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I have a coworker who has cancer. She is refusing modern medicine and is instead relying on a vegan diet and homeopathy. She regularly is taking long-term sick time.
I went to both public and private schools, and some of the public schools I went to were very highly rated. To me, it was still night and day difference. Though, as another poster said, the student and family tend to me more important than the school.
I just had an interview, and they didn't even ask me what my current salary is. They simply asked me what salary I was asking for, and I told them, "based on my research I think $x is reasonable. I'm not going to come in here and ask for 2x or 1.5x to negotiate with you." They agreed that [my asking salary] seemed reasonable. When I am asked though, I will round, but I won't add anything significant to my salary. I did see an article on linkedin that recommended...
You can't fix stupid.
This sounds like a Seinfeld episode.
You'll have to stick to B&S for Charvet then.
You're right. I'm speaking about my friends who I know generally what their health insurance is. It isn't as good as that, but the teachers I had in high school regularly spent class time to bitch about said things.
Mine don't even concede the summer. One is whining about the "30+ hours a week" she is spending doing lesson plans, etc and how she is spending her own money on school supplies. I call bullshit because I had teachers who were neighbors, very nice and not the whiny kind. They were always out working in the yard or doing whatever they wanted all summer.Also, they always neglect the health insurance aspect. When I was in high school, the teachers health insurance was the...
I don't get why friends from high school who became teachers constantly bitch on Facebook about the low pay. The pay is public knowledge and we sat through classes together where the public servants spent bitching about their pay rather than teaching the actual material in English class. Also, it is always the English and Kindergarden teachers who bitch - never the math and science teachers, who likely, could have gotten much higher paying jobs.
I don't know - I am not a huge fan of earth tones to begin with - I think. To me the kind of brown color in the tie is what I don't particularly like. That being said, two things.1. It is a tiny nitpick. If I saw someone wearing that, I wouldn't consider him not in good taste.2. It looks better on the monitor I'm currently on than the one I was on before.
New Posts  All Forums: