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Quote: Originally Posted by sipang Anyway, some Givenchy stuff HOW can I buy these??
All prices include shipping CONUS Item: Engineered Garments Chambray Workshirt (I believe FW09) Condition: Worn lightly a few times, looks the same as when I bought it new from Drinkwaters Size: XL Price: SOLD Measurements: Pit to pit: 23" Shoulder to shoulder: 18" Shoulder to sleeve cuff: 27" Item: J. Crew Herringbone Utility Shirt Condition: NWOT Size: L Price: SOLD first pic has more accurate color, this is just to show texture
Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 I made a return and didn't get a refund so they must be in pretty deep. same happened to me. article in the journal too, doesnt look good for them
Stupid question but just need to make sure: Yoox accepts returns on everything right, as long as you are in 20 days? Even things on deep discount? Also, any advice for how jil/lanvin/mmm suiting fits? If I am a 40 in canali should i go with 40 in those brands or size up to 42?
does raf produce shoes in a 46/13? Soo many good options right now for us12 but nothing for 13 ugh..
woah. nice pickup snake, i want
Are there Any other patterns/colors in the mmm knit sq? Love the fit and the extra long sleeves but I don't think I would get enough wear out of that crazy (but sick) pattern
Para Bellum
Posting in here for lack of a dedicated Dior Homme denim thread (we really need an official dh thread). I was in the LA boutique and the salesperson there was showing me their new 23cm cut with what he said was supposedly "nicer" denim and selvage lines. Anyone have any more info on this? The didn't have my size so I could not try them on...
Shit these would fit me perfectly. So tempted
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