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I find with Type 3's that unless you go oversize and avoid the slim-fit that the pockets bag (if not straight-away relatively quickly). Oddly I just picked up a deadstock Valencia made LVC type III as I was wanting the cleaner lines.
I like the individual parts, but I'm not sure they work as a whole. The contrasts don't quite work for me.
Orslow stuff is very solid - pretty popular in Japan, but only limited stock outside. I've been happy with the quality of my purchases.
http://store.unionlosangeles.com/collections/unused/Your thread sounds like a good idea. The BBJ, Kapital and Needles threads get some interest but it's periodic. Trying to find anything in a 4 from Japanese makers can be a challenge, although a 4 can be anything from 53cm p2p to 60cm+ (I always hope for the latter ).
Chilly, damp and drizzly Saturday: Akubra Inverallan Tenderloin x2 RW
That wouldn't be a bad thing (well okay he had the odd less successful film, but generally,,,),
Nice fits both, and great photo soqueriaterum.---Garbstore have a nice variation on the ring coat for sale:https://couvertureandthegarbstore.com/product/kapital/jackets-mens/kountry-vintage-wool-ring-coat-khaki
No physical address, large inventory, broken English... Avoid
Thursday. I gave in to the call of the 70's Vintage Levis Suede/'shearling' vest Gitman Vintage LVC 1966 501s RW
fFelicity Jones is a decent enough actor. It's got potential, and whilst it ties into the original film we don't know how derivative the plot is going to be (although I confess I can't remember the last time I saw a space opera that wasn't a little derivative - it seems to come with the genre).
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