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 You realize she is trying to appeal to people who already haven't decided to vote for Trump, right?
 The current vinyl is awful: it is showing its age, and it probably didn't look good to begin with.  I don't really like fake anything.  I just found it shocking to hear that installing the tile (I already bought it) is basically a cost.  I currently have quartz countertops and am putting in a subway tile backsplash, so it just seems out of place to leave it, I think.  Maybe I'm wrong and I'm wasting money though.
Its funny we're the 4th largest country by area and 3rd by population.Where do you live?  Your country is probably like 5% the area and population as us.
Based on many job postings I have seen lately, I think the currently accepted phrase is "man with a strong bias for action."
 I read that too.  That is fucking awful.  I was at a loss of words reading the article.
Shouldn't keys on the keyring be a job duty of your driver?  Or are you a self-driving Maybach owner?
People tell me I'm boring a lot.  Oh well.
 Yes, but that's only because taller people make more.  Its just science.
 All Jews are bankers and lawyers.
I take payment in 40L Tom Ford.
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