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I basically binge watched the whole show up until the end of last season. This whole waiting a week between episode is killing me.
I wouldn't put a TV over the fireplace. Not only does it look bad, it isn't a comfortable or good viewing angle for actually watching TV. You're better off making it a study or office with no TV.
I think I might watch rewatch said movie this weekend.
Because you're holding them down, Harv.
Actually, I've seen it before. A lot of the very poor play the lottery, but it seems to be scratch offs or something similar.Well, she already broke the most important rule of winning the lottery - don't announce it right away and go see a lawyer and probably a financial adviser.
I had vicodin for a minor surgery, and I had no pain and just slept a lot for a few days.
Meh, I'm no fan of American League. I'm also no fan of paying for the Twins stadium.
I thought the Yankees just bought players in free agency. Have they had anyone come up through the farm system?
I am lame, but I didn't know I was Republican. Good to know.
Last year I was driving down a residential road where there was a Lamborghini parked perpendicular to the two lane street completely blocking traffic while the driver was standing around talking to someone. This is in a neighborhood where the median house price is probably about about 2/3 of the car new. I concluded from that scientific study that all Lamborghini drivers are douches.
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