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I have both the gardener and the comfort craftsman. The gardener is more rugged, but the comfort craftsman is enough for the never-more-than-half-an-inch-snow we have here in southern Sweden. I like the looks more of my CCs hence I'm selling my gardeners, but if you really want it to last I think the gardeners will take more of a beating.
Quote: Originally Posted by intent Where are you going academically that would require white tie? I want to go there. Lund in Sweden, we have alot of balls (;D) and orders (or what you call them) with medallions and all of that. Something special about getting hammered a couple times every year in the most formal clothing you can wear (hence I'm a bit afraid of getting something too nice, you never know what happens, especially if there are...
To start of I'm going to need a tail suit for this saturday, I know it's very late thought of, but things come unexpected in the academic world. The trouble I'm struggling with here is whether I should: Buy a 370$ poly suit (including white bowtie, vest, shirt and suspenders) or a 670$ 60/40 wool/poly package or the third option: Buy a 110$ set of vest, shirt, white bowtie and suspenders and just borrow the suit until I can find something without poly. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer I've read this in a few places here, but I've asked the RW Williams store in NYC, and 2 online resellers in AU and all 3 told me to order the same width in CC as in regular crasftman. so now I'm confused. I had the same thing, only tried the blaxland and normal craftsman before. I took a shot and ordered the CC in the same size and width, it worked perfectly. I can't feel any difference at all.
Oh, what shoe trees do you people use for your craftsman? Right now I'm only using a pair of cedar wood but on a spring. I'm thinking about what to buy (expensive shipping costs on the buggers).
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharpe Ah I see - thanks. Will be a while before I buy another pair of boots, but I can rotate them with other shoes that I have for now. Also - noticed on my boot that one of them isn't finished very well - some of the paint or whatever it is that goes over the collection b/w the sole and the boot was peeled back a little...is this normal/common? I'll post pics later but I assume this is just a regular thing and nothing to...
At my Uni people are hell of a lot better dressed than the common people, at least among business and law students (not so much among the engineers). The engineers are practical, they wear outdoorsman apparel and backpacks, I respect them for it. Not everyone has to dress well, if everyone did you would just be mediocre
Quote: Originally Posted by Mild Mannered I am 6ft even, and not qualified on this topic. However, if it means anything to anyone, I would gladly give up a few inches of my height if it were possible to share, and I mean that sincerely. Take a small mirror, look at your face head on. Now lower the mirror 5 inches and angle it up and look at your face again. You'll see how much older you look. Now position that mirror 5 inches above your eye level, and...
Just received a pair of chestnut comfort craftsman. To answer my own question: they fit exactly like the blaxland, though I've only tried them in a store. Wonderful color too
I actually thought this was just another internet legend. But there are other people out there wearing suits like this. I remember graduating from middle school (comparable) and in those days people looked like this in a suit. Horrible days and most poeple never wore a suit again after that experience ;D The worst thing is that girls complemented the guys on their apparel ^_^
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