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If anyone is on the fence on the Boglioli, let me say that I have that jacket (in green) and it is my absolutely all time favorite go-to casual jacket. It's a great price for a fabulous piece that doesn't come around very often. If you can swing it, somebody should jump on it.
I liked that blue/white floral so much I just ordered one (along with a couple of others). I have a Black Fleece linen sport coat with a very small breast pocket. All my pocket squares are too big for it. Hoping the 12" will be more suitable. By the way, I have had Kent Wang do custom formal studs that are awesome and the customer service is great! Highly recommended supplier. Here is the link to the obit. Joe was a great guy. He treated me the same when I brought in ebay stuff for atlerations as when I finally stepped up and had him make me a dinner suit. Friendy, great to talk (and listen) to, and just wonderful at the sizing up, measuring, and cutting that makes for tailoring at its best. I wish I had found him decades sooner than I did. I only wish the film had been released in time...
I wear the ones from Will's ASW. No one has ever realized they weren't real.
I bought the 17. Awesome shirt, quick ship, great seller!
I've would like to source a dark red tuxedo stud set and linked cufflinks in carnelian or abalone shell. Would you be able to offer somehing like that?
Hey, that looks as if it would fit me and I do attend a ball where white tie outnumbers black tie by about 2 to 1. I'm going to put in a snipe! Thanks, OP.
Quote: Originally Posted by dpap pm sent on belvest suit PM sent on linen Barbera trou.
Even on SF I would be embarassed to admit how many belts I have, so the answer could easily be how many do you want. However, one could just as well fill the bill if it's the right one. In my case, a lizard strap that pairs with any of my brown, tan, cordovan shoes due to its multiple colors, shades, and textures gets by far the most wear.
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