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I'm currently rebuilding my wardrobe, starting with the essentials, one of which is a pair of kick-around sneakers. I really like the Adidas Nizzas: The problem is I can't decide whether black or white would be more practical. I read the earlier thread about the shoes that a man needs and the jury was out as far as an essential pair of sneakers. If I had to choose one pair to purchase, which one would you suggest? Another thing to consider is that I live in...
Quote: Originally Posted by randallr Naked and Famous Slimguy 31 in dark indigo. He also said you were sold out atm...know when you can/will be getting more in? Does N&F make the Slimguy in Dark Indigo? I thought it was only available as Big Slub, Super-Thick Indigo (21oz) , and Black. The Weirdguy cut comes in Deep Indigo though...
Anyone know where these are available in Vancouver, other than Fab and Dutil? I called both and neither have the denim I am looking for in my size.
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