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 I was looking at a Samsung set that was discounted similarly.
Did you buy really cheap appliances?  Because typically the price is based on the price of the appliance. I worked at BB once, so I can tell you the margins on those warranties are 90%+.  Typically HD/Lowes/BB don't do commission anymore, but they give employees bonuses for selling warranties.
I don't think it is obvious that they would turn on Jefferson.  He is the one Founder that all of my ultra-liberal SJW types love.
Why is L'inc the only one allowed to have socks?
 Do you think all those fibro folks brought their rascal-bound grandparents along to the Bernie rally?
 Get him off?  Do you think he was the Republican that Slate broad was talking about?
I blew my load just reading the story.
Guys, stop being brainwashed and in the can for Trump.   None of the other gaffs have caused him to implode.  He's like the right's Joe Biden (except he's not actually on the right).
 Excellent for two crashes and a rebuilt title.
  Not sure if made up quote, don't care enough to check, but sounds close enough to something he might have said. On a serious note, the polls show him rising again as Carson starts to fall after getting a closer evaluation.
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