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But Nazis. You guys should just do oil pulling. Swish with coconut oil (should be organic). It will solve all your problems. You can microwave it to make it easier, but they you get all that radiation.
There is a woman who works with me, and she high priorities everything - even "Thanks!"I sometimes respond with a low priority flag.Another woman, has all of her emails ask for a read receipt.
I bought a large sample pack of Creed cologne. That was a great decision. I got five scents I was hoping to try out, and one that I didn't think I 'd like. Didn't have to drop a c-note on a bottle of one to find out I didn't like it or that there is one out there I like more.
Went sporting clay shooting for the first time. Took the wife. It was awesome.
Wasps are a son of a bitch. Allegedly the high volume of stings puts me in greater risk for anaphylaxis in the future. Great, now what is pissing me off is this. Jesus Conne, use fucking trigger warnings next time. I'm going through PTSD over here.
I got nine or 10 wasp stings a couple summers ago after unknowingly disturbing a nest. It hurt like hell for a day or so. Then the pain subsided. After that I waged a genocidal chemical war against them.
It sure did, but $1300 for a helmet? Too rich for my blood.
No, I have no desire to ride in a group.
A mouse pad comes with an instruction manual.
What if he realizes how awesome you are and decides you are a threat to his cush job?
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