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Lorcan - great fit.
Just finished Martin Cruz Smith's Three Stations. Not the best Renko novel, but still beautifully written
Very variable. Less hit and miss than Zara/H&M et al. but very variable, across pieces and seasons - e.g. the 2011/12 trenches weren't bad, the 2012/13 were pretty grim but this year's aren't bad again...
Sounds good - I can't wear tweed in the mid 70's (F)
I don't know whether he can source navy but he'll happily customize existing designs, and his work is first rate at an excellent price: http://www.htleather.co.uk/satchels/large-bookbag
Good luck with the Ghurka sizing up. I'm sure I'd squeeze into the Truman, but if the waist is spot on true to size it's going to be a squeeze
Nice article as usual. Not a brand I'm familiar with, and I'm not sure I'm tempted, but I'm glad they're still going.
We could have told you that without the survey
Please do - there's a chance the temperatures might drop...
I'm sadly right in thinking they don't do a more generous cut in the homespun, aren't I?
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