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 If the auto industry was taking record losses, would the union members be willing to take a pay cut?  Fair is fair, right?
You know I was thinking what America really needs is a foreign dictator to lead us to property prosperity. Edit: Auto-correct screws me twice in a row.
Damn you autocorrect. Who wants to talk about female heroes?
No, if your insurance company won't pay for your PCP, you can always go to Canada and get prescription heroine, and it is Canada, so its free. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/09/13/canada-has-just-approved-prescription-heroin/
Sometimes I read stuff like that and get a good laugh.  Other times my brain just hurts.  Unfortunately, this is a latter for me. 
Canada did just approve medicinal heroine, so there's always that.
 That's because the only time you see him he's riding some animal shirtless.
You're right: two events too late in the cycle to make any difference on the polls that dictate who gets into the debate.
I'm voting for that Candian dreamboat.
Everyone here knows I'm voting for Johnson, but I'll be damned if he doesn't continue to run an awful campaign.  At this point he's basically alternating between threatening and begging the debate commission. His strategy also seems awful.  Why is he focusing on small population western states right now when he needs to get to 15% nationally?  I understand wanting to build support in those states to make an impact on the election, but he should be hammering more dense...
New Posts  All Forums: