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 Your pants or shirts shrank?  If pants, why would your cleaner be using a dryer?
It is clearly the $20 because Andrew Jackson is badass.  Plus, soon it will feature a woman.
 I test drove one with the Mrs.  It is alright.  The interior isn't as nice as other Lexuses, but I'm surprised others said it was too small on the inside for the driver.  I'm 6'1, and I fit just fine: much like a Mini in that way.
 Maybe I should switch from making that filter for whatever place that isn't here had the deadly earthquake and switch to a purple filter...
 Obviously harv is talking about people who rape midgets.
 Are you from MN?  They call it pop here.  Idiots.  The only thing I have ever ratted on a coworker about was this.  It wasn't me who got screwed, but it pissed me off.  If you pawn work off on a coworker, you better damn well not leave earlier than said coworker.
Not surprising.  Those ads aren't effective.  I don't know about others, but I have never clicked on a FB ad.  I use ad-block because of how many websites use auto-play ads or ads with animations which are distracting, but even before I used it, I never clicked on FB ads.  Google ads were at least often relevant.
 I have the navy ones, and I like them, but I wouldn't consider them lightweight.  As the name implies they have a bit of a canvas feel to them, so are a bit heavier/more stiff than you might otherwise expect.
 Jury Nullification ftw!
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