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Casual day at the office: Northwest Hats Garbstore x2 Loake
Ankles survived, knee was still complaining the following morning. Birks aren't the best footwear for high leaps
I'm liking the forthcoming season. As a bigger guy (43" chest) I'm guessing I need to avoid the Andover in XL, but should be okay with Bedfords and iffy on Bakers?
Kolor do some nice stuff, but their sizing is definitely aimed at less 'big boned ' people than me...
I love the jacket but will draw a veil over the tasseled loafers
It's been pretty much dominated by four teams for the last decade (now arguably five) - those with big overseas backers.. These big teams tend to have only a handful of English players. as the owners can just buy who they fancy. English managers are pressurised by the media to pick players from the big name clubs. Additionally being an overly insular nation very few English players play outside EPL so our experience of the overseas game is limited.
Only 10.5 left, a size too small
The EPL relies on buying overseas players for vast sums rather than developing our own. Our youth development system is dire. Managers (and frequently players) put their club success ahead of national squad, with players frequently getting 'international injuries'.
It's a good size slimmer than most Barbour, arguably two sizes slimmer than much of their stuff.
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