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HDMI cables are basically the same. There are different version of the standard, but here's one that supports the latest version with ethernet (which the B6 does) for $18. These cables are actually one of the largest profit margin makers for Best But (that and geek squad warranties).http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=102&cp_id=10250&cs_id=1025006&p_id=6060&seq=1&format=2$1500 for a sound bar also sounds crazy high. You can get a decent surround sound for that much.
There are non-minimum wage jobs (or government contractor jobs) that actually drug test after hire?
You can tell us. This is a safe place.
Yet he's still there... must be doing something right.
Thankfully for a guy like me, I'll be limited to an email like once a month. I don't know if that will make me happy when I get one or sad because it occurs so rarely.
Peter, just because you have a mustache doesn't mean you can speak Italian.
Wait, we get emailed now when someone thumbs-up our content?
I think I've been to brainwashed by the good taste thread. This one will be the toughest in a long time I think.
The Nest was developed by former Apple guys. It is the same kind of Apple vs Android debate - Apple charges more for the cool factor.There are other programmable thermostats that offer more functionality than it and charge less, but such is life.
That's where the Nest doesn't make sense for us. We have a pretty regular schedule, and the thermostat is in a room that likely would lead to the autoaway feature activating too regularly.
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