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I too made the mistake of going to Costco on a Saturday afternoon.
Would you say that in your neck of the woods it is GT3s or GT4s?
What if we're all just a part of L'inc's imagination?
When I grow up, I hope I can afford a douchemobile or to buy a grill for one-time use.
So what you're saying is it is perfect for Pio?
CE all this shit.  There are wonderful threads there!
 Yes, free.
 Why isn't she getting paid?  My wife's employer gives like 3 months off, then you can use your vacation sick time.  Almost every employer I have has been at least 2 months before using vacation/sick time.  They even typically had paternal (or 'non-primary caregiver') leave of 4-6 weeks.
 It works on anything except EG shoes.  It would be a waste except for the urgency because the suits go on sale for 40% off occasionally.
Wait, people actually watched past 2 Fast 2 Furious?
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