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Apparently gun shaped phone cases are a thing. Needless today, the tireless MN legislature is looking to ban them for the kids.
What's a Taylor Swift?
NBG up 15% today - getting close to even on that one.
GF was complaining about all the meetings (6) he has. I just checked. Next week I have 48 meetings on my calendar. At least 17 of them are weekly or bi-weekly recurring.
Shouldn't they be giving you a loaner so you don't have to sit around and wait?
It could be worth more... don't have to tear down the old building first.
@javynYou used to be cool.Edit: But now you're dead to me
Wow, both of those examples are very saturated and hurt my eyes.
Which is why it is a "spree" and not "hey go buy one item on B&S"
A small region in Mississippi isn't a belt...
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