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 Tell her "this is a place of business.  If you can't control your emotions, please leave."  That should help.
I'll stand in solidarity with you, G.  My job has sucked super hard lately too.  I haven't even been here a year, and I'm already looking.  I had a well known company reach out to me for a job on LinkedIn, but it wasn't quite right, but it flipped a switch in my brain.   In my last job, at least I had coworkers I really liked and would hang out with.
When Biscotti and eric post back to back, I get confused in the mente, because it looks like someone is just carrying on a conversation with themselves.
 The other option might be a small SUV.  My wife liked the Buick Encore, which can be had for <$200/mo with nothing down for the base model.  I know it is definitely not a SF approved car, but it didn't seem bad.  It was quiet and comfortable.  Fuel efficient should be good, consumer reports rated it well for predicted reliability, and the backseat could do two car seats no problem - used are pretty pricey because they are only three years old.
 Add some gay cream pie to your book.
 Fair enough.  I feel your pain on this because we looked at a lot of hatchbacks and wagons, and there just aren't that many inexpensive, good options out there.
 Die Hard is one of the all time great movies, of that there can be no question.   To me they go pretty much in order Die Hard > Die Hard 2 ~= Die Hard 3 >> Die Hard 4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Die Hard 5. #3 is probably better than #2, but it loses the Christmas theme.
 As someone who lives near Mall of America, the permanent traffic jam on the weekend points to yes.
Fuck it.  Fallout this week!  Also, my friend at EA is getting me a super discounter copy of Battlefront.
 They have had Christmas decorations for sale for a month around here already.  The damn Christmas section at some stores was bigger than the Halloween section at the beginning of October.
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