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I suspect it will look fine unbuttoned, or with just the bottom button undone. One of my Inverallan's was a little snug and wore better that way until it stretched a little.
Girth would be 8 x 2 + 6 x 2 so you should be fine
I went full suit with last years ripstop fatiques, vest and explorer - I think it worked
Thanks - Garbstore seems to fit me particularly well. I confess the idea of a flannel jacket with the tweed was stolen from one of the Garbstore look books too Thanks - spring flowers are emerging here, but still pretty cold. I'm almost bored of tweed
Mainly lurking at the moment (too much work ), but a quick post from a chilly Sunday: EG, GV Garbstore Redwing
For me the sweater makes the fit
I really like the way there's the conflict between the clearly involved construction details and the patchwork nature. Yes it's hobo inspired, but so patently designed.
How subtle is the contrast between the white collar and main fabric in real life? I don't mind white collars if the contrast isn't too strong. It doesn't look bad from the photos...
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