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I'm not really enamored by the Jil, but I really like much of the Marni.
It depends where you're ordering from - it's rare USPS get through customs, ditto Canadian orders. Australia 50% of the time. Japanese orders very rarely get caught.
Picked up the diamond knit vest. I've been tempted for a while.
Very English Mod
+1Have a good one folks
Unless I get bored with a piece I'll keep wearing it.
Lazy Sunday: Inverallan APC Garbstore Red Wing
Good stuff from the past few days folks. Chilly Saturday: Vintage French Hat and DM brogues, rest EG.
You won't regret the homespun purchase The Lafayette arrived thanks to@habitant. I like them - I'm not a fan of sweatpants on me and the Lafayette have that relaxed nature without looking too like gym wear.
Cross-post from WAYWT: Custom Hat and Converse leather sneakers, rest is EG from mixed seasons:
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