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You're right: two events too late in the cycle to make any difference on the polls that dictate who gets into the debate.
I'm voting for that Candian dreamboat.
Everyone here knows I'm voting for Johnson, but I'll be damned if he doesn't continue to run an awful campaign.  At this point he's basically alternating between threatening and begging the debate commission. His strategy also seems awful.  Why is he focusing on small population western states right now when he needs to get to 15% nationally?  I understand wanting to build support in those states to make an impact on the election, but he should be hammering more dense...
 I much prefer the individual approach, but that's my general bias towards anything.  If you make leave mandatory, especially just for women, you will have unintended consequences and hurt those you are trying to help.  Just like minimum wage - it helps those that get the boost, but less people get hired, so it harms others (often times minority males in this case).My industry generally has good maternity and paternity benefits, but I would trade them for more money right...
Raleigh-Durham area.
Yeah, I would think someone spending $10k on a shower head/valve has more money than sense, but to each their own.
is right.  Look at Hansegrohe and the like, they're in the ~$1000 range, so I'd say so.  I can't speak to the quality of Waterworks, but $10k seems really steep.
 I agree with you.  My response was a more general comment not on any specific event and towards the back and forth between Nick and shah.  There are various reasons for vowing in different cultures, and the way the bow is done, to your point, is also important. As an example, the Obama and Japanese Emperor bow: I think it was less Obama knowingly submitting to the Emperor, but rather just incompetence - either the protocol officer didn't teach him properly, or he didn't...
I know most of the regular posters are from other areas in the country, but any chance any of you have recommendations on builders/contractors in the NC area?  I have a feeling I'll be moving there soon, and I've been looking at houses, and I think I really rather build or buy a cheap house and do a massive renovation.
I understand the symbolism behind why people get upset over bowing, but if I was travelling for work to a place like Japan where bowing is customary, I think I would.  I think it is important to show an understanding of the other person's culture.
New Posts  All Forums: