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This is a common suggestion, although very much a generalization. In my experience, I found the Trubalance to be wider than on the Barrie. A 9.5D on the Trubalance fits me very well, while the same size in the Barrie is too narrow in the forefoot. If the Barrie fits you comfortably, I wouldn't suspect that the width of the Trubalance would give you many problems; if it were the opposite, as in my case, you may have some issues.
Price drop to $125.
Price drop to $135.
Likewise, selling a pair of natural chromexcel wingtip boots.
I have for sale a pair of Alden Natural Chromexcel Wingtip Boots on the Plaza last in size 9.5E. They feature all blind eyelets and a single oiled leather flex welt sole. The boots have been worn three times. I should note that the uppermost right eyelet on the right boot was not attached properly by Alden and fell out. I had the eyelet replaced by a cobbler (see picture). Aside from the issue with the eyelet, the boots are first quality (I purchased them at full...
I have for sale a pair of Quoddy boat shoes in brown chromexcel leather, size 9.5E. The shoes have been worn 8 times. Price includes shipping within Canada and continental US. Please contact me if you require international shipping. Paypal only.
I have for sale an Arcteryx Alpha SV shell jacket in Miro Blue, size small. Perhaps not for the tastes of this forum, but this is the ultimate shell for technical outerwear. The jacket was worn twice for non-physical activity. The measurements are as follows: Pit-to-pit: 23.5" Shoulder: 20.5" Sleeve: 25" Length: 29" Price includes shipping within Canada and continental US. Please contact me for international shipping. Paypal only.
I have for sale a 3sixteen Field Salt & Pepper Field Jacket from a couple of seasons back. It's been worn approximately 15 times and washed once. I should note that the male-half of the button snap on the sleeve pocket has fallen off; it came off when the jacket was new, but I never had a need to use the sleeve pocket and this did not affect the aesthetic of the jacket. Measurements are as follow: Pit-to-pit: 21" Shoulder: 20" Sleeve: 26" Length: 27" Price includes...
Put some miles on my natural wingtip boots today (Plaza last, flex welt single leather sole). No complaints about comfort from under my feet as I anticipated from what others have said about the single flex welt configuration; in fact it was very comfortable. However, the way the leather is creasing on the vamp above the knuckle of my big toe caused a blister. Not sure if the crease is pinching the flesh, but my feet definitely weren't feeling too comfortable by the...
Thank you. I'm very happy with how they turned out.
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