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I live and work in downtown. It's a 20+ minute walk to and from the office in all sorts of weather ... windy, raining, snowing, etc. It's nearly impossible to drive or take a cab.) I have top coats, rain coats, and the typically casual coats. However, I don't have anything that holds up the cold, rain and wind and still looks acceptable with dress pants and a sport coat. I'd like something full-length or, at least, three-quarter. I'm only going to wear in the most...
Which service are you using? Are you happy with it?
Has anyone used a virtual mailbox? I’m thinking of having all of my mail sent to a service that will allow me to manage it online … basically let them know what to scan, forward or destroy. According to Google, there are several services that do this, but I’d much prefer a recommendation from someone who has used the service.
I want a pair of light gray wingtips. What would these match? (I was thinking casual navy pants and jeans, but I'm not sure.)
Allen Edmonds brown Parker suede penny loafer in 10.5M. I picked these up a few years ago and they didn't fit. The shoes have been worn inside a few times but they never worked for me. I'd like to ship before I go back to the office in a few days. Make an offer.
Do black cap toes look good anything other than a suit? Can the really be worn with anything else?
+ 1 - You couldn't possibly lose more money in the market than I am.
Your personal IRA charges far less fees and has more investment choices than the 401K.
I've quit and started again (years later) several times. Quitting only sucks for a little while (and it isn’t easy). The first 24 hours is by far the hardest. I use the three day rule ... if you can make it three (3) days you're there. I'm nicotine free for about 10 days from more than a pack-a-day, nicotine gum plus e-cigs. If I can help, just let me know.
Question number one for any startup is "how is am I going to get paid to do this?"
New Posts  All Forums: