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Great looking stuff - thanks for the preview.
Thanks. I shall see if economic sense or temptation win out
There's been a fair few of late on their ebay shop if you like the colours they've been shifting.
Thanks - it's a beautiful place. I can't believe I'd not been there before. Pricey area though - Sissinghurst village is the first village shop I've seen where the window display is predominantly premium champagnes +1 on Parker's jacket.
Another outing - Sissinghurst Castle in Kent (I think this was a stable block): Christys Common People x3 Universal Works DM Henry Tomkins bag
Now you're finished clearing out Markt - anyone got any advice:
There was nothing of interest in a 52/54 by the time I got the email -just a vest/liner...
I noticed Flannels have the classic aircraft jacket heavily reduced in a 52. I'm a 52 in the Cameraman but a 54 in the Mallory. I don't have the smallest of waists/hips and understand they taper quite a bit. Any thoughts on sizing?
A bright but very breezy trip to the coast on Monday. Christys Oliver Spencer x2 HM CDB
Synthese - nice shearling. Ivwri - good to see you again. Great look.
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