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You might get away with a western/fedora hybrid - something like a Stetson Stratoliner or Open Road.
Stunning fits the last couple of pages. I'll just lower the tone... NorthWest Hats - custom made http://www.northwesthats.com/ Uniqlo Levi's Made & Crafted Wings & Horns Sanders
I think it's 50% finding one that suits your face shape, height and build, and as with clothes 50% feeling good in it. Hats/clothes worn without confidence never look right.
From Flannels clearance, amazing price for a Mainline Jersey Mallory:
For anyone tempted by the Jersey Mallorys on Flannels, mine arrived today and it's far from white - it's not a dark colour but is much more versatile than flannels picture suggests - a light greenish/beige I suppose: - photo of the sleeve against the box: Japanese made 'Mainline' rather than 'Authentic'. Great quality, not that light-weight and a tad-slimmer fitting than the tweed versions. This photo from a Japanese site is pretty accurate:
Custom made hat from Mike at NorthWest Hats: http://www.northwesthats.com/ I know there probably aren't many fedora wearers on this side of the forum, but if anyone is after a new hat, his work is superb, and he'll make a hat exactly as you want it. With the mediocre quality of the new Borsalinos going custom is a no-brainer if you can't find what you want in a vintage lid.
Hope it turns up LA Guy - looks a sweet jacket.
Shah & KGFan Friday trip to meet the parents for lunch: Panizza Cro'Jack Uniqlo HM Loake Henry Tomkins
Still trying to decide whether I'm too old for sneakers: [[SPOILER]]
Nicely -jacket looks great unbuttoned, looks okay with the funnel neck. SVB - sorry an MMM label wouldn't rescue tasseled loafers
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