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Kafka or Peggs?
Not keen on the boot toungues.
Thanks.The shop coat is a piece I'm regretting not jumping in on.
Sounds right.
They're this summer's EG 'Fisherman Pants' - pretty much EG's direct copy of traditional Thai pants. I'm not sure how else you'd wear them with the voluminous waist (these are a small and I've got an XL sized body...)Hmmm where to kop?
Sorry I bought from the Bureau last Autumn - I think it was left over from the Summer stock, just the one XL. Hidden placket, single pocket, rounded collar.
Thanks. The folded & tied waist does seem to work well with tucked shirts as well as untucked. Not pants for carrying anything weighty in the pockets though.
Cross-post from WAYWRN:
Saturday: EG SS14 EG SS15 Birks
Mint Julep
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