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Yes and no. Obviously there is some danger at that speed of losing control like Vader said. However by moving you increase the contact time and decrease the impulse.
 Her boyfriend could be pre-op?
Trump doesn't care what people think and say?  Hasn't he sued or threatened to sue a bunch of reporters for reporting non-flattering news?
Depends on the sink.  If you're going for a pedestal or something, under the window.  If you're going for a medium to large vanity between the two.
The real question is, will he just continue the tradition of extreme executive power? Or will he be content to just fly around the world giving his megalomaniac speeches?
Oh all the stupid wisdom in politics, this is up near the top for the worst.  Let's ignore that the two major parties have existed for 150 years and they have shifted positions and demographics over time.Immigrants become more nativist the longer they have been in this country.  I have already linked to articles and studies that show third generation Americans (grandchildren of immigrants) have views and traits (such as criminal proclivity) that are indistinguishable from...
 Celebrating homicide is okay because they're already dead.  Getting made fun of on social media, people have to live with that shame for the rest of their lives.
I'm torn: Alice in Chains or Smashing Pumpkins as best grunge band.  I think Alice in Chains because they were more consistently good.  I like a lot of Pumpkins songs, but some just fall flat for me.
 Two things. 1. He may not have relied on polls to form his positions.  That's because he just went out and said something, and if he got a lot of blowback, he said the opposite, and he'd just keep saying different things until people latched on.  This is not something most politicians can do (probably because they have voting records).  Kerry was skewered as a flip-flopper over a single issue - Iraq.  I have lost count the number of positions Trump has had on Iraq/ME...
 Lisa: This is pretty far to go just to spite Moe, isn't it?Homer: It's not about spite, it's about petty revenge, and getting back at that traitor Moe. I can't imagine any of them saying half the shit Trump said in his speech.  The whole speech about how only Trump can keep us safe, only Trump can restore the economy, etc etc.  The whole thing implies we should drop to our knees and worship the man. Romney in particular was very pro-free trade.  GW talked about it a lot,...
New Posts  All Forums: