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A velvet tux sounds awful in the summer, and I don't think velvet belongs when going to events - it is one thing if you are hosting something. Go with the normal tux.
I don't know about that. I know people who accepted low 40s because they wanted to stay in Madison. I had a company in Minneapolis tell me the starting pay was $32k/yr -- it is all very geographically dependent. I couldn't imagine companies actually pay that low for people with engineering degrees from highly ranked universities, but who knows.Edit: Looking at pay for previous year graduates, they fared on average about $10k/yr better.A lot of people I know just went on...
I assure you that isn't the case. I doubt even with an MS, Electrical and CS are getting $110k. When I graduated in 09 the highest offer for anyone was $100k and he interned at IBM for 3 years before going there full-time.The median came in around $50k, and the pay was pretty well correlated with jobs in the Valley vs staying in the midwest.
Why can't a petroleum engineer work on an oil derrick or something similar?
I've heard salaries are pretty awesome in the field. Is that one of those 6 months on a rig 6 months off? Or do you work at a refinery or something?
Exactly. Like I said in my examples, things happen, sometimes they are told they're going to give you an offer, and they jump the gun a bit. Perhaps something happened internally and now there is a freeze on the hiring.
Quality plays a part, but so does the material. A think heavy silk will tend to make a bigger knot, and so will a wider tie or where the tie begins to widen.I have cotton and linen ties that make a good sized knot.
It seems like your mind is made up. Do you just want to hear that people agree with you? If so, just stick to GQ.2.5 inch lapels are too slim. I don't care how skinny you are.
Both my wife and I have had problems with large company HR departments. My wife was told informally by a company that she was going to get the job. Then apparently the hiring manager got let go, and despite the fact that they still wanted to fill the position, they instead relisted it and told her to reapply, so she decided to just move on. My situation was similar to yours. I was interviewing for a lateral move, and I thought the interview went okay (not great), but I...
New Posts  All Forums: