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Agree with beat up jeans (or even beat up combats), even non-beat-up dark indigo/black jeans can look okay. I don't have a problem with a button-collar casual shirt though (although a plain white/grey T can work really well)...
I captained Adebayour, but as a West Brom fan, his failing to score wasn't heart-breaking
I picked up the grey herringbone in the previous drop and it's very nice (just need cooler weather...).
Sweats around here tend to be worn by kids who can't find any other legwear they can squeeze into.
I think that's confirmation we need the challenge
As a Baggie I'm starting to feel a degree of optimism about survival. We remembered to attack
I'm looking forward to mine Just picked up a previous season bedford in grey herringbone wool too. With the S14 cotton bedford, a navy wool bedford and the homespun in brown and olive I think I'll be sorted for bedfords It's such a nice cut.
Mike - the Olive homespun looks great Your Ghurka experiment oddly suggested sizing up would give me the fit I'm after - high rise and loose throughout the leg (but then I've been corrupted by Yohji ) I've not seen 38's though If anyone spots Ghurka's (or even Truman's) in homespun in a 38 do pm me...
Yes it's going to be 465 USD inc VAT before shipping bought in UK... And with the weight of those things and our shipping costs...
I'd offer to proxy, but I don't think it would be any cheaper.
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