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I have a coworker who went to get lasik and had to do prk instead.  Her vision was awful for weeks and apparently it was very painful.
Classic.  The left is already blaming gun ownership for this guy in Indianapolis getting shot by police.  If he wasn't allowed to own a gun, the police wouldn't have shot him.
 Closer than many veterans.
 Strong stance.  God bless her.
 I can never get dried beans the right texture.  They always come out slightly wrong.
So just to be clear though, you're saying spending $150k over 30 years to buy a $200k asset which roughly keeps up with inflation is a bad thing (it may be up or down 10-15% depending on market timing)?
I have never lived in a fancy apartment in a hip part of town, and I looked at duplexes.  The ones I felt comfortable paying for were not going to be sound investments.  The ones like you describe were twice as much (and the bank would have happily given me a loan).  My wife and I were pre-approved for a loan at almost twice what we bought. I guess the difference between you and me is that I don't care if the bank makes money off of me.  So what?  They provide a valuable...
Glad to hear it.The industry has a lot of problems, but the biggest systemic issue to me is the FDA drug approval process.  It is slow an onnerous, and there are many cases where other countries have approved a drug that isn't approved here.  Look at Zikka and other countries were using genetically modified mosquitos to fight it while we dithered here until it was an emergency.  Then there are the coverage problems where most people don't pay for their health coverage...
I thought being from Wisconsin, I was given more leeway.
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