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Having handled the bar of soap J3 and S1 I'm looking elsewhere. I don't want something that will replace my full-frame kit, but want/need something compact but decent that I can throw in a briefcase/messenger bag when I'm out and about. Any recommendations - for decent size/image compromises?
Damp and miserable day... Christys Common People x2 Levi's Made & Crafted Epaulet EPs DMs
Lazy Saturday. Oliver Spencer Our Legacy Garbstore Redwing Apologies for image quality, I need to upgrade my compact or lug the DSLR around...
^ nice
Any Nikon DSLR users, tried one of the Nikon 1 series with F-mount lenses? I've got a D700 and a large collection of manual and AF Nikkors, but frequently end up just carrying a heap compact for the portability. I was tempted by a Nikon 1 series * adapter to replace the dying compact.
@BLAUGRANA Thanks for those - it looks promising, after a summer season where I was underwhelmed.
Just finished another Fred Vargas - 'Ghost Writers of the Ordebec' I don't really know how to describe her writing - it's whimsical, humane and much more than simple crime writing. This review goes some way to explaining her style: "Her novels about the kindly, quixotic Commissaire Adamsberg are unique, presenting us with a France that resembles Simenon’s in its concreteness but with a fantastical, even surreal, twist: werewolves, vampires and, in her latest novel, an...
I got two pairs of Redwings or £70 a pair from one of the UK ones, but that was getting on the sale within 10 minutes of it opening. 30 minutes later there was nothing left in popular sizes. Note - if you do order from them expect a month for shipping.
A Baker is worth a try. The Landsdown might be worth hunting down too - mine is definitely a tad slimmer, and straighter cut than my Bedfords without being a slim fit.
@thekunk07 looks a little too tight even unbuttoned to me - not ridiculous, but obviously undersized
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