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Cold, grey and wet Sunday: Christys (vintage) Lee RRL RRL Docs
Turned 45 on Saturday so thought it's time to start dressing more soberly...Obviously I quickly changed my mind All Kapital apart from the Red Wings. [[SPOILER]] Cold, grey winter drizzle...
Yes they're the two I use 95% of the time. I do find a bread knife handy, and like a cleaver for some things, but probably 85% of the time I just use the chef's knife.I don't cook meat, but I can see the appeal of a softer blade if you do.
I confess I've been guilty of buying the odd bit that was so heavily reduced I thought I'd give it a try (and generally found it doesn't get much wear). I try to be more self-controlled these days, although I still buy from the sales as well as full priced pieces.
A mix of French made Sabatier's mainly Mercier et Cie but I think there's a couple of other brands in there (I mainly use just two knives). I occasionally use a Japanese made cleaver and Santoku (no idea who the maker is).
I really liked the cinch when it was fairly loosely cut in the leg - I hardly wear my newer slimmer ones
Either are fine. I generally prefer patterned short sleeves to plain, but providing they don't look too businessy you'll be fine.
Small-timer - I'm going for a chauffeur driven limo.
I find the Bureau's to fit ...chest generally okay, but actual measurements are frequently off.
Romania has to follow the same EU labour laws that Italy does (yes I know it's in theory and practice may vary). Worker's rights are probably better protected than in the US...
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