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They're all good, but I have a few nitpicks.#1 I don't like the square's fold.#2 I'm not 100% on the tie and square color with the grey suit because I don't get any earth tone from it.#3 Same as #1#5 a solid blue shirt would probably be best.
I haven't seen them. I like my knits in the ~2.75" range because my normal ties are ~3.25"
That Incand's office still has a water cooler.
We have to make shit up because all the British town names already had a "New" version.
I like that.
My home's backyard neighbor was in Pleasant Prairie. They didn't have an ordinance against burning leaves, so we'd always rake leaves into his yard for burning.
Psssh an hour drive. I grew up in Kenosha.
Where in WI?
I would avoid Gander. If you have a Farm & Fleet try there. Their prices are consistently less. Otherwise try slickguns.com and do a search. Or try a local gun shop as the birdman says.
Did this one get posted already?
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