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Thanks - I seem to go through periods where I fall in love with denim and then lose interest for a while.I'm envious of the cherry blossom. Both of you look good in both photos.That coat's a demanding piece. Nothing wrong with the roll-neck but I don't think it works with the coat. I think the coat needs a plain white shirt, and probably more formal trousers and footwear (again nothing wrong with those pieces, but not with the coat) - I think it's also crying out for a...
Cold and blowy lazy Saturday: Kapital x3 DM
It varies. The FW14 brown homespun is lovely and soft whilst the FW14 Olive homespun has quite a hard rough handle.
Opening Ceremony?
EG is a lot broader than just Americana these days - FW14 had several British inspired pieces, and SS15 was a very colonial look in many ways. I'm not sure how I'd describe the influences behind FW15. Whilst I still like the odd piece Nigel Cabourn makes, the brand has moved a long way down the collabs to make money route - cheap jackets for Sportsdirect (almost 100% synthetic too .
Worked - thanks
I can't say I've noticed anymore odd thread ends on EG than any other brand, and never had any that affect the structural integrity of the jacket. I've had them on most Nigel Cabourn pieces, and just snipped them with nail scissors. EG's construction quality has always seemed pretty much in line with other brands at a similar price point with nice details such as the split ring buttons.
Any current FWRD codes for sale use?
Interesting - I didn't get that impression from the 'seasonfulness' even taking into account antipodean posters. Fall's low showing surprises me.
The better looking twin brother?
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