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These should be flex welt, single oiled leather soleAlso flex welt.The flex welt works on sleeker lasts (e.g. Plaza and Aberdeen as shown); I imagine it would look a little more awkward on the Barrie or Trubalance.
Your quick dismissal of those companies is yet another example of how Aldens are overglorified. I didn't say that they offered the same products as Alden, but that they readily accept custom orders, which was your point of contention - Rider and Viberg both do cordovan as well. These companies make excellent shoes and boots, and to discredit them as inferior to Alden is simply pretentious. In other news, in before price...
Ron Rider, Julian, Viberg, White's, to name a few...Who are we kidding? If we stopped circle jerking about Alden's in online forums, they'd probably stop hiking the prices.
Two statements of fact; however, if you are implying the latter because of the former, I think you are mistaken.Darker dyes make hide coloration less noticeable. A uniform hide is desirable for producing natural and lighter shades of shell.It's been acknowledged that the lighter shell colours (whiskey, ravello, cigar) from Alden as of late have been shades darker than what they were producing several years ago. Speculation is that they are having difficulty sourcing...
I've never had the impression that Aldens were "off the shelf" products; perhaps the staples of the 975 (#8 longwing) and 990 (#8 PTB) would be readily available from retailers (LS included), but I have assumed that any of the special makeups are made in small runs - say 24 pairs, that's ~2 pairs per size from 6-11D. Quantities of rare shells are likely even fewer. Factor in that a lot of these retailers operate on pre-orders, which means a pair of each (common) size is...
You are correct. The Leffot photos show a 270 degree regular welt. I was struggling with the terminology there. Both photos indeed show a close heel, but mr chorizo's appear to have a 270 reverse welt, as on a standard Indy. I prefer the reverse welt over the regular welt.
These natural chromexcel Indy's look like they have a 270 reverse welt, like a standard Indy, whereas the photos on the Leffot blog show a all around regular welt. I am confused...
You mean like this?: http://leffot.com/2011/11/25/alden-x-leffot-natural-cxl/(I think it's actually the 270 degree reverse welt/commando sole combination that makes an "Ultimate Indy")It seems preposterous that Alden would grant any particular retailer exclusive rights to the design of a shoe. There are only so many permutations with the available options that compromises would need to be made to a design for fear of stepping on another retailer's toes (pun intended).
Unusual to see identical "special makeups" from two different retailers; case in point being the "Halleck" from Unionmade and the "Brixton Boot" from Epaulet.
If not the lacing, then the last of the boot does not fit your foot well. The boot is quite distorted at the laces in order to conform to your foot. I can't put my finger on it, but something doesn't look right here.
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