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 That makes me want to not vote for GayJay.
 It is Canada.  You guys have like 10 blacks, so being black is probably cause for a search/DNA sample.
I wish the new website was up in time for the sale.  I want to replace a few basic dress shirts, and what I'm looking for is painful to find. Anyone have experience with the light blue 140s twill?  http://luxire.com/products/light-blue-twill-140-2
 Walking out on a private job is between the employer and the employee.  Walking out on a taxpayer funded job to me is completely different.
 Don't be sad.  Seems you're doing quite well for yourself. 
 I'm no expert, but I don't think rolling down your windows will be effective in a bio attack.
 Lets see if the BernieBots keep their word.
Yeah, I think it is one thing if they were on duty as tax-payer funded cops or doing private security work.
 I'm actually doing matte white, beveled subway tile for our backsplash.  I'm thinking about doing grey grout because the countertop is a marble look quartz that is white with grey veining.
 Don't worry the economic boondogle boom will more than offset any problems.
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