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Why? There are dealers who almost sell exclusively through ebay. I think people who get talked into bad car deals and try backing out after signing the paperwork are morons, but I think people will pay extra to avoid it.I remember when searching for my first car, I stopped at a Ford dealer, and I tried a couple of the el cheapo cars in the lot, and I didn't really like them. While the sales guy was fine, the sales manager kept saying stuff like "you should buy the car...
Well, I don't care what they look like now...
You sure have been talking about your bespoke pants a lot lately....
But the pirouettes... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmI don't know - I always had a thing for the cross country/distance track chicks in high school.
Why? You don't use your actual one now.
You could argue there is less trucking of fuel around which decrease the damage.
My biggest problem with cyclists is I often see them not following the rules of the road. I see them blow right through red lights and four way stops on a regular basis. That being said, I don't really have a problem moving around them when they are biking. Take your eyes off your phone and look at the road more than 15' in front of you.
No that's the cane sugar you racist.
You could stack the 10% (?) bonus for opening a Lowe's card or if they have a sale on them - typically twice a year. We had Pella wood clad patio door and fiberglass entry doors put in through Lowe's too, and we were very satisfied. I think it was ~$3k installed for everything including all the discounts.I think they charge you $25 to come out and measure, but they credit your purchase back
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