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Well I finally made something today that I was really happy with. First time I was able to get some real air pockets, I think the key was using a starter that I prepared the night before. Ate this for dinner with some brie and fig spread, it was delicious. Fresh out of the oven: Slices to show texture: (I loosely followed this recipe if anyone wants to know)
I am tall with a very long skinny neck (6'3, 15.5 neck), any suggestions for shirts with a substantial/high collar?
I graduated from a top (one of the Phillips) boarding school recently, and will post a long response when I have some time. Short answer: it undoubtedly hurt my college prospects, but what I gained from my experience there FAR outweighs any negative effects. It is going to be very hard to explain in words just how special the experience really is. If it is possible from a financial standpoint, I would suggest trying as hard as possible to send your child(ren) to...
Just tried out that "cold oil" method posted earlier in the thread and it worked great. Could not be any easier.. slice potato, put in frying pan, pour in oil, cook for 25-30 minutes. Turned out crispy and delicious:
Quote: Originally Posted by Kid Nickels Baking fresh bread is dangerous... add some butter or good olive oil and it becomes very, very dangerous.... This is quickly becoming just that for me. Made my first pizza the other night which isn't pretty in the pic but tasted great, and my second loaf the next morning which was much better than my first try, good crust and taste.
Did my first ever bread-baking attempt today. Nothing but flour, salt, yeast, and some water. Had no clue what I was doing with kneading, and got impatient so only let it rise for one hour. I ended up leaving it in the oven for too long so the crust was overdone and the bottom was burnt. Tasted great though and I'm pretty happy with it for my first time:
that ccp oh my god
Finally starting to get things right after lots of mistakes last year, many good and very few bad Best: Dior 19cm Lanvin blazer Givenchy mids SNS fisherman Margaret Howell crew neck H. Lorenzo v necks (perfect v neck finally) B&L ray bans Epaulet digi camo pants Worst: MMM velcro hi (love them too much to sell but way too small for me)
Quote: Originally Posted by Hartmann Buckle, tweed, kiltie tassel, and orthopedic sole? Not saying I love them personally but could see them working really well with what he's been wearing lately
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