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Not just any BMW...  Who else sees this going like his experience with a motorcycle?
 Taking bets on the woman will do 3:2 odds.
 I think the Canadian number must get skewed more by big cities in Canada with the lower number of people, no?  I can't believe rural Canada continues such a run.  Isn't it Toronto and others major cities with all the foreign buyers?
 What is going on in VA with Mercedes drivers?
V8 twin turbo
I really like the look.  I think the CT6 is a nice looking car too.  Anyone see the new Maybach 6 concept?  Not digging it - reminds me of Cruella De Ville or whatever.
 You can't disprove a negative.
I started a job application today, didn't finish it, but got a call from a recruiter at 6:30PM for it.  WTF.  Maybe I should just never finish my application.
How does Starbucks run out of regular coffee?
 Damn right I trust sensors and machines to drive more than humans.  People are shit drivers and driving mistakes are easily deadly.  Cars kill more people than just about anything else: it is the #2 leading cause of accidental death or injury: 34,000 people died in the US from car accidents which is more than the people of died to guns (homicides and suicides combined).
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