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Good and very varied entries.
http://www.styleforum.net/u/223894/KongGeorgeVII - superb KGFan - really like that particularly the shirt. Kirk/Will - looks good.
For what it's worth Garbstore advised me to size up on their Rydale jacket (where I can get away with a Large on my 43" chest), suggesting it had a similar fit to an EG Baker and to go for an XL. Coincidentally I've just got in from work with the customs bill on my doormat (ouch) so should pick mine up over the weekend.I've not tried the Indigo Farm collaboration pieces before, but the mainline Garbstore stuff has always been very well made.
Not Stateside, but at the discount if you happen to be a medium it might be worth ordering from Garbstore direct: http://www.couvertureandthegarbstore.com/Product/?p=8002&i=9415
I've got the same jacket on it's way over the Atlantic from UncleOtis - post from Canada seems to take forever...
Get voting: http://www.styleforum.net/t/412026/floral-challenge-voting-thread-please-vote-by-31st-august
Get voting for your favourite(s)!Francks:Colabear:TrafficJam:Willy Cheesecake:gdl203:jeromecd:Lorcan7:StanleyVanBuren:rjbman:prurient:afixedpoint:agvs:Cotton Dockers:3 Prague Winters:Moonchild:mbaum:ghostface:zxcvbn:penanceroyaltea:
Corniche have excellent customer service. Good luck.
Ouch that was quick. I'm guessing a re-stock is unlikely?
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