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No - black cords seem to be a rarity, but they're not something I've really hunted for.I think you win background of the week
Thanks - yes Euston Cords - slim /regular straight fit when you don't have hands in your pockets...
Not a lot of time for SF the past couple of weeks with work, but here's a couple of dul fits from the weekend. Cold Saturday: EG x2, Barbour, Redwing Warm Sunday: EG, Common People, EG, Redwing
^ Perfect
Damp and cool Sunday: Oliver Spencer Garbstore x2 Red Wing
Thoughts on Kestin Hare's new venture? http://kestinhare.com/home I'm not sure stylistically it's going anywhere new - very much along similar lines to Oliver Spencer I'm guessing this is the end of Common People - I liked their first couple of seasons but last year was very bland.
Sorry - you might be right.
Saturday: Y's YYPH Y's DM
CD - Lorcan did a great fit with a Uniqlo jacket and bold EG shirt a while back. I don't think yours looks off.
I've been spending more on camera stuff than clothes later. I'm really enjoying the size of M43: Mixture of Lumix GM1 and Lumix GM7 with the Panasonic 20mm on the interiors and mainly the Olympus 60mm on the flowers.
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