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Previously long lost footage turned into emoji form:
 What if the fat kid doesn't have black neighbors?
The dogs were on the wrong side of history.
 At established companies for individual contributor level jobs, I just don't think it is that common.  As an example, most people I know get a salary x and a bonus of 3-15% every year.  Some of it may be stock, but it is typically cash. At Amazon, an individual contributor can easily get salary x plus a bonus of nearly x in stock, but it doesn't vest for three years.
You two should be jailed too.
In my case, I was referring to long term incentive plans or it is common, if you make a move within a couple month of when a bonus gets paid out, to pay a sign on bonus that covers the missed annual bonus or defer a start date until after the bonus has been paid.
 What if we let the individual states decide on that, and we could almost have a natural experiment!
 My mom was right!
They also don't have 2-3 elections per year.  There is a strong correlation between the frequency of elections and voter turnout.
 Can confirm, happening to me right now.
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