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Glad you're safe Benesyed. --- Grey and mild with occasional drizzle, dodgy pose, dodgy image quality... Nigel Cabourn Levis Made & Crafted Nigel Cabourn Trickers
In the UK it's young people who are Not in Education, Employment or Training - I'm guessing it's the same in Aus...
Huckel hat and Trickers boots, rest all SS14 EG: Olive Ripstop: Expedition Jacket Vest (can't remember the name) Fatigue pants Floral Lafayette shirt. I doubt I'll put all three olive rip-stop pieces together too often, but it was fun to have a play.
The trousers seem to be selling out really quickly this season.
In which case just get a tailor to shorten them as much as they can. With coats you can get away with a slightly longer sleeve than jackets before it looks too odd. Of course if you wear it as a coat over a blazer then that will effectively raise the shoulder and shorten the sleeve a bit.
Too many pockets? Too much rip-stop? Trip to the seaside... Huckle hat EG Expedition Jacket, vest and fatigues. EG Lafayette shirt Trickers boots.
I like the jacket Alex
I wear suede in the rain, wouldn't wear it in really torrential stuff or the snow, but suede copes with light rain without a protector - just needs a brush afterwards. Protectors do help prevent stains though...Sorry not really an existential answer
If you don't mind a commando sole these aren't bad for 210 USD - made in the UK (unlike some of their basic models) I believe, and goodyear welted:http://www.fwtyson.co.uk/loakes-epsom-brown-mens-walking-shoe-free-delivery-333-p.asp
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