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Tonio - nice jacket. Stitchy - great relaxed look. Spacepope - excellent fit. Synthese - looks good.
Thanks - I realised I need something to pair with the floral ones, so am awaiting a delivery.Cheers.Ripstop. Tempted by the navy...Thanks. I never saw myself in leopard print, but was in Hoxton on a work event the other week and saw them in the Goodhood store (really great service btw.) and when they were further reduced decided sod it, I'm only young middle-aged once The grey EG shirt is a brushed cotton twill from a few seasons back, the turquoise/blue one is from the EG...
The more the merrier!
A little over budget once you add shipping/import: https://www.alden-of-carmel.com/Shoes-Black_Shell_Cordovan_Straight_Tip_Boot_169.htm
Christys Engineered Garments Common People Garbstore Birkenstock
Thanks.I wondered about stealing MC's tag-team challenge for this side of the fence... Alternatively something pattern related maybe spots or stripes, but will that exclude too many participants?
Nice experiments!
Milk's only use is to make cheese. Foul stuff as a drink, but let it curdle and turn solid you have one of the most amazing foods ever discovered.
http://www.loake.co.uk/loake-1880/boot/hyde.html in black, toe cap, dainite sole, merest hint of broguing though along the cap...
No cap toe, but otherwise might fit the bill: http://www.trickers.com/collections/mens/jermyn_street_shop_collection/jermyn_st_country/country_boots/shop_country_boot_collection.htm#Too heavy a sole? http://www.trickers.com/collections/mens/jermyn_street_shop_collection/jermyn_st_country/country_boots/shop_country_boot_collection.htm#
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