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Actually, I'm pretty sure there are several surgical options available.
I wasn't even mad. I was impressed.
I was on the motorcycle this morning. Sitting behind a guy at a red light in the right lane. The light turns green, and he proceeds to sit there, so I give him a 10-15 seconds figuring he's waiting to see what the moron pedestrian is doing. He still doesn't move, so I honk at him. He immediately makes a left hand turn across a 4 lane road.
Sumo wrestlers are Orientals.
90MPG? Are you talking about the electric version? The hybrid gets ~40.Yeah, I have been reading bad things about the car - tempted to just cancel the test drive.
The styling, and to get a decently equipped one here is more expensive that cars she liked more. She also didn't really like the way it drives.No. They have a hatchback, but again you have to go to the top trim levels to get things like heated seats.Truth.I thought the 360 cameras were pretty slick in the EX350 she drove. I really liked the parking sensors on the 5 series I tried. The radar visual plus the surround sound beeping was really nice.
Well, if you're moving offices, it will sure make it difficult to troll you through the office walls all day.
She hated it. The only Subaru she liked enough to drive was the Impreza.Also, I'm kicking myself a bit - there was an '07 ES 350 with 60k miles for
Hell yeah. If I could just get some of that up here or the bread.... sigh... I need to move down there. With you changing offices, you have any openings?
You have expensive tastes. Or contractors think you're a rich, sucker.
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