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Can I please get a quote on the walnut Strand in 10d and black Park Avenue in 10d. Thanks!
Poasters. Comedy!
I've been meaning to look for a new desk lamp soon. I'd like an old school one, but not the green bankers one.
A member of the learned Lawyer, Doctor, or Priest.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek What do you expect to see? ahhah ... nice!
It was great watching Sam Raimi do what he does best. I hope he continues with the campy horror flicks.
Quote: Originally Posted by imhotep speaking of perverse... CodeRed CodeRed is online now Senior Member \t Last Activity: Today 12:00 AM Viewing Thread Miss Universe Contestants in Three-Way Sex Tape @ 12:00 AM hahahha
I just picked up a Black Monster for a song recently. Absolutely solid divers watch.
I've seen them going all over CL for dirt cheap.
Any interest? Taking all offers. =)
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