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Deserves a place in this thread
Nice selections guys. 3 must be the magic number as both of your third fits particularly stand out.
I'm not a big sneaker wearer, but wanted something simple for the Spring and came across these: Understated and comfortable without being ridiculously expensive. I had to size up from my normal UK11 to a 12 - are all Adidas small sized?
Thanks - this one is moleskin (with the original metal 'rings' as buttons). The fabric is thicker than the long katsaguri one, and probably a tad more wind resistant, but on balance I prefer the way the katsaguri drapes, and it's still warm enough.
Sunday: Kapital x3 & Docs
Obviously I don't know what that season's were like, but a Large in the current season is slightly under 32"
Be warned - if they're anything like this year's patchwork pants they come up very small.
I'm surprised Casely-Hayford hasn't had more of a following.
Saturday: Kapital x3, RW
Thanks folks - the pants are Margaret Howell mainline from a few years back. They're a little shorter than I tend to wear - ,maybe the lack of break is something I need to try more often.That's where I got mine - I couldn't believe that they didn't sell out, but I guess not everyone likes the colours.
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