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No, the corporate discount never applies to these sales. This has been asked and answered at least a dozen times in this thread.
They started residing my house today, or more accurately started tearing off the old siding. As expected, there is no vapor barrier and there is some serious rot to the garage, and they are going to need to replace the underlayment. Additionally, which was not expected, they found out the roof on the garage was not done correctly. They can take a shortcut and be okay, they think it will cause water damage overtime and ruin the siding, so new roof on the garage too!
Where did you get your shoes? Those don't look like a SF approved brand.
Seriously, what is a pawg?
The worst flights I have ever been on are work trips to tourist destinations like Orlando or Las Vegas and happen close to the weekend. You get a ton of people who don't fly often and they just gum up the works. Not just on the plane, but security too. Also, fuck security. My last flight was the first in about 10 times that I didn't get an enhanced screening. The only people in the world worse than TSA agents are the people who think their job is necessary.
I was once sitting in the back of the plane (because I'm a small timer and never get upgraded), and as soon as the pilot turned off the seatbelt light, I grabbed my bag and made it up to first class before anyone else stood-up. It probably saved me 15 minutes of deplaning. I felt like I won business travel that day.Typical woman.
Same goes who are boarding zone 4368934673489634789569 who don't just gate check.Some jets have shitty bins though - Delta regional jets for an example are smaller than standard. That being said, I've never done this.
The only concern I would have is an increased premium.
Their auto insurance should or the Uhaul insurance or whatever. Also, I'd be surprised if they don't have homeowners. Before we could close on the house, we had to prove we had insurance and premiums are put into escrow (including the first month upfront).
Coincidence (their insurance company will claim)!
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