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+1They're fairly wide fitting too.
Jeans are generally very low quality. The 5 pocket twill aren't bad - very similar fit to my APC PS's and I couldn't say the APCs were dramatically better made, or use much better fabric. Other chinos vary from absolutely dire too pretty decent, but they do so many different ones it's case of ordering online and keeping your fingers crossed or going to a store. I've picked up some decent wool trousers, but it really is a case of picking through what is generally...
Thanks - I shall ponder until I decide or it's sold - the colour is good, but I suspect it won't cope with much more than a very light shower compared to ventile.
Great looking stuff - thanks for the preview.
Thanks. I shall see if economic sense or temptation win out
There's been a fair few of late on their ebay shop if you like the colours they've been shifting.
Thanks - it's a beautiful place. I can't believe I'd not been there before. Pricey area though - Sissinghurst village is the first village shop I've seen where the window display is predominantly premium champagnes +1 on Parker's jacket.
Another outing - Sissinghurst Castle in Kent (I think this was a stable block): Christys Common People x3 Universal Works DM Henry Tomkins bag
Now you're finished clearing out Markt - anyone got any advice:
There was nothing of interest in a 52/54 by the time I got the email -just a vest/liner...
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