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You might be able to just button a small, but I think you'll need a medium for arm and body length regardless. I'm 6ft 1" 43" chest and an XL fits me with a little room for layering - arm and body length are spot on...
Mind if I ask what the actual waist measurement is? (I carry a few more pounds than you )
Sunday: Custom made hat - NorthWest Hats Beams+ Our Legacy Garbstore DM
Thanks I wasn't sure whether it looked a little slim buttoned. It doesn't pull buttoned, but being rayon it clings to a an under-t a bit.
Not sure whether I prefer it buttoned or open... Needles Uniqlo EG Red Wing
They did a good job on shortening the sleeves. It looks a longish jacket - but it looks fine.
Sunday: Garbstore x Indigo Farms Saint James Garbstore DM
Going on last year's - Large is probably best for a euro 59-61 medium for a euro 57-58.
I'm firmly in the yes camp for wearing it as a full suit
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