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Lazy Sunday in sunny September: RB Wayfarers EG x2 Garbstore DM
Anyone seen the Dayton in the bird print in an XL anywhere?
Nice fits gentlemen.
Yes on the whole I'd say Uniqlo's quality was better, but if you search hard enough you can stumble on the odd decent piece at H&M. I've had some decent wool trousers for next to nothing that I really like, but I gave up ordering stuff online as the returns were exceeding the keepers, where as Uniqlo has generally been pretty solid (if variable from piece to piece and season to season).
I'd rank Money as his best, closely followed by London Fields. I enjoyed both The Rachel Papers and Success, and although not that critically acclaimed thought Dead Babies was very good. Time's Arrow always seemed like sub par Kurt Vonnegut, without much of the humour, but some people seem to like it. I got bored with The Information, and thought Night Train was a very pointless pastiche - not badly done, but uninteresting. I know I've read Other People but I can't...
I gave up with Amis after 'The Information' - it felt like he was going downhill rapidly. I liked his early stuff.
If I finally break and order one can I send you the bill
Cheaper shipping always makes sense, but they're reliable if you don't have any luck
Diniro - I love those pants
Already out, and sold out in a lot of versions.
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