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Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong 3xx there's another one in a diff material in xl for the same price Also sold out, argh. Would have bought either instantly at that price, looking for a jacket like that too. Wish I had seen that sooner.
Shit I would have been all over that rick. What was it going for?
Trying to decide between the Pullman 243 and the large carry on bag 242 for extended weekend trips. Any idea why there is such a big price difference between the two? Pullman sounds great but would be interested to hear if anyone has experience with the large carry on...
Great thank you, just changed my order to XL. I'm not looking for a super tight fit and am tall with long arms so the extra length should not be a problem.
Sorry for another sizing question, but L or XL fisherman for my 6'3 180lb self?
Quote: Originally Posted by Spencer Anyone been to Bouchon yet? Was at Bouchon two nights ago, bread was great, food was decent. Also, not sure if its been mentioned in here but if you like french food, go to Melisse. I had the ten course tasting menu there a few nights ago and it was easily in my top three best meals I have had in America. Probably the best. That place is as good as it gets, highly recommended
They definitely run at least one full size big in my experience
x from recent purchases
Sorry for the potential ignorance in this post but I also have sort of lost track of what is for sale: 1. Is the wv too warm for LA nights? 2. Can you still order a varsity without the insulation?
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