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the only sizing I've come across is euro sizing on mainline pieces and S M L etc. on MHL. With both there has been variation between different pieces.
My thoughts too
Much appreciated
Useful to know. Does the waist measure 36" or is it a bit over (not that I need to diet obviously )
Going on the Bureau's description they're 4 inch brims (that's very wide in hat terms and not normally seen on anything other than Westerns). These (with ribbon removed) http://www.hatcentre.co.uk/extra-wide-navy-p-224.html might work as something close for those who want a similar look without the print.Back to the EG hats - The Bureau had S M and Large in stock with the Large equating to euro 58-59 - anyone any idea whether EG sell an XL for those of us with normal ...
Youngster Happy Birthday for Friday.
They're okay - optician didn't have much that really sung out, but they can make them up in less than a week and will at least stop the screen going blurry. I'll look around for something nicer now I've got a prescription. I've not really been a glasses wearer so it's all a little daunting I'll try climbing a tree soon
On the way to the opticians(more expense ) before work: Akubra Common People x3 Loake
^ cap's fine, but go unbuttoned.
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