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Cross posts from WAYWT this weekend: AW14 Bedford and Diamond Knit vest, black 80's shirt and E1 previous season. AW14 shawl and AW14 Green Bedford (kindly proxied by Mike). rest WWM/Universal works, Cane Rod Maker, Trickers
Tux looks good.
Thanks folks. @mbaum was kind enough to proxy the green bedford from NY Nepenthes. One of my favourite pieces.---Bene, definitely one of your best.
Sunday: Custom made hat (Cane Rod Maker) EG shawl and Bedford WWM shirt Universal Works cords Trickers boots
Don't expect to see me in one soon
Saturday (Sorry no kilt): Christys cap, Redwing boots rest all EG:
The quality of MHL is still pretty good. It is a lower line, but the aesthetics are different too.
I think the ean boots work quite well with the rest...
@eluther joining in the praise and envy
Definitely a highlight of the collection.
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