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Picked up the linen denim arrow jacket from TBB: https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/3678/indigo-denim-arrow-jacket I can't understand why there were still a few left (or of the reversed lapel jacket). The fabric is a decent weight - not that lightweight - will be fine for milder autumn/spring days.
Thanks. Really pleased with the Needles pants - the tapestry like texture stops them being just camo.The shoes really make the outfit.
EG CPO over EG T Needles pants:
Why are these too small for me? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NWT-Kapital-Kountry-Work-Pants-Japanese-Boro-Patchwork-Size-4-XL-Made-In-Japan-/221902487432
Some nice stuff - pity it doesn't come in big sizes.
Nice move. I captained Aguero but didn't have the cojones to do the triple. Looking a decent week for me. Fantasy football making up for WBA's woeful performance...
Misty Autumn (that's Fall to you foreigners) morning: EG CPO over EG T Needles DM
Thanks - I'll probably keep an eye out for restocks, but won't go searching.
Those who've handled the shawl collar coat - how bad is it? Just lightweight or generally cheap and nasty looking fabric? It's the main piece I'm interested in if we get re-stocks in green. The trousers and knitwear just look far too slim cut for me.
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