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I still have to have my monthly check-in though.
It is to those who don't have it.
BostonHedonist, I would imagine has.
I think I threw up in my mouth a little reading that.
Can you really take the credit?
1. That is a bad choice if you are going with only two or three suits. If you had 3 or 4 already, I could see adding it. 2. Yes. Start with one black and one brown, but I would add a couple pairs in the near term. Don't forget shoe trees! 3. That is fine, but they should both be solid. You may be better off going one navy and one charcoal. Wear the brown shoes with navy and black with charcoal. 4. Do at least one white shirt. 5. Yes, but you seem to be on a tight...
The nearest place that sells them is Chicago. I can get a Southwest flight for $500/rt leaving in a couple hours. Is it bad that I've considered it?
My mouth started watering at the site of this.
Exactly. I'm so glad you understand.
+1 I am technically a millennial, but like pB, I don't really identify with them. The lack of a work ethic and the entitlement mentality frustrate me to no end.
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