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Hate speech isn't protected, bro. Nor is libel. Although, a place that doesn't put beans in chili probably does suck.
I'm pretty sure certain brands don't allow dealers to share lots with other brands. As an example, you'll see a dealership sell Mazda and Volkswagen on the same lot, but not Chevy and Ford (at least new).Also, the dealership situation doesn't affect the actual manufacturers for fuel standards because they are typically different legal entities. Typically a manufacturer sells to a franchise dealership which is essentially paying to advertise they sell new cars of that...
Because Cadillac has the rest of GM to make cars. CAFE standards are on the whole fleet. So if Chevy has a subcompact with a turbo that gets 40mpg, that brings the whole fleet's fuel efficiency ratio up. They will also sell more of those than the big v8 cadillacs, and if I remember correctly, the CAFE requirements are weighted by sales. Similar story for the other auto manufacturers with huge, diverse portfolios.
Protectionism by another name.
You're talking to linc, so I think you mean staff infections.
I wouldn't rely on underfloor heating if you're sticking to wood. Like turk said, wood is awful for heat transfer. As for bumpouts, my house has them; and I'm sure they are not done to the standards your place will be, and we have no problems with hot or cold spots.
That's because you're continuously three sheets to the wind.
Yeah, I'm not going to got triple my budget.
Isn't the S6 launching soon? I guess that doesn't help you today. What about the Nexus 5 if you want a smaller phone?
How old is it?
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