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Quote: Originally Posted by Lachy APC Black New Standard Cords 2 pairs of APC boxers Jean Shop Raw Denim Jacket Where can I find New Standard Cords? Anywhere online?
Bought a Chambray from Gary at Drinkwaters a couple days ago amd I'm very happy with the purchase. Will try to get some pics up soon.
I recently ordered a lum-tec m1, just under $300 and looks great. I'm going to put a tan leather strap on it and use it for casual wear. Seems like a really good watch for the price, worth checking out...
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher Could someone answer this, please ? I'm a poor high school student and this is a big purchase for me, so I'd like to make the right one. From my experience, Average Joes fit bigger than APC's. This might be because I sized down significantly with apc, but I also think that the Average Joe is a fuller cut and it stretched out a ton, even more than my NS's. I bought my AJ's in a 34 and my apc ns in a...
Quote: Originally Posted by captainmo JGP - what APCs are those? New Standards
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May I've pretty much never needed anything else for shooting skiing, they're amazing for sequences. Hahah yep, that is primarily what I use it for. Funny to see someone else from NS on here...
Agree with you about the shoes, had them lying around so I used them for the pics but didn't actually end up wearing them out of the house. Sweater seeming short is definitely due to lifting my arms, looks much better with my arms by my side. EDIT: JD, its a Canon Eos 30D
First WAYWT attempt, will try to get better photos next time: ndg apc clarks
What brand/make are those shoes, JO3B?
I have experienced some of the color of the leather bleeding on my socks with almost every pair of boots I have owned. My Red Wing GT's still bleed redish-brown on my socks. But the color usually comes out in the wash, its not a huge deal...
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