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The more you post, the more I think you're a pretty alright guy.
That's just short-term thinking. Think of the fame and notoriety you will get for defending this guy. It is like free advertising. Plus, you'll probably make a lot of cop friends.
Mail it to me.
I'm just getting over something. Saturday I started with a sore throat, Sunday I had all the standard symptoms of coughing, sneezing, etc. Today, coughing and such stopped but just exhausted and achy. Spent the entire day in bed sleeping, and I fell like 85% tonight.
I hate cats though. Except for pumas, though one can't exactly carry around a puma.
You could get a donegal wool jacket made by Luxire: http://luxire.com/products/molloy-plain-donegal-tweed-purple-blue-69591243
Do you have proof the wholesale price is that cheap?
You driving a lavender car today?
Can you take the $20k donation tax deduction though?
New Posts  All Forums: