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In order of preference: 5,2,3,4,1, but as long as a square has a rolled edge the print is of more importance to me than the stitch.
I was sorry to have missed the last Ring Jacket trunk show; will definitely try to make it to this one. Thanks Gus for organizing this!
Review: Luxire Custom Briefcase Some readers may already know this, but several months ago Luxire announced on its StyleForum affiliate thread that it was going to begin making custom bags, and solicited 5 SF members to submit bag designs to be made for the fixed price of $100. I was lucky enough to have seen Luxire’s offer soon after they’d posted it, and was chosen as one of the 5 customers to receive a test bag. Further, Luxire offered to refund the $100 to members who...
Man, this looks like it's sure to be an amazing event. I'm sorry I'm going to miss it...The Ring Jacket/Khaki's of Carmel RTW stuff I checked out last time I was in Carmel was very nice indeed.
Thanks for doing and posting the interview. It's great to learn something about the people behind one of the shops and tumblrs I enjoy admiring from afar the most.
Though it's too late to enter a list to the poll, one watch that I used to own that I've long regretted parting ways with is the Titoni Airmaster Pilot. It costs less than $500, can be had used for a fraction of that, and is from a lesser known Swiss maker of some repute and tradition. Comes with a no-frills automatic/hacking ETA 2824-2 mov't. (picture taken from the Roachman website, where I believe you can also buy the watch) Also, though the new design is atrocious...
For reference, I feel like this photo captures the differences between Luxire's Brembana Blue University Stripes and Blueish-Green University Stripe oxfords quite well. Though the representation of the 'actual' colors will be monitor-dependent, you can see here that the fabrics are quite different from one another. Though I like the Blueish-Green cloth quite a bit, I will say the fabric has a bit of a dirty/vintage coloration to it. It is very obviously an off-white...
I didn't really manage to get myself into a shirt and tie today, but here's an old one from a funny angle. But, at least you can see at least a little of every piece of the outfit. The unstructured shoulder of the jacket looks a little crazy here, but I suppose it adds to the relaxed nature of the jeans and SC look anyways.
I may throw my hat in the ring, so to speak, as the challenge has been my uniform of late.
That looks amazing! I've been a big fan of Johnson for some time, and love chatting vintage leathers with Alan. He once pulled out a WWI-era patchwork horsehide vest from the back that really blew my mind. I agree, for what they offer, their prices are more than reasonable compared to the wider market, if not downright 'cheap.' Wear that in good health!
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