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If I'm not mistaken, he also pulled out slower than was originally agreed to.
Can you just re-stain the existing cabinets and change hardware?
Let's just blame all the politicians and deport them.
I think people who are used to buying your (great quality) used goods, will not be the same purchasing stuff like BC at full retail
Perhaps if government employees hadn't gotten away with such things, there wouldn't be much precedent.
I agree with LD.  I hate all star games when they half-ass it.
Some guy who was on my team less than me and was a complete putz just left to go to a vendor as a marketing director. I couldn't believe it. Part of it makes sense now seeing one project he was pushing would help said vendor (but wasn't good for us).
I buy in the thousands when I buy because typically you get a nice discount and maybe some free shipping.
After 5-6 weeks of non-responses and shitty auto-generated rejection letters, I had three calls in 24 hours.  One is with a recruiter who I think will do a good job in helping me find something - he has something that sounds interesting, but it would probably be a hard sell to the company (my career has been in high tech and this job would be in construction equipment).   So @MrG, hang in there.
I'm openly voting for Gary Johnson.  Even if he loses and even if Hillary/Trump/Zorp wins, perhaps it will push one of the parties to go "look there was 10% out there that could have swung the election.  Perhaps we should look at modifying our platform to get that group."   Plus, there's always the chance that Gary Johnson can win a couple small states like Wyoming or New Mexico (where he was a popular Republican governor) and prevent either one from getting a majority...
New Posts  All Forums: