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I'd throw OpenSUSE on that list. We used it a lot because we have mostly SLES where I work.
The sleeves do look a bit long to me, but if you shorten the shoulder, it might shorten the sleeve too much. You could reduce the cuff a tad as well, but it is hard to tell in the picture.
If I create a webpage and register my own domain name does that some how make my opinion more valid than if I post on a forum?
I bought a small hammer which has a hardish plastic end and a rubber mallet on the other end (it was the cheapest one they had at the store). A couple solid whacks and it came right off.
Personally I don't like all the black. Also with all the black, the pocket square doesn't go in my opinion. I also wouldn't puff it out so much either.
I won't repeat what Krish just said other than to say that is what being an engineer has done to me.
Drop is the difference between the chest size and the waist size. So your example would have 34" pants. A 6" drop is pretty standard. Slimmer suits might be 7 or 8, and typically as suit sizes go up, the drop decreases. As an example, I think JAB has a 4" drop for size 48 and above.Roll is for three buttons and refers to what button it buttons to. 3 roll 2 means it is meant to be buttoned at the middle button only, so it looks like a 2 button.
Bad news, bro. Force isn't measured in ft/lbs. In fact, I don't even know what ft/lb is. If you are referring to ft-lbs, that is a measure of energy which is directly and proportionally related to lbs of force, but not a force measurement.
I'll try that. I tried a rubber mallet but I don't think it is hard enough. My wife tried calling Ruger to see if we were doing something wrong and the lady on the phone just said "hit it with a book or something. Honey you ain't gonna hurt the gun."Otherwise, I think I can get a good cleaning with the barrel on and everything else out.
+1I just use toe taps and heel taps. There are some non-cordovan models that use a dovetail heel though.
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