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 You'll never believe what Facebook did now! 18 lifehacks to improve your FB viewing experience #6 is literally insane!
 I absolutely agree. I seem to remember that brands can start pages on Facebook for free, which yield greater conversation rates than ads.  I don't know - I haven't paid any attention to an add on FB in years.
Quote: Was it at work?  You could ask security about video?A boss told me an amusing story, where some dude hit another car in the parking lot.  He left a note, but it said something like "I'm only leaving a note because other people are watching."  The company had video of the parking lot, and he got fired.
 Looks like it is on the driver side, and the M3 was parked on the passenger side.  Also, it is probably just clear coat damage based on the picture, which often looks white.
 Relax at Jackson?
 Well, that's why FB was valued so low then because there was a lot of risk.  Obviously anyone who didn't think FB was going to make it would think $10B is overpriced, but anyone who thought it would make it would look at $10B as a good deal. I actually still struggle to see how FB really continues to grow except through acquisition because I just don't see why advertisers continue to use such an ineffective platform.
 That fucking sucks.  I have noticed a couple small scratches my car has already picked up in a couple months, but that one looks bad.
 Well, the guy did create Ruby on Rails, so I'm sure he's an expert on valuations.  People don't get that start-ups and early stage companies are always valued extremely high because it is all based on growth potential.  If we based our valuations on current sales, we'd never see a new company again.
I wish there was auctioning, I could have come home a rich private.
There was no exchange.  When I was in basic, all candy from MREs were confiscated.  People started eating their candy though, and one day there were only like four candy items turned in which didn't include Skittles which a DS wanted.  Needless to say, there were a lot of push-ups as a consequence.
New Posts  All Forums: