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Thanks guys, I'm happy wearing Jeans & Sandals in these temperatures, but the Trickers will resurface soon.I take it you're not fans of these: http://www.ohgizmo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/jeans-boots-740x554.jpg
Agreed with the above. I've got a fair few pieces of UW, including three Baker Jackets. It's very popular in the UK. I don't think the quality quite matches Common People, but it's very decent and slightly less derivative than say Cro'Jack.
Thanks raags. Another day off work: Christys EG x2 EP Birks
Trickers are much nicer than the DMs, but the DMs look pretty good.
That explains the unwanted (but thankfully not obvious 'leaves' that don't belong to any Helianthus I've seen) inserted into the greenery. I wasn't familiar with the brand but saw the shirt on Goodhoods sale and liked the print. I still like the print (ignoring the additional leaves) but I'm not impressed with the shirt quality. I got it for 70% off and at that price it feels expensive for a poly/cotton shirt with poor finishing. Are they ridiculously expensive in...
Chelsea will transform my gameweek The worrying thing is I'm already thinking of taking a hit for next week.
If there are any last minute entries get them in quick, as I'll put up a voting thread later today/tomorrow.
sinnedk - I'd either swap the shoes for chunkier boots, or swap the jeans for a slimmer legged solid indigo/black. Either would work. Thanks for everyone's feedback on the EG bucket - I might give it another go, but I think caps work better on me.
Honest opinion wanted on the bucket hat, I'm not sure I'm a bucket hat guy: EG EG WWM Garbstore Converse
Well my jacket arrived Saturday and I'm glad I sized up. I'm a 43" chest and can occasionally get away with a 52, but typically take a 54. Went 56 on the Harris Wharf and it's still slim fitting on me.
New Posts  All Forums: