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After a couple of days of torrential rain it's finally cool enough for a jacket: EG x3 Birks
Mixed seasons:
Sunday was back to shorts & T weather (don't worry I'll spare you my legs) but Saturday was a little cooler: Needles rebuild Yohji (YYPH) Birks
Unexciting but inoffensive. Might pick up the odd piece on sale but nothing that says 'buy me now'
I have the same problem - they don't suit flipper feet
I wasn't convinced it would work given the measurements, but I took a punt in the sales, found it did and quickly ordered the khaki one (fabric isn't as nice, but okay for more casual days at work), I'd have grabbed the navy one at the sale prices if I'd been quicker.
Sunny Saturday - off to lunch with my folks. Uniqlo x Lemaire Uniqlo Adidas
Kapital do nice flannel at a price - not too bad if you order from Japan via a proxy.Albam is worth checking out. Goodhood was friendly last visit and have an okay selection of denim. Not been to the Garbstore store, but might be worth a shot.
Sunny Saturday morning: Kapital x2 Birks
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