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looking into the "red oak" color - how versatile are these with raw denim? or should i just go with beeswax (i feel like everyone wears beewax though..)
Cleaning out my closet in order to fund an upcoming trip! All prices are OBO and include shipping within the continental US. PM me if you have any questions. If paying by Paypal, please pay as a gift, or add 4%. Thanks! Edit: Also I'm open to possible trades - interested in W+H stuff in medium, BoO in medium, MMM in 41, CP's in 40, interesting outerwear, etc. For more pics of everything, please see my album: Common Projects Achilles Mid in...
need some swimwear, thoughts?
sorry if this has been asked, but will n&f ever bring back the selvedge duck canvas?
thinking of picking up a new swimsuit and i was wondering if anyone had comments about the quality/fit? also, anyone know of a coupon code for the site?
are there any coupon codes available at the moment?
These are tagged a Lanvin 7, which would best fit a US8.5-9 imo. They're slightly too long for me Outsole measures a tiny bit over 11.5". The shoes are brand new and have only been tried on indoors. I'm looking for $450 -> $400 -> $375 -> $350 OBO, which includes shipping in the continental US. Comes with both dustbags and extra laces. If you want the gigantic Lanvin box, please add $10. Paypal as a gift or add 4%. Although I'd prefer cash, I'm also willing to...
I guess it's a personal thing but I love the break-in process with these types of things. I think I might actually prefer the raw natural color over a darker brown. I'm definitely not afraid of a stuff jacket It was love at first sight when I saw that fit pic of you..both the color and the fit. I really want to buy one before its discontinued, my only concern is I won't be able to achieve the right fit
THanks for the quick reply. Could you clarify on why you wouldn't recommend the VTG?
So I'm pretty torn over what jacket to order. I was leaning towards the VTG CM or possibly the MDR. are there any styles which tends to work better on people with bulkier upper bodies? I have broad shoulders and thick arms and a smaller waist. I realize this isn't the most stylish body I'm not sure what might work. Obviously some(most) styles will look better on slim people, so I'm just looking for suggestions right now
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