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Cool sweater
Where's your hotel? There are plenty of decent independents to choose from in most areas... PS. skip work for a day and go to the V&A to see the Horst exhibition
25% off Common People AW14 with PUMPKIN until 2nd November http://commonpeopleclothing.co.uk/shop/aw14-range.html
Went to the Horst exhibition at the V&A on Thursday: http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/exhibitions/exhibition-horst-photographer-of-style/in Anyone with a remote interest in women's fashion or photography in general should go. One of the best retrospectives I've seen. It's on until early January so if you're in the UK get down there. If you're not in the UK - hey flights are cheap
There's plenty of contrast between the two tones and fabric - more than I'd have guessed.
Looks really good.
Westgate-on-Sea, about 7 miles round the coast from Broadstairs
Any homespun pants?
No fit-pic yet
Glad you're safe Benesyed. --- Grey and mild with occasional drizzle, dodgy pose, dodgy image quality... Nigel Cabourn Levis Made & Crafted Nigel Cabourn Trickers
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