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@BiggskipMy XL is just a little under 22.5" p2p.
Thank you. I think I've got a less cropped & less re-sized version - I know I haven't kept the original. Image quality isn't stunning as it's from a cheap Samsung compact.I hope FoK is insured for legal claims of loss of earnings from Daiki Suzuki Please change it too somebody else after a while though - there's so much enjoyable diversity on this forum.
Thanks folks. I've had a play with Udon Kitsune using a seaweed stock to replace dashi, and Miso soup with tofu & wakame. Last night I grilled aubergine (eggplant) slices with miso and sesame seeds and had that with a pickled daikon salad. Sukiyaki without the beef is a good thought, I've yet to try shirataki noodles. I eat eggs and simple bi-valves such as clams, so that broadens the scope a bit.
It used to be a common enough pub name until the 80's saw a horrible re-branding of pubs and trendy names along the lines of 'Frog & Lettuce' sprung up, although that trend has passed thankfully and a lot of older names are being re-instated.
Any good quick and easy Japanese vegetarian recipes? We have a decent Asian supermarket near work so ingredients aren't a big challenge.
^ Cheers! - I think the pants look fine
I find it really depends on wind chill - they're great on a still day, but easily penetrable by a stiff cold breeze.
Cross-post from WAYWT - EG and other stuff for work.
Looks good.
A relatively rare work fit from me (most days at the moment it's a suit that would send this side of the fence into sleep and the CM crowd into a fainting fit): Custom made hat - Cane Rod Maker EG bedford & tie Uniqlo oxford Margaret Howell trousers Crockett & Jones shoes (and for those that really care RB Clubmasters and Regent Belt company belt)
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