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Thanks for the heads up.
Baker is much more 'tailored' - much slimmer cut, flapped pockets and single breast pocket vs double on the Bedford.
I picked up the Olive 'suit' and the Chambray version. The jackets are a little overly slim cut in the chest for the shoulder width, but wearable open. The chambray is the better fabric.
Saturday. About as interesting as it's been of late - spending the weekends doing heavy work in the garden... Kapital x2 Uniqlo T RW
Maybe an international crime fighting group? Both of these are due a re-make:
I like the loose fit, but it's basically just personal preference. They're not designed to look like a tailored suit.
I might just scrape a Europa League spot
I'd try and check the measurements - LVC's vary a lot. Some are vanity sized by a couple of inches and some are an inch down on tagged size.
From my youthful memories (I was 6 when Star Wars came out) no kids really wanted to be Luke, even to 6yr olds he wasn't that cool.
The latest catalogue - 'Denim Perth' arrived this week. It's a strong collection and the catalog is starting to crop up on yahoo.
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