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I had a couple replaced I just had Lowes subcontract the installation because it was very reasonable, and I saved the sales tax on the windows. One of the windows replaced was in place with about an inch of spray foam all the way around it to hold it in place - window was too small for the hole. It took three guys with crowbars to get it out.
I think a solid shirt would have gone a long way for the above.
I want to thank Spoo. I received my first purchase last night - a Coach purse for Mrs. Brokencycle. She likes it, and I like the lack of gaudy Coach logos all over the place. Now, if all you gentlemen will kindly spend all your cash on the shoes on Saturday and not bid on anything I have my eye on for auctions this week, I will be greatly appreciative.
I like the first better, but I don't think either is very versatile because it just isn't that standard to see double breasted tuxedos.
Vanson has a generous cut? My understanding was they are very slim, and like I said, I ordered my suit jacket size and found it too small in the chest. Dainese jackets are slimmer?
I think the walnut and navy thing is a bit of a strawman. There are places where walnut isn't appropriate with navy. Walnut is a casual color of shoe compared to dark brown or black. If you're wearing CBD or posting to whnay's good taste thread, wearing walnut with a navy suit probably won't win, but if you're wearing a sport coat or something more casual, there is nothing wrong with it.
I'm surprised this one ended up as a total failure. Not perfect, but not at the scale of these other bombs.
He has to be trolling.
Well, what's your thought? Do you have any thoughts on sizing?
I think Bond pulled it off because he's a super fit guy running around in gun fights between card games. I don't think it looks right though.
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