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Is maxfield the only place in LA to find rick?
Quote: Originally Posted by jet those are too high imho agreed
awesome. I still want those shoes so damn much
Updated with final price drops. I need to ship these by TOMORROW so act fast!
Quote: Originally Posted by robotronnie damn me and my size 13's. i am in love with the transparent soles...ughhh welcome to my life, being a size 13 is brutal for finding shoes. my 46 mmm's are tiny, but I just wear them and suffer haha. I want balenciagas and rafs so bad but they are so hard to find in big sizes. I think lanvin and ysl are the only brands that consistently make us13's
tried on some YSL high tops today at the tannery in boston. really really liked them, they have some great models out this year. but $560, ugh. hoping they make it to some kind of sale...
Great news, will be one of the first stores I visit when I move out to LA for school in a few weeks
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