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 Let's be honest, Trump is the first candidate since probably Bill Clinton who really represents poor whites.  Sanders is doing the same thing on the other side though his support is more limited to the young.  They're both offer very authoritarian solutions to the problems (real or perceived) to that group of people.Ultimately, on the Dem side, Hillary will be victorious because of the super delegates and the South, but because of the new rules the GOP introduced, they...
 Have you seen the 1960s Malibu vs 2010s Malibu video?
I hear you on that.
 By "normal" I meant where I get it serviced (I'm not Hroi who is on a first name basis with everyone at the local Porsche dealership).  It isn't anything special it is a previous gen Lexus GS 350.
My normal car dealer has emailed/mailed me five or six times in the past few weeks trying to get me to trade in my car because its trade in value is "at an all time high" and people are "looking for used cars just like it." I know people are looking for used cars like mine, I bought it used less than a year ago.  I also don't believe the trade value is at an all time high - that's now how used car pricing works on production cars. Well, now ebay is getting in on the...
 Yeah, that sucks.  Those new Mustangs look pretty sweet though, maybe you can upgrade.  You should probably go straight for the Shelby R too.
 Believe me, he'll build it.  Believe it.  Believe.
 Based on some of your other postings, I don't think you have the legs to pull off that dress.
Looking forward to the new website.  Looking to buy a couple new shirts, and being able to search fabrics more easily will definitely help.
I'm surprised brands haven't had eBay remove postings like similar to how they'll remove fakes.
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