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 Your link is misleading - Turkey isn't part of Europe.
 If only there was some other service that could ship your goods (or parcels).  Perhaps with a massive fleet of trucks and/or planes.  Maybe they could call such a service Federal Parcel Service or United Express.
 I might have to hit you up - the guy I know and trust basically only does MN.  Its because we're all poor and bad with money.
 Perhaps you got some of those fake vitamins.  Or perhaps you finally got the real ones...
 I sure hope companies don't try to put any chemicals in my food.  I'm trying to avoid those.
 You're a good son.
 Perhaps it has something to do with the onerous one size fits all regulations for what a plan must be that prevents smaller companies from trying unique offerings that might compete.  When you can't differentiate your product, all you can do is compete on price, and the larger players benefit from scale. Why is consolidation in this industry a problem?  If it is just a pricing game, two or three players keeps price pressures on the suppliers.
Whoever outbid me on the Avon Celli cashmere silk sweater, well played.  I thought I found a sleeper - 5% of MSRP, but alas.
I'd take the Camero over any of those posted, except maybe the Porsche, but the Porsche is 5 years older and will certainly have higher repair and maintenance bills. I agree with RTC, the Sky is supposed to be a really good bang for the buck.  If you're looking at the Camero, you should definitely look at the Mustang too.
Not just any BMW...  Who else sees this going like his experience with a motorcycle?
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