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Use the @ symbol on the tool bar then type in the username @Beedub
Looks good CD. Cross-post from WAYWT (Sunday): FW13? Wool Bedford FW14 Flannel shirt FW15 Cord Fatigues DM
^Looks great
Thanks. I might go slightly shorter still for a while. Will probably grow it out for the Summer though
Embrace I've only got one Kapital piece from a few seasons back, but I like their stuff and it's slightly easier to find pieces big enough for me compared to some Japanese brands.
Cooler Sunday: EG wool bedford FW13? EG flannel shirt FW14 EG Corduroy fatigues FW15 DM
There might be a short duration 10% off all site code issued at some point but otherwise it's probably reached the bottom.
Yes obernaufs stays sticky forever. Maybe a neutral shoewax?
Fan boys seem to be an issue on any hobby forum - camera forums can be excruciating.I can see the appeal of watches, and could have become an addict. I can really appreciate the skill that goes into producing fine watches, but quickly realised that I was happy with a couple of cheap Seiko automatics and a slightly dressier Tissot were good enough for me with other interests to swallow up funds.
Oddly this has probably been my longest stay on any community- 2008 I think (albeit starting out on MC before coming across to the dark side ). I've joined various photography boards over the years and dropped them when life's been busy/they've turned into 'my kit is better than yours' groups or in one case when the site owner decided he'd use the site to drop in racist jokes and promote Hungarian far-right extremism... I used usenet back in the late 80's but then didn't...
New Posts  All Forums: