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Mrs. BC is happy about that.
I think a woman corrupted him and is keeping him away from his internet friends.
 Did just that - trying the navy and the silver fox brown.  Plus 5 shirts.
ITT: people who haven't passed econ 101 argue about debt.
 The same intelligence community who wants more domestic spying and intrusion into our lives?  I'm sure Russia propaganda is the only reason Americans don't trust our intelligence community.
Ugh ham? I do beef. Normally a tenderloin. I hate ham.
Probably a copy and paste error.
 Ugh!  They were on my list.  I just never got back to placing my order last night.  I was going to do the dark blue and the brown mini-check.  I just mulling over in my head: 1. Do I need flannel pants in NC? 2. Oh, they're only ~6Oz, is that flannel going to look good/hold up at that weight?Anyone have thoughts on the VBC silver fox brown flannel?
Then your taxes really go down.
Implying Trump has a better chance than others of fixing it is hilarious.  Trump has made it clear, no one is touching Social Security and Medicare which is the biggest looming fiscal problem we have.
New Posts  All Forums: