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Thanks.  I just didn't see it in the other thread: figured it might help you move it.
How about that new Rolls Royce Vision 100:  
You should include measurements and what not.  You don't even have the tagged size in the posting.
  I can't stand the options we have, but Bernie Sanders isn't honest.  He's more honest than some politicians (maybe even most), but his campaign has been based on telling college kids and underemployed college educated kids what they want to hear.  He doesn't have a realistic plan to actually pay for his programs.
Or he can just spend some of his 1%er money on political donations to defeat the bill.
 Maybe they can run an all woman team.  Hillary/Warren and then DWS can be state.
Perhaps they were planning to defend them from crazies.
I love when folks drop their masks and reveal themselves to be the fascists they really are.  The person I stole that article from openly admits she doesn't know anything about buying a gun, but she doesn't care that what the guy wrote isn't true.  All she cares about is he's proving how easy it is to get a gun and how it needs to be stopped.
Thankfully none of my firearms went on a rampage today.  Nor did they command me to sate their thirst for blood.
Yall need to back off dat RLPL three-piece.  I don't care that it is summer or that I don't wear suits ever.
New Posts  All Forums: