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 No, I'm pretty sure you can just give someone $75k, and they'll give you a $150k/yr perpetual annuity.  That is consistent with the rest of my life experiences.
I know a few people at Amazon corporate in various functions.  The programming side burns through a lot of people.  I can also confirm what jbarwick is saying.   They basically cap salaries and everyone above that get it through stock bonuses.
 I like Bob Dylan.This is the stuff I was talking about.  OLED is going to allow completely transparent screens, fold-able screens, etc.  The only thing stopping it today is the manufacturing technology, but seeing LG and others selling 70" TVs means they have it close.  Like I said, two years until they're affordable for enthusiasts.
 I had a physics professor who would say "always into the sauce" when he meant "always into the south."  It was a magnetism lecture and he was trying to explain how field lines always go north to south.
 I had a British professor and he kept saying "Om-eh-ga" and I was confused for a good couple days.
 It is interesting because there is a very strong correlation between GDP/capita and obesity.  As food takes up a smaller portion of one's budget, people tend to eat more.I don't have that urge at all actually.  If I don't like the shitty snack food, it doesn't appeal to me.  I also enjoy potato chips, but I have actually found that if I rotate flavors for a snack, I don't eat as much, but I also rotate to other snack foods.  I'm not diabetic, but I don't crave sweet food...
 That's what gives water a good flavor.
I've learned so much about plumbing in the past few days!
 Do you have a study on violent crime specifically?  I don't other than what is in the Cato link.
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