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I say go for it. My guess is it will fall just above the knee, but it will look fine longer.
Another breezy day: Kapital coat, shirt, jeans & scarf RW boots
Court Vantage - probably my favourite model.
Breezy Spring day: Bleu de Paname Armorlux Uniqlo Adidas
I've not tried that one, but can recommend these:They worked on a pair of Engineer's boots that were half a size too big.
Sunday: Adidas Originals Badlander x3 Court Vantage I've never been at all interested in sportswear, but I was browsing, came across the Badlander collection and liked it, so decided to push myself out of my comfort zone...
Agreed - I need to sort out my scarf tying technique
It arrived!Perfectly protected from the rigours of international post too.Thanks for everyone's hard work on this.So what's the theme for the next one?
Semi-Spring like Jacket & Shirt: Kapital Scarf: Superior Labor Pants: EG Clogs: Birkenstock
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