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Very, Very nice!
How can I find out the details of what is available for the shell event? Would a Randolph in natural shell look good? Which shell color is closest to Chili?
The only size left happened to be mine. Thank you! I still need navy ...
I'm ordering a pair of Daltons. Is the Dark Chocolate darker than the Dark Brown? (I don't want them to look black.) Also, E felt a little tight and EEE a little loose. They don't come in EE. Which way should I lean?
I'm late to the party for the seconds sale. Most of the really good deals are gone (belts, Gobis, Daltons, etc are gone.) The Jeffersons for $197 is an incredible deal (and my favorite shoe). Get in fast. Anyway, I have a pair a waxy gray McTavish wingtips. What do these match? Could I add some red polish to make them more like oxblood? (Can I even polish rough collection shoes?)
In the 333 last I'm a 10EEE. A 9.5EEE also works and 10EE might also work in the right shoe. In the 65 last, I'm a perfect 10E and also 10.5D. If you fit a 10.5D in the 333, you should in a 65 of the same size. Does the widest part of the 65 along with the widest part of the shoe?
I scored a pair of Norwich in shell during the sale. I went up in width because several people suggested they were tight in the toes. My shoes aren't overly loose and my heel isn't slipping but they don't have the typically sung pre-break in feeling. Should I be concerned? Could I add an extra hole to the monk strap to tighten the shoes if needed?
Scored a pair of Norwich in brown shell. Not sure about the size in the last so I hope it fits well.
What are your thoughts on the Norwich in brown shell? I haven't seen one in person. It looks like it will either be very versatile or a mess that doesn't look right with anything. I'd most wear casually or with an odd jacket.
Is a cap-toe blucher a casual or dress shoe? The blucher is casual and the cap-toe is formal. These just don't seem to go together. Do these shoes look good? Am I the only person thinks this is a strange combo?
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