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Yeah, I saw it. In fact, last time my dad was in town we were going to get one, but it was sold out at the time.I'm just a bit hesitant to go there because I imagine most people there take it very seriously and be a bit intimidating to a beginner. I mean, we have two shotguns, I use a Mossberg 500C and I bought my wife a Stoeger Condor. Both are in 20GA. I did okay my first time out - 25 out of 50 without ever seeing the course, and I always went first. Those true...
That's a nice looking gun.We went to the South St Paul Rod and Gun Club. It is close to us, so we're considering joining because shooting clays 5-10 times a year would be enough to pay for itself. I want to go check out the Horse and Hunt club one of these days though.
Every few pages we get questions like "when is the next semi-annual sale?" I wish this didn't happen.
If your LED bulbs are getting hot (like halogen or incandescent), they may not last the life expectancy. Ataturk is right, but most LED bulbs have some kind of heatsink to disperse thermal energy.
I was there for a work trip. I had never been before, and I could go without going back. I can definitely see the food/drink aspect, but the place is a complete shit hole.
The appeal of Las Vegas.
Just be careful, there is a US version of Rake, which I don't think is any good.
You should get skyways like us.
Is that a dude from like Good Charlotte?
I think Turk posted a few pages back about putting a bunch of DEET down.
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