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Man, this looks like it's sure to be an amazing event. I'm sorry I'm going to miss it...The Ring Jacket/Khaki's of Carmel RTW stuff I checked out last time I was in Carmel was very nice indeed.
Thanks for doing and posting the interview. It's great to learn something about the people behind one of the shops and tumblrs I enjoy admiring from afar the most.
Though it's too late to enter a list to the poll, one watch that I used to own that I've long regretted parting ways with is the Titoni Airmaster Pilot. It costs less than $500, can be had used for a fraction of that, and is from a lesser known Swiss maker of some repute and tradition. Comes with a no-frills automatic/hacking ETA 2824-2 mov't. (picture taken from the Roachman website, where I believe you can also buy the watch) Also, though the new design is atrocious...
For reference, I feel like this photo captures the differences between Luxire's Brembana Blue University Stripes and Blueish-Green University Stripe oxfords quite well. Though the representation of the 'actual' colors will be monitor-dependent, you can see here that the fabrics are quite different from one another. Though I like the Blueish-Green cloth quite a bit, I will say the fabric has a bit of a dirty/vintage coloration to it. It is very obviously an off-white...
Man, these look great. Would the proposed retail price include Rx lenses if that's what is desired? Or, are they for non-Rx only? Also, one thing that would be great to see, that I think very few eyewear companies offer, is a classic design across a variety of frame sizes. I know Moscot does this, and so does American Optical. Very cool stuff...
I didn't really manage to get myself into a shirt and tie today, but here's an old one from a funny angle. But, at least you can see at least a little of every piece of the outfit. The unstructured shoulder of the jacket looks a little crazy here, but I suppose it adds to the relaxed nature of the jeans and SC look anyways.
I may throw my hat in the ring, so to speak, as the challenge has been my uniform of late.
That looks amazing! I've been a big fan of Johnson for some time, and love chatting vintage leathers with Alan. He once pulled out a WWI-era patchwork horsehide vest from the back that really blew my mind. I agree, for what they offer, their prices are more than reasonable compared to the wider market, if not downright 'cheap.' Wear that in good health!
This looks like it could be a lot of fun! Hopefully I'll be able to make it...
I've breathed new life into many a vintage leather jacket (steer and horsehide) with Obenauf's leather care products. Especially the LP, and leather oil.
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