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Anyone else get a good chuckle out of imagining Reggs working for a Muslim.
 And the points don't matter.
Pics or it didn't happen. It is a self-fulfilling circle jerk.
This guy makes JapanAlex seem like a quality poaster. Maybe we can get a thread of him arguing with greger.
That would be someone who is a native born citizen who's parents are also native born citizens.  How is that hard to understand?
2nd generation of native borne... First generation: NOT BORN HERESecond generation: BORN TO PARENTS NOT BORN HERENative born: EVERYONE ELSE Is that clear for you now? 
I read an article that he returned fire, but was unable to hit the guy.  Then I guess he fell back?  I don't know.
 Well, everyone else got it.  So maybe you should take a reading comprehension course.Native born is anyone who is 2nd generation or older.
 Killing people violates their natural right to life.  Hating them or trying to convince them they're wrong doesn't.  I'm not being racist.  I'm pointing out a fact.  The fact is that immigrant children are far more likely to commit crime than their parents.  It has nothing to do with race or religion or county of origin.  If I'm not mistaken, something similar was covered in Freakonomics, where the authors gave anecdotes alongside the data.  You're right though, I'm just...
You have a lot of cool stories. I'll buy the round if someone can get him to shoot the rifle on video.
New Posts  All Forums: