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I'm stopped eating Ben & Jerry's for that reason. Thankfully they don't have my favorite flavor anymore, so it made it easier.
LinkedIn down 20% today? Ouch
The feds aren't raising interest rates anytime soon, which I think is actually bad, long term for the real estate market. Such low interest rates could easily lead to another bubble. In fact, I just finished a book by the Zillow economists who warned of that very thing in one of the chapters.
It depends on the type of door, how big, if you're going custom, etc. You can easily get a pretty good fiberglass door installed for ~$1000 or less.
Apparently, there is a pyramid scheme Arbonne that some of my FB friends have gotten into. Lots of posts about getting a free Mercedes or something.
The best part is the draft is actually going on indoors across the street. People are paying to stand outside and watch it on TV.
We learned yesterday that pB is just starting to notice women, so perhaps he's just 10+ years behind.
AY is right, people are going to ask friends and family first. I would also probably just do a google/google map search then I would take the first results and do some research on them. I used to work with a company that sold products to law firms, so I might also ask former colleagues/clients.
I figured he was just going through puberty.
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