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I hate those kind of stupid things. If you're a salaried employee, it shouldn't matter. Do work when it needs to get done, and if you want take a long lunch or leave early if you don't have work to do.
Well, I know there is no list in my company: it is nearly impossible for someone to get fired here.
It depends on industry, but for a lot of companies the highest is COGS.I wish someone would pay me to come up with a fire these people list. That would be two birds with one stone kinda action.
Maybe there was a reason the person was selling his car.
After all the FB spam talk, I decided to check my spam folder, and I'm not even cool enough to get spam messages on FB.
Except the semi-annual sale is always on the same two days, and a simple search would reveal the answer.
MN has mandatory "free" glass coverage.
Not sure if serious. Or do only innocent people hire you?
Yeah, I saw it. In fact, last time my dad was in town we were going to get one, but it was sold out at the time.I'm just a bit hesitant to go there because I imagine most people there take it very seriously and be a bit intimidating to a beginner. I mean, we have two shotguns, I use a Mossberg 500C and I bought my wife a Stoeger Condor. Both are in 20GA. I did okay my first time out - 25 out of 50 without ever seeing the course, and I always went first. Those true...
That's a nice looking gun.We went to the South St Paul Rod and Gun Club. It is close to us, so we're considering joining because shooting clays 5-10 times a year would be enough to pay for itself. I want to go check out the Horse and Hunt club one of these days though.
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