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Similar fit to one I've posted before, but as I've finally got a working camera... Vintage French hat, Hunter Chelsea's - rest EG of mixed seasons
I've got it in the pink colourway, and they're both much nicer in real life than the web pictures often suggest.
Have you considered Garbstore's Tri Saver vest? http://couvertureandthegarbstore.com/product/garbstore/vests-mens/tri-saver-vest-khaki
Looks good.
Any purchases below £15 are exempt for VAT £36 for gifts. Once you get over £135 you've got customs duty on top of VAT.I'm sure parcels from Japan do sometimes get caught, but I've yet to have one stopped where it's gone through their national mail service. I suspect there's just more focus on parcels coming in from the US/Canada as that's where the majority of people buy from. Where stores use private couriers rather than national mail services parcels are pretty much...
I'm not really enamored by the Jil, but I really like much of the Marni.
It depends where you're ordering from - it's rare USPS get through customs, ditto Canadian orders. Australia 50% of the time. Japanese orders very rarely get caught.
Picked up the diamond knit vest. I've been tempted for a while.
Very English Mod
+1Have a good one folks
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