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Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun Do they still sell those MMM sneaks? I desperately need to cop a pair. I doubt they have any left, but when I bought these a few months ago I just called the mmm store in new york and they shipped them to me
Quote: Originally Posted by mondayc I'd be knee-deep in baller shoes and debt if it weren't for my size 44 feet. I'd kill to be a 44 haha, finding 46/47 (us13) is such a pain. Been meaning to ask if raf even make sneakers in a 46? I have been trying to find astros for so long
im generally not a fan of ndg, but I love this knit. perfect for the winter
Need help deciding whether to keep or return this lanvin blazer. Sorry for the horrible photos, they were too dark so I had to tweak them a lot to make the jacket visible. Just looking for advice on the fit. I think I can do better, and am leaning towards returning it right now, but hoping for your thoughts.. dont know what is going on with my jeans in the second pic, please ignore
sorry for the shitty photo, lighting was not cooperating jcrew ande whall mmm
junya looks amazing
I'm 6'3 so i have the same problem. Can never find long enough tees and hate the look and feeling of wearing shirts that are too short. I wish more brands would offer Medium Tall, it seems like brands that do offer tall only offer it in L or XL... Wherree can I buy long slim tees? I like some rick but so much of it is either too sheer or too much $$
Updates with measurements for the EG and price drop on the j. crew
Ahh thanks. Anyone know a good source for full size runs of cps? Looking for achilles highs but need 13us (46)..
Are shoe sizes on thecorner us or uk?
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