're not awful, and their dearer suits can be picked up in sales cheaply. Next stuff is generally pretty grim, but the suits aren't too bad - worth a look on your budget.
http://thehipstore.co.uk/blogs/news/15053145-the-hip-store-meets-with-nigel-cabourn Interview, new stockist and scant details of the Fred Perry collab.
It's a lovely fabric - I keep lusting after the Suffolk jacket in it on Kafka.
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