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Not debating your assessment of said guy, but for me, a filet au poivre is almost always my favorite.
It is always interesting to see what threads inspire people to join SF.
 But without statistical data we're all in the same boat!
I agree about people who order like assholes when they're splitting the check evenly or not paying at all.  Or like the example I gave when moving where my neighbors were like "oh we need to take you out to dinner before you go." and then split the check evenly despite them having booze and dessert and we didn't.  Then again, I'll pick up the whole check when out with a good friend because I rarely get to see my best friends, and it typically isn't anything particularly...
Well, maybe not the reason.  Depending on how you define liberal, they might not have even had a candidate in the general.  The President always gets the blame or the credit, but the reality is much more complicated than than.  The nature of the beast, I suppose.
 You're right.  Rather than combat crony capitalism we should go with "well, we're already crony capitalists - let's help more cronies get rich at the taxpayer's (and future generations' ) expense." Maybe you should stick to "because Europe" for your line of reasoning.
 They did it in mythbusters.  Guns will shoot, and if shot from underwater, a 9mm can be lethal for a few feet in water (not lethal shooting from air into water or vice versa): it almost certainly reload though.
 It is obviously more complicted than the simple supply and demand curve, but if we capped drug costs at $100/month supply or dose or whatever, don't you think we would have a drug shortage?  Maybe not now because the marginal costs are low, but investors might be less willing to invest in drug research.  You could subsidize that research, sure, but that's just hiding the cost in taxes. HC today isn't a free market.  I won't call it that.  Price controls work in Europe and...
I'd like Windows 10 fine if it didn't blue or red screen of death once a week for a driver error.
 Because it is a fundamental law of economics.  If you artificially cap a price, less suppliers will produce said good or service (and demand will be higher).  Or do you think price controls in Venezuela and other socialist paradises are working well? 
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