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Thanks - actually it is my usual spot behind all that freezing fog :-)I agree on NN - always a treat.
Freezing fog and a heavy frost this morning... Jacket - Blue Blue Japan Scarf - Kapital Shirt - Tenderloin Frayed seam pants - Needles Docs Apologies for photo quality - had to up the contrast for the fog...
Bitterly cold along the creek this morning - note I've treated you to a different view :-) Kapital ring coat Kapital roll-neck 'brown's beach type' sweater Kapital jeans Doc's
I'm not a big fan of the tie with jeans look, but if you're going to do it I'd opt for a button-down oxford and a knitted wool tie to tone down the incongruity.
Looks about right on the shoulders and sleeve. The're not meant to be tailored pieces anyway. Congratulations on the weight loss.
There's a lot of variation between Doc models - some boots/shoes are effectively half a size smaller than others.
Nice. I tend to live in Docs over winter as I have an unerring ability to fall over on ice in most shoes...
Looks good. Norse Projects offering works well with a lot of EG.
I think they've probably lost strong connotations over here, but used to have the want to be an artist/revolutionary association.
Some good beret looks in recent EG lookbooks, but I'd look too much like my father-in-law (habitual beret wearer) for my wife's comfort.
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