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Let it be known that if you ask a question about a gun, you will eventually shoot someone. Think about it. Has there ever been anyone who shot someone and never asked a question about a gun?
So why isn't referring to someone as Asian the same thing? In fact, Asian has much wider connotations than Oriental. Like pB, I too like the way it sounds. I will go back to checking my privilege now.
I believe this has been covered here before, but Biden is in trouble for referring to East Asia as "the Orient" in a speech. I don't get why that is wrong or offensive.
I want to like the above, but I'm afraid of repercussions from MrG.
I was making a joke (you regularly talk about your pink pants).
You drive a Mary Kay car?
It is the pink pants and his perfect academia persona.
Can we sticky some of this basic information?
Ugh, they call it pop here. Which is worse?
A burrito is not a sandwich though. At least in Massachusetts: http://www.foxnews.com/story/2006/11/10/massachusetts-judge-settles-dispute-by-ruling-burrito-is-not-sandwich/
New Posts  All Forums: