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May I ask why? Is it a distaste for the fabric or that the fabric doesn't suit itself for an odd jacket?
45 degrees maybe?
Does that mean someone at JAB pays sales tax as if their suits were actually $1000+?
I can't speak to the size issue, but I bought a medium weight down alternative from Macy's, and it is very warm. It suffers from the same size issue though. To me the advantage of the down alternative is it seems you can get a high quality one of equal warmth for much less money .
I am waiting to get mine, but I just ordered a pair of Portolano deerskin with rabbit fur lining. Off Fifth has them for about $75. Most stores should have some good deals as they start clearing out their winter stock.
@OPI bought an Italian Navy officer bridge coat - it was some old stock from about 50 years ago. I paid less than 1% what BB wants. It is as max describes, and it is very heavy and warm. I wouldn't recommend it for wet snowy days or rain though. When wet it is extraordinarily heavy.I have had one similar for two years now and am in no way tired of it. I highly doubt the Golden Fleece stuff is made in a sweatshop. As others have said, it is BB's top line and features...
I didn't get anything this year because they removed the Brooks buys for buying 2 suits. Otherwise I might have picked up a couple of new suits. Oh well. I will save my pennies for the next clearance sale. Also, BB is starting to feel a bit more like JAB. I bought a polo the other day, and it has changed price at least three times since I bought it - going as low as $20 and as high as $60, and it isn't clearly moving in one direction.
stitches, I think it looks good, but I can see where he is coming from. I think in the context of this thread, the tie seems dressier than the jacket.
Did he hack the excess off or are they just folded in? How was he off by that much? I don't think a tailor would shorten something by that much without some factor like you insisting to go that short.
I have the BB Golden Fleece shirt that you're describing, and I bought a tall wing collar from here: http://www.darcyclothing.com/shop/collars.html It used to be called the Vintage Shirt Company. Worked out great. Remember to order one size up. IE my shirt and neck are a 15.5 but you buy a 16 collar.
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