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Agreed - the 'correct' exposure isn't always the one you want artistically.One of the great things with black and white is how far you can push exposure and it still looks right. With colour some subjects will cope with severe under/over exposure and look fine, but skin tones have a much narrower range to look acceptable.
It really depends on your camera's meter and what you tend to shoot - some cameras blow highlights more easily than others. It's easier generally to recover shadow detail from RAW than highlight detail. I tend to find that for quick shooting when I don't have time to be sure I nailed the exposure, evaluative metering works better than spot, set with 1/3rd stop underexposure in very bright conditions. The short answer is 'it depends'...
@gettoastyHenry makes great bags: http://www.htleather.co.uk/
I'm tempted by a moleskin Bedford (once I decide on colour!). Are they much snugger than previous tweed/cotton/wool ones?
Casual work fit: Back to work today (complete with appropriate but bad semi-robot pose - you'll just have to imagine animation). Obviously the weather has improved dramatically... Beams+ Our Legacy Uniqlo Edward Green
Keep it coming.I work with data and examples of the misuse of data are always useful.
Not at all my taste, but this works well.
Uniqlo provide pretty comprehensive sizing information garment by garment on their website. The fit can vary a lot between different style of jackets for example - some XL's are great for a 45" chest, other's closer to a 43"...
It's the dark British soul.@gettoastyYes looks great
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