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 Yes, free.
 Why isn't she getting paid?  My wife's employer gives like 3 months off, then you can use your vacation sick time.  Almost every employer I have has been at least 2 months before using vacation/sick time.  They even typically had paternal (or 'non-primary caregiver') leave of 4-6 weeks.
 It works on anything except EG shoes.  It would be a waste except for the urgency because the suits go on sale for 40% off occasionally.
Wait, people actually watched past 2 Fast 2 Furious?
 I'm impressed by your investing prowess in a market that has tripled since 2009.
 I saw one yesterday.  I was going to recommend it to @Piobaire for his next douchemobile.
CE that shit!
100% agree. I'm probably the most boring investor in this thread. The only individual sick I own is a former employer that I got with an employee discount. I keep holding it because it pays a solid dividend.I also hope a metals and minerals find that jumps like a yo-yo, but is way down right now, but it will bounce back. It has 50% swings in 6 months.Everything else is in index fund which aren't even very diversified. My view is that the S&P500 had only had one decade of...
Everyone has said it, but hey out. You're exhibiting a cumin cognitive bias of holding onto a loser too long because you don't want to list money. Just like you're quick to sell winners to bank your win. The percentage of your whole portfolio is irrelevant.Not only think that but think about the time value of the money. Even if you got back 50% rather than 25%, don't you think that it would be better to redeploy now rather than wait 2 years in hope of getting that?
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