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I think the 2 fits you well.Not too big as a winter coat (I think the 3 was about right), but I'm wondering about sizing down for a shorter spring/summer jacket.I take a generously cut 42R in suits, but typically go 44R.
Fatigues should be okay - the E1's are another possibility (I removed the elastic from the cuff on mine).Measurement wise I find Kafka pretty much spot on. The Bureau can be a bit out IME.
Thanks - I'm 6'1" and a 42.5" chest and went for a 3 in the long coat, but was wondering whether a 2 would do. I think seeing your post I could get away with it...
Agreed. Oh, and chest size please
Well explained.There are very few garments with the colour purity you'll get on a colour wheel, you need to put the garments together and see whether they work. Greens can work beautifully with blues, but can clash horribly. Blacks are frequently dark brown/reddish, purplish or dark green. Texture can often add enough contrast to use two very similar shades together. Experiment!
Bit of an odd question, but the situation's never arisen before... The UK £15 import limit applies to the package value not the individual goods, doesn't it? i.e, if I ship two £10 items separately I won't get charged, but if I ship two together I will?
It would be borderline too light. Our weather is so unpredictable at the moment it's difficult to know what Spring will be like - some December day's I was walking around in shirt-sleeves...It's pretty much typical denim shirting weight - not the heavyweight, but heavier than chambray. It's quite fitted (well it is on me), so there's not a lot of room for layering. For me it's probably fine for 'typical' spring days through to late summer evenings.
I love those lapels. Looks great.
Looks good from the front. Cotton can stretch a bit with wear if it's not uncomfortably tight, Not sure about steaming though - it might shrink it.
Someone's got my almost perfect suede jacket on ebay - sadly the p2p is 42" rather than 44" - really rare piece too http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-Kapital-Limited-Edition-Leather-Thunderbird-Jacket-SIZE-4-/131697897868?hash=item1ea9ce718c:g:jXEAAOSwJkJWjtE-
New Posts  All Forums: