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 Aren't you renting?  Can you just bitch to the landlord?  That's the only benefit of renting.
 Acquitted?  Not in the normal vernacular; you could use a less common definition and say that's true I suppose.
I agree, but I think most people doing this are probably unable to afford a lot of vacatiobs and they may only get to Europe once in their life.I never much cared for spending time by Lake Michigan on the WI side - I grew up a couple miles away. Maybe I always took it for granted.Door County always felt like torture to me too. Looking back I can remember enjoyable parts, but as a kid I just found it boring.
 We don't.  We're just here for the pB show.  You're letting us down.
I just want the get out of jail free card from the community chest.
 No, of course not.  I had to use the government email servers.  I don't disagree that if I was SoS, I would have gotten away with it too.  I just don't want to see any SoS get away with it.  I don't like when rules are applied differently to the ruling class.  I don't care who it is, I just want rules being enforced consistently.  Partisanship will never let that happen though.
But Wall St will rally.
I believe I'm going to live forever in a sexy robot body, but maybe I just spent too much time talking to @Harold falcon before he went AWOL.
 My big objection to the whole situation is quite simply this: I had secret clearance at one point.  If I had done what she did, they would have fired me and prevented me from getting secret clearance again, which would limit the jobs I could take.  While Hillary quit before she could get fired, these lapses won't prevent her from taking a job that gives her access to even more classified information including the most top secret information.
 There's nothing wrong with targeting tree huggers: in fact, it was probably necessary.  But that market is tapped: Toyota just dominated that space.  Why do all these companies try to fight in that space when there is so much white space.  I rather go into a market with a product with a unique value proposition rather than enter a space with another me too product.  Almost all the electric vehicles are small, "unique" design that don't target the average car shopper.I...
New Posts  All Forums: