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Where are my tax lawyers/accountants at? I have a state tax question surrounding an interstate move, and I need some advice. PM me please.
MN has similar laws. No booze on Sunday. A lot of cities have government liquor stores.
I know. It was just a joke because they have the strictest liquor laws in the country.
I just joined a company with unlimited vacation. My boss claims she never tracks it anyway. As for payouts, a lot of times they don't have to anyway. Neither of my previous employers paid out my vacation when leaving (except probably CA employees).I keep offering to work for you.
These kinds of games typically go on deep discount within a year, and seeing I just play with ai, i don't mind waiting.
Home is almost ready to go on market. Will be so happy to be done (not least of which because I can have more style forum time). I feel bad though because I am leaving today for work, and my wife is stuck home trying to finish up, and there is a lot to do. A few projects took too damn long. Also we had one casualty. Our glass dining room table broke trying to move it out of the house.
Upgraded to first class. Now I can feel one step closer to big timer status.Didn't even know they allowed booze in SLC.
   Obviously that will be hard, but it isn't nearly as hard as getting Han Solo right.  Harrison Ford is one of my all-time favorite actors, and I think he really made Han Solo into perhaps the most iconic character in Star Wars (except maybe Vader).
And this is why no one wonders why every three months or so Biscotti is here complaining about his crazy gf...
All it will take is a WS game in the snow at Wrigley to start an uproar - nothing will happen - but the outrage will generate more dollars as people tune into some guy is paid a lot of money to wear a suit and share his opinions.
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