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The corporate discount has never applied to clearance as a policy.
I'm looking at less than $20k. I rather be in the
I'm not getting a 535. I'm considering a 528 or 530. They are on my list, but I think a newer Taurus Limited is top of my list right now. I'm going to go try a Fusion Titanium and Regal Turbo.
Wisconsin isn't as unhealthy as you think especially in the major cities.MN is far whiter.I say do it - while the desk sounds nice, an annoying, loud neighbor is the worst.Edit: I also ate at Fontano's twice this week. So good.
So what you're saying is troll the CL ads looking for roommates is a good way to get laid?To your office question the answer is clear: what confers more social status: the size or the view?
In these parts, NYC has become the master.
Yeah, I saw a 335xi with no miles for like $13k at a BMW dealer, and the sales guy told me to avoid them. Showed me all of the things they had to fix under warranty plus all the work they did when it came in at 70k miles. Compared to a 330 that had almost nothing in the first 100k miles.
Buying in 2009 FTW.
Interesting seeing JD power and Consumer reports tend to rate the 06s the highest compared to neighboring years.
Debating between an '06 A4 Avant or BMW 325xi for the wife. Any thoughts on reliability. She's liked them both - may go look at a similar vintage A6, but probably too big for her.Bump that deductible up to $1000. There's your problem.
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