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Wife's very happy with the look (I hide the credit card statements though ). Generally positive from the (adult) step-children. I don't wear much of it into work, tends to be safer pieces on days when I've not got meetings, but positive comments rather than negative from colleagues. Parents are bemused.I wish I had the skill or patience - cool stuff!
I do like the obvious visual texture the moleskins haveUseful and surprising info.Looks great, but be warned - one piece soon leads to another
Thanks - I wan't sure whether the two shades of Olive would work, but it was worth a play.I love the pop of that orangeNot sure about the name (picked them up in a clearance sale) but the tongue tag reads 8173
Saturday: EG x3 RedWing
I don't think my week was any better. Why did I get fooled by Liverpool's early season cleansheets? Mingolet was not my greatest buy.
I spotted it earlier and was just waiting on a best offer response.
There was...I think it's FW13. Should be fun with the Navy/Grey Lafayette trousers from the same season.
If they had long sleeves I'd be all over them, as it is I too want to see them in a fit or two.
More drops at The Bureau
Thanks - I've subscribed for when I get a few minutes to look through. Looks a good community - with great taste obviously There's not much that won't work with Navy - I can't really think of anything that won't work. Olive makes a nice contrast, or there are a few SS15 summer short sleeves floating around in the sales in various plaids or Indian prints if you fancy something other than a T. A lighter blue shirt would also work.
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