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I'm sure there are plenty of the "don't spend a penny for 20 years to retire at 40" folks on reddit who are all over this.
They can't let their friends see them in a domestic car.
"Complex Magazine"
I don't ride in a MN winter either. I just rather not be working on my bike in that weather either.
I've said it before, but there are a few things I want to do to my bike, but every time I think about doing them, I go "I rather just be riding."
Go scavenge your old office?My wife likes her S5 and gets good battery life. I like my HTC One M8, but I didn't like my Droid Razr. Apple has the better business model, no doubt, but I don't like the closed off, controlled ecosystem.
You should be more dedicated to this fora. Most members manage to find time to post while working. If I were a moderator, you would be on notice.
Mine told me to go buy a pair of shoes. Perhaps you can share your windfall?
I get joaks sometimes.
I should have put the liner back in my jacket before going to work today - 50 degrees at 75 is not pleasant.
New Posts  All Forums: