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Spoiler that shit
 I don't know about where you live, but if I just called my ISP they'd tell me to try booting and rebooting then give up.  That's why you need the information I said to gather.  The ISP can do a trace to your modem and see what the performance is, but almost always they go "everything looks normal" and "our advertised speeds are the maximum not a guarantee"
 Does the speed vary at different times?  Like do you see better speeds at 1AM or 10AM or is it consistent?  If it isn't consistent, that means you're not getting a dedicated line, which isn't surprising.    I'm paying for 50Mb cable internet, and I fairly consistently get around that (it may be because most of my neighbors aren't much for internet users). The other thing to look at is: what are your pings?  We looked at switching to DSL because it was cheaper and they...
I don't think society at large should get a say at how a university or college runs itself (except public universities where society should have a limited say).  How does such a large and diffuse group get their say? I agree there are positive externalities of a university (as well as negative), which is an argument for subsidizing them.  However, if something changes where the university is no longer providing as many positive externalities, society should reduce their...
Society is only a customer because we're all paying for those degrees via government loans and grants.
Most (though not all) are coming from small liberal arts schools.  Perhaps those schools are going with "all publicity is good publicity."
We the taxpayer, probably.
Wait, he didn't think a cashmere zegna blazer was worth $300 after shipping and taxes?  Was it like a 70s era?  He should have done a shipping calculator estimate before bidding.
 Was it you when you were drunk?
 They're in Chicago again?  I was there last year when they did that shit: ruining Millennium Park for us tourists.
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