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So, Filson just opened up an outlet store by me. I had the opportunity to talk to a woman from corporate, and I scored a one of a kind item. The Outfitter Travel Bag in navy. They decided not to make it in navy because apparently the navy is not easy for them to make/source. Here are some pics.
It might be better if you don't speak Portuguese.
How do you not eat lunch? I'm starving by 11AM.
Student loan payments. Why do they make it such a pain to pay? Why do they charge me to pay? I have one loan that there is no way to pay without a fee.
We should just rely on the government to fund cures and research because as individuals our charity doesn't matter.
Fruit Loops or gtfo
I have an Italian Officer's bridge coat from about a decade later, and it is amazing - nothing like the vintage military coats.
That LP suit is awesome... just slightly too wide in the shoulders for me.
Neo, breakfast burritos >> croissants Harvy, stop appropriating others culture. It is offensive or something. L'Incandescent your posts make my day at work go faster, but you must pay the penalty for styleforuming too much.
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