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Getting beat by kira? You have brought great dishonor to your family.
Classic L'inc post.
If there isn't a price on the menu, why not just ask if you're that concerned?
My current employer does an annual layoff. In my segment, they typically layoff 50-100 people, and then create about 80-90% new jobs because we are "reorging." It always seems that the best people find new jobs and leave, so the bottom of the barrel keeps staying.
I'm a short-timer at work, and on this holiday week, I have even less to do. I tried passing the day by using styleforum all day, but you guys didn't post enough. I expect you all to pick up your game tomorrow.
In what math system is 100 - 44 = 54? Why not just do .7*.8 = .56 and be done with it?
No way. I rather work than not work. If I was independently wealthy, I would still work. I feel I would be dead in six months if I just stopped working.
FTFYI know the feeling. I was in the same spot about 6 months ago.
If they're that committed to the charity, then why not donate it now?
I call BS on all this charity from these billionaires. They all promise it because they don't need it blah blah blah, but they don't actually donate it until they die, so I don't get the hero worship..
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