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Sorry - you're right I was confusing the E-1 with the B-1. I like the look of the B-1's on-screen , but then I like large top blocks with taper...
I've got a previous season (last Summer or Winter) in twill and they're pretty similar to Fatiques, but a little looser in the thigh and calf . I removed the elastic hem (easy).
Yes the shawls are definitely reasonable value compared to some EG stuff. I'm hoping the unseasonably warm weather might eventually end so I get a chance to wear mine!
I suspect there are a few who had Aguero as VC. Things could change a bit after tonight...
Ouch!Anyone own and captain Tadic?
For what it's worth I like the cargos with the slouchy top. Not a big fan of the shoes with the rest, but they don't offend.
Escalier are based in Jakarta (have a facebook page, so might be able to contact them that way)
Kafka have the brown wool: http://www.kafka.co.uk/item/24020/EngineeredGarments/Cinch-Pant-Wool-Antique-Herringbone---Brown.htmlThey've got brushed grey in type 6 jeans: http://www.kafka.co.uk/item/23181/EngineeredGarments/Type-6-Jeans---DkGrey-Heavy-Brushed-Herringbone.htmlboth showing in 32
Cheers - I seem to be buying a lot of it recently. I really liked SS14 and AW14, having not really looked that much at it much for the past couple of years.I'm a big fan of Garbstore for pants, but they're only a bit cheaper than EG (easier to find in the sales though). Albam are worth a look too - made in the UK or Portugal depending on the model. Uniqlo do some less slim fitting pants - their vintage chinos are pretty good and not ridiculously low waisted like some of...
Cordings supposedly make the nicest, but they're at the dearer end. Hoggs of Fife are good value and wash well, so unlike the dry-clean only ones some companies sell are actually practical for wearing on a muddy country walk. Barbour aren't bad and do some in slimmer cuts.
New Posts  All Forums: