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You have the healthiest eyes she has ever seen, yet you need contacts?
I am reading Richard Branson's book, and he talks about giving people his personal number to call him anytime and what not, but that kind of group huddle is just a bridge too far for me.Visa has been trying to get me with their Black Card, which is ridiculous. I really like my Chase Sapphire Preferred which is $70/yr if I remember right.
Well, if it was you, I wouldn't have...I'm a compulsive slut shamer.
Yes (except when it interferes with her politics); she's a huge fan of Tyson too. One or two quotes for him per week are par for the course.That's exactly it, except she was claiming they only get 3 weeks of vacation a year because of course planning and summer school and that she can't even go to the bathroom without having to answer emails.My junior year of high school my teachers went on strike, except the state didn't allow that, so they "worked to contract." Which...
I had a lot of bad roomate experience in college. One roommate was about 300lbs, and he never washed his sheets the entire semester. He was the stereotype antisocial nerd. The second roommate I had called me crying at 1AM two days prior to moving in. His high school girlfriend went to a different college, started a week earlier, and apparently managed to hook up with some guys in that week. So that really got things off on the right foot. My third and final college...
Or long legs. Marching in formation was the hardest part for me.
She is a "STEM" teacher for kindergarten/1st grade, I believe. I know that she is one of the dumbest people I have ever met when it comes to math and science, she has no degree in the field, and it took her 10 years to do undergrad. She talks a good game about loving math and science though, she even subscribes to "I fucking love science" on FB. Edit: The comment thread has devolved into her and a couple other teachers claiming to work 2400+ hours per year and that the...
She still finds time for 20 Facebook posts a day.
I do believe the mask has finally come off.
I also have historically had the best service with USPS. The tracking sucks, but I have never had instances of failed delivery or anything.Also the TSA, except they blame the baggage handlers.
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