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Thanks - please post a pic in the NC thread. They're on my short list along with Le Laboureur.I need more cords On that note what's the fit like 11W cord pants?
Sorry - you're right I was confusing the E-1 with the B-1. I like the look of the B-1's on-screen , but then I like large top blocks with taper...
I've got a previous season (last Summer or Winter) in twill and they're pretty similar to Fatiques, but a little looser in the thigh and calf . I removed the elastic hem (easy).
Yes the shawls are definitely reasonable value compared to some EG stuff. I'm hoping the unseasonably warm weather might eventually end so I get a chance to wear mine!
I suspect there are a few who had Aguero as VC. Things could change a bit after tonight...
Ouch!Anyone own and captain Tadic?
For what it's worth I like the cargos with the slouchy top. Not a big fan of the shoes with the rest, but they don't offend.
Escalier are based in Jakarta (have a facebook page, so might be able to contact them that way)
Kafka have the brown wool: http://www.kafka.co.uk/item/24020/EngineeredGarments/Cinch-Pant-Wool-Antique-Herringbone---Brown.htmlThey've got brushed grey in type 6 jeans: http://www.kafka.co.uk/item/23181/EngineeredGarments/Type-6-Jeans---DkGrey-Heavy-Brushed-Herringbone.htmlboth showing in 32
Cheers - I seem to be buying a lot of it recently. I really liked SS14 and AW14, having not really looked that much at it much for the past couple of years.I'm a big fan of Garbstore for pants, but they're only a bit cheaper than EG (easier to find in the sales though). Albam are worth a look too - made in the UK or Portugal depending on the model. Uniqlo do some less slim fitting pants - their vintage chinos are pretty good and not ridiculously low waisted like some of...
New Posts  All Forums: