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Looks a tad too small IMO
Milner is a decent midfielder even winger, but his versatility didn't stretch to right back. To be fair Johnson is decent as an attacker it's just he forgets the role of a defender is to defend...We seem to have ended up with a surfeit of options in midfield, an okay selection of attackers and bar left back, the most limited choice of defenders imaginable...
England have found a worse right back than Glen Johnson
As a CM reject should I be pleased to have just picked up these Dries Navy pants?
+1 look good
I love those Bottega
+1 try the contact details page...
Even the cuts of 501's may change (compare the various LVC models from different decades).
Full on lederhosen only I think
The Italian Fashion exhibition at the V&A is worth a look whilst you're in London. I had a look last week. Not that much menswear but worth a visit, and the rest of the V&A is always worth a visit anyway.
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