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Try living in Minnesota. Everyone is "Minnesota Nice" - no one is direct.
I said it jokingly, but it isn't like local governments have been able to get away damaging or seizing people's assets even without the owner committing a crime.
I snagged a pair of pink BB milanos yesterday for $25. Made me think of of the ole Linkadessen
Also, why is everyone in a two block radius filming/photographing this?
I'm sure the city is immune to being sued on this.
I'd put my money on the dishwasher sized pB as an easy mark and made some shit up about a timing belt or something.
I'll believe it when I see those transcripts I keep hearing about.
The irony is they give you a bunch of money, and it is still a coin flip if that outcome will happen.
Don't vote; it only encourages them.
They had it right the first time. No one drives their own Maybach.
New Posts  All Forums: