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For your consideration a pair of NIB Crockett and Jones for RL shell cordovan monk strap shoes. Size is 12D. These are a bit shopworn upon close examination, but nothing the brush and Saphir won't remedy. These have the same fit as the RL Marow/Darlton wingtips. They will ship in an Alden box with RL shoe bags. Shipping will take a couple of weeks as I am posted outside the U.S. price is $460 shipped to the U.S. (firm). PM with questions.
[IMG] RL Peters model
I'm living in Delhi and my wife has from time to time encouraged me to get one for weddings and such. I have resisted the urge (and instead wera my native garb- the suit). They do look good in the right setting.
I have some of each brand. OK, a bunch of each. The shoo journey started with AEs at discount prices (and moved to a shell cordo) then I went to Alden for a couple of casual shoos and more shell (mostly via Leather Soul). Now I am a fan of C&J (Ralph Lauren) shell and leather shoes and Alden for casual shoes. The AE are great workhorse shoes or in the rain. They are all good at their various sale pricepoints. Lately AE is really becoming more innovative, while Alden seems...
Bought them. This, and the Lindrick purchase 2 weeks back, could put me in hot water with the Frau. Lucky she knows I have only one major addiction...
Welcome to the FS. As an OMS (with aspirations to be an FSO generalist) you'll want to dress like one. Many of us dress poorly, so you'll want to look a bit better. I suggest 3 suits and 8 shirts and 2 shoes. After you have adjusted a bit, you can order via the web/ebay (once you figure your last in a particular model of shoe and fit in a particular OTR suit brand). I started the journey with a few Hickey Freeman suits, Allen Edmonds shoes and BB no iron dress shirts. I'm...
Voted last week. Good luck.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Marlow-CROCKETT-AND-JONES-Shell-Cordovan-Loafer-11-5-D-/190671005453?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item2c64e0a70d New pair of Marlow penny on ebay (not mine and not my size). Great price at the moment. Also a used wingtip in 11.5.
I think prison labor stuff would be minimum wage or better (with some "room and board" deductions). See the "Prison Blues" jeans website. Much prison labor goes into making goods that do not compete with the private sector, or go into U.S. Government GSA catalogs.
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