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 Because he's on the right side of history.  There is no way he did something unethical.
Looks like China wants to take the US's role as economic superpower.  People argue that we are worse off after 8 years of Obama, and there are some indicators that are better and some that are worse.  I truly believe that if we adopt the Trump's vague proposals and the worst parts of the Republican tax plan, we will be objectively worse off in 4-8 years on just about every measure.  http://www.reuters.com/article/us-davos-meeting-china-idUSKBN15118V
 Price controls and allowing people to access health care for "free" are two dramatically different things.  First, people can go to the ER and they have to be accepted, regardless of ability to pay, and there are other solutions possible to solve the problem of people unable to pay for care.  The second will just distort markets and create a shortage of supply for medical services which will have the opposite effect you want.
 You're okay with price controls?  Because they've worked so well in the past and yielded such great results?
 That is my concern about #3
Why do those with such hatred for Trump continue to blow things out of proportion?  That forces people who don't like or support him to defend him.
Of those options, my vote would go to 3.  I'd be curious to see two pulls on the drawer and one small one on the doors
 Now let's make it 1/6 that.
 Ideally I'm looking for 6 chairs - 2 arms and 4 side.  The Chair is nice though.
The house isn't old. It is actually much newer than my previous house. The house is actually a pretty boring "transitional" design which is probably a friendly way to say it has no real design. We have hired an architect to redo the great room and kitchen for both functional and design improvements.My primary concern with something like the Danish designs is it will make the space look out of place. The house isn't modern and isn't ever going to be modern. If anything it...
New Posts  All Forums: