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The uniform looks good, but TC being the best logo in baseball?  Setting aside the fact that the American League doesn't play baseball, I don't think it is the best.
 Nonsense.  Only headshots count with zombies.  Double tap won't save you.
Trump v Sanders.  My bet is Bloomberg gets in the race.  Then who the fuck knows! The problem is he doesn't have realistic plans to accomplish them even if he could get Congressional support.  His Medicare for All plan would cost trillions.  His plans to address income inequality would likely do nothing of the sort: taxing stock trades?  That will hurt everyone saving for retirement when their 401k/pension funds make trades.Sanders is the best political machine in the race.
 I don't understand this because to your point they have plenty of female characters they could capitalize on.Also, I'm shocked that comics are mostly consumed by adults.  I knew plenty of people who were big into comics but grew out of them in their late teens/early 20s.
 Well, in that case, as a taxpayer, I'm happy to foot the bill for the travel.  I wish I could pay for the carbon offset credits though too.
Do lame duck Presidents regularly relive their Presidential campaign launch? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/01/29/nostalgic-obama-to-relive-launch-of-2008-campaign-in-springfield-ill/
Or maybe he'd be more paranoid about it.
 What's interesting is if you look at the "best places to work for" there is a mix of places.  Some certainly are work-life balance places, but a lot are not - BCG, Google, Goldman, etc. I know it is a certainly a popular thing to talk about work life balance, and I know the conception that it is milennials who care the most about this, but from the people I have worked with, gen x cares about this at least as much because they typically have kids.I would generally say I...
 You always have your Calvinism to give you meaning.
 I said it before: I don't find her attractive at all.  Her face is awful.  Also, what is with this website:This isn't some historical website with photos of war heroes or something.  I'm also sure it isn't the last known photo of her before getting removed - I'm sure she as 357 selfies since then,
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