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MN is similar. A shall issue state and can open or conceal carry.with the permit.
Yeah, I posted that in the wtf overzealous cops thread
Don't forget that Harley for a long time was really the only American made motorcycle. I know there is Victory now, but that just started up in 1998. A lot of people who ride Harleys are middle-class, blue-collar kind of people -- who buy American as much as they can. So without any competition from another American manufacturer Harley didn't need to innovate or do much. Now they have competition from Victory, and I think it has been good for them.
I think you're spot-on. It easy to target the biggest player in the industry - a lot of leaders in all kinds of industries get attacked for doing everything wrong.I might target hipsters/whatever, but I think I would go the super high-end and create artificial scarcity - something like a Bugatti of motorcycles.
Yes and no. Harley is actually trying to redo its branding and get away from the middle-aged dentists. We'll see. I'm partial because my step-dad always had Harleys when I was growing up. They don't appeal to me, but there are way too many who paint the riders with broad strokes and give the Ducati and Hayabusa guys a pass.
The sights look nice. How does it shoot?
I"m not much into the wave. I'll do it if someone waves to me, but I just don't care if they don't.I don't see why all the hate on Harley. There are pretentious pricks riding everything -- there are certainly Ducati riders who would never give someone the time of day.
I don't think it was addressed. I think that was the point though, that for once Walt stopped caring about the money.I was reading that the chemistry in BB is pretty accurate, but I am curious if they tested how much those barrels could hold. If we assume the movie was right that it could about $10M, that's 100,000 $100 bills, which would weigh about 220 lbs.
Nice of you to help. Most people are douchebags. I remember when I got in my first (and thus-far) only motorcycle accident, I went high side off the bike, and the bike stopped on the center line of a two lane road. When I went to pick up the bike some guy was yelling at me for blocking the lane. Yeah dude, I crashed just to inconvience you...
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