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So I don't really get the design of the shirts, but the color, pattern and collar of that last shirt is nice. As an aside, there are two broken links on your main page: the one with a man wearing a blazer, and the middle one showing a man wearing an open collared white shirt.
The first one I thought was just a very effeminate man.
Just clicking it in your inbox should show the meeting info in the preview pane. If not, maybe the dude didn't bother putting the call details.
At first I thought the Stephen Smith discussion was about the member here, Steve Smith, and I was like "Wtf, why the hate? He seems like a good guy." Now I understand that you're talking about a sports dude, and I feel like an idiot.
That's just your mid-morning buzz talking.
I'm trying, but not for the pants reason. I don't even take my pants off at home.
Well there is the source of confusion. When I said "your office" I meant the corporate office not your personal office. Some of us styleforum smalltimers don't have an office.
That's fair. I guess I always have done them online or had an HR person call to setup an interview and fill out the basic stuff that might not have been captured during the application process.
You have people come into your office to fill out an application?I see this not only with people looking for a job but sales people too. I was sitting in a lobby waiting for someone the other day, and there were sales people loudly talking about all kinds of stuff I wouldn't talk about in front of a client.
New Posts  All Forums: