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Yes, the boots are made of the Distressed Smooth leather.The leather is rather dry to begin with and any treatment considerably darkens the leather. These have had 1.5 years worth of wear for work and leisure with multiple applications of Obenauf's LP and neutral shoe cream. I use Obenauf's when it needs it (e.g. field work, wet weather), but for lighter duty I'll use neutral cream to better highlight the colour of the leather.Certainly not as glamorous or lustrous as CXL,...
The Bounty Hunters took a pretty good beating while I was in NZ A bit of TLC with some warm water, neutral shoe cream, and a horsehair brush: And they're ready again for their next adventure!
On the topic of speedhooks vs. eyelets, I must say Alden uses terrible hardware and also has worse finishing (on the hardware) than any other pair of shoes I own - this includes Nike, adidas, and department store brand dress shoes. Every pair of Aldens I have handled has burrs on the eyelets which fray the laces prematurely. Eyelets on some were not properly secured and fell off right out of the box. Having purchased other boots for less money with a higher quality of...
Price drop to $100.
Price drop.
Bump. I had the eyelet replaced by a reputable cobbler; although the hardware is not identical to the original, the design is better as the lace pulls through much easier. Obviously there is no cosmetic significance to the hardware due to the blind eyelets.
Price drop.
This is a common suggestion, although very much a generalization. In my experience, I found the Trubalance to be wider than on the Barrie. A 9.5D on the Trubalance fits me very well, while the same size in the Barrie is too narrow in the forefoot. If the Barrie fits you comfortably, I wouldn't suspect that the width of the Trubalance would give you many problems; if it were the opposite, as in my case, you may have some issues.
Price drop to $125.
Price drop to $135.
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