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After Father's Day.
There are a couple times of year the price might be beat by a bit, but yeah, it is a pretty good deal for the quality.
I really liked some of those Lewis Leathers boots, but 385 pounds seems really steep.
Just got my field satchel in the mail today. $478.80 plus tax
I thought we were here for a very niche fetish, but now we're opening it up the mainstream.
|Where are the folds?
+1 USAA insurance is the best. All the people involved in my closing asked me if they were sure my insurance rate was right because it was so low.Their customer service is also top notch.
So, I used my 40% off coupon to get a Filson Field Satchel. I'm super excited.
The corporate card only works on non-sale items (or that's how it is supposed to work). I don't know about the outlet.
Love the ivory linen suit. Not that outrageous of prices. Their normal price for a suit is $998. The tuxedo would be awesome if not for the vent and the patch pockets.
New Posts  All Forums: