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I'll get saving
Very fall/winter biased. More posters posting fits in fall/winter? More members posting, so more thumbs in fall/winter? Summer fits are hard to make interesting? All three?
Limited selection: http://couvertureandthegarbstore.com/category/mens?latest=1&brand%5B0%5D=Garbstore&brand%5B1%5D=Engineered%20Garments&gclid=CMLC7f3e2coCFVG6GwodCxsJyg
FW12 was excellent. My initial thoughts are FW14 was slightly stronger, but my thoughts may change It's certainly much stronger than FW15.
@LA Guy Would be great thread to have linked to the front page for newcomers (well someone told me there's a homepage - obviously most of us don't venture out of SW&D )
Great work.
One from Sunday: all Kapital apart from the RW Engineers. The jacket has a felted wool inner with a linen outer, and the seams sewn on the outside and left raw - there are a few old NOS going on yahoo.jp in various colourways . Cap is corduroy from a couple of seasons back. Not sure what model the jeans are - again old season.
That's about 2/3rds to half the cost of posting from the UK to the US.
Feels a bit like FW13 mixed with the greys of FW15.
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