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Global Reliable Asbestos Safety Solutions'Because Grass is greener'
I like that Corduroy Portview, but my bank balance disagrees
They look great, but too pricey for me with the limited use it would get - our weather isn't really regularly cold enough.
I find the sizing on the Kapital web site to be very accurate - it's just the tagged sizes that can be misleading - think reverse vanity sizing. Their regular denim is nice stuff - I've got a pair of Cisco Jeans in the 14oz that I'm breaking in and the onewash is starting to produce nice fades.Great photos - I'm expecting a full-on recreation for WAYWT.
Yes - I think the extra length is why some people can happily size down. I think American feet tend on average to be narrower than Northern European feet too.
I've not tried one, but I think the long version probably isn't dissimilar to a standard Levi's version with the same pit to pit, whilst the standard version is more a cropped women's version. The sizing tag is done by the actual pit to pit, rather than a 'to fit' sizing so the Kapital 44 is a little smaller than a Levi's Large which pretty much comes in at 45" p2p.
They're not sleek boots for sure. Get what fits and wear slightly looser jeans to offset it. I can't size down in Red Wing, as I find them pretty narrow around the toe box, and with IRs particularly where the cap starts.
Three catalogues thudded through the door today - 'Colorado Hippies', 'Sant Domingo Burning Man' and ' Denim men Love Cats'. They're definitely worth picking up if you don't mind the shipping costs - wonderful photography.
Heal quickly!
Might be worth looking at Beanpole for basics (pretty much Uniqlo level and have already done a Lemaire colab).
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