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Thanks, and thanks to conceptual 4 est for the theme.
If you don't mind losing the waterproof element, adding ventilation eyelets to a pair of redwings would be an easy job. The other option is a fabric boot, maybe something like Palladium (although they are an acquired taste).
IMO liners are best when it's not cold enough for a very heavy sweater, but a shell on it's own isn't quite warm enough. They also work well if you're going in and out a lot.
Casual Saturday: Christophe Lemaire Sunspel W+H Converse
Lorcan - I like the jacket. Yes a stronger blue tint would be better, but it looks pretty good.
Thanks - yes it's the season for crazy pants (waiting on the floral Garbstore ones to arrive too) - Garbstore probably fits me better than any other brand and the quality is very decent.I've not tried AXS Folk Tech, but those look goodgreat results from the hunt!
First day of my summer holiday! EG(I) YYPH Birks
They've got a fair few wax jackets down 50%, but that is ridiculous
cyc wid It - they look good
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