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Better IMO
Cross-post - couple of bits from last year:
Sunny Saturday: EG x2 Birks
Agreed. Getting a bit samey.
Does any one know of any stockists of the tropical wool balloon pants?
I think what I like about EG so much is that it is so broad - a lot of it would fit into a casual office environment, but change a couple of the pieces and it veers playfully into an unconventional take on 'classic' menswear. In some ways I'm disappointed that the FW15 collection has less playful pieces than in some collections. I find some pieces too extreme for my confidence (last year's leopard skin fake fur for example) but I'm glad it was there.
Further and final drops at Superdenim: http://www.superdenim.com/categories/sale.html A few bits of Nanamica, EG, Post Overalls etc. in odd sizes
Looks good. I like those trousers.
They're not the only place that don't stock XL. It's weird, XL seems to sell out quicker than Large at most places, and there's always a wide choice of S/M in the sales.
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