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I may throw my hat in the ring, so to speak, as the challenge has been my uniform of late.
That looks amazing! I've been a big fan of Johnson for some time, and love chatting vintage leathers with Alan. He once pulled out a WWI-era patchwork horsehide vest from the back that really blew my mind. I agree, for what they offer, their prices are more than reasonable compared to the wider market, if not downright 'cheap.' Wear that in good health!
This looks like it could be a lot of fun! Hopefully I'll be able to make it...
I've breathed new life into many a vintage leather jacket (steer and horsehide) with Obenauf's leather care products. Especially the LP, and leather oil.
Just want to echo the reigning sentiment here: this was an amazing/hilarious thread. I have zero desire to ever go now, but much desire to read what I hope will be your reports from the front lines at Pitti Immagine Uomo 86...
I'll definitely try to make it.
Great piece!
Wow, there are some gorgeous shoes and boots in this thread! I've never gone through it before, but probably spent too much time on it last night. Thought I'd share my modest cordovan collection. Meermin and Vintage Florsheim Royal Imperials. Unfortunately, the Florsheims have some cracking now, but I continue to wear them anyways as I search for another good pair. Also, before it's mentioned, I know they both need some Reno and a good brushing.
I certainly see the #menswear look whenever I go out to the city (San Francisco), and increasingly in the burgeoning bar scene in Oakland as well (and also, on occasion, when I look in the mirror; but in my defense, I do think a monk strap should always be buckled). A point worth noting that I thought was latent in the piece but never quite got articulated plainly is the thinning distinction (for many) between, as poorsod says, "in real life," and life as a mimicry of the...
I'm gonna try to make it out for sure...Beers, brats, and brogues? What's not to love?
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