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I think I've been to brainwashed by the good taste thread. This one will be the toughest in a long time I think.
The Nest was developed by former Apple guys. It is the same kind of Apple vs Android debate - Apple charges more for the cool factor.There are other programmable thermostats that offer more functionality than it and charge less, but such is life.
That's where the Nest doesn't make sense for us. We have a pretty regular schedule, and the thermostat is in a room that likely would lead to the autoaway feature activating too regularly.
Well, he hasn't posted in almost two weeks, which is longer than one of his usual benders, and his avatar is "time out"
How much longer is our resident Pennsylvanian legal expert in timeout for?
This one is my favorite: 5. Servers pour new iced tea into old iced tea that's watered down. If I wanted a glass of watery tea, I'd be home. It's not iced tea anymore if it's mostly water, is it?
Spring fabric isn't fair to those of us who live where it is still winter. :P
I always thought your name had a Germanic ring to it.
That's one of the main reasons I never enter these things. I don't have a good way to go about taking good photos most of the time. These days when I'm wearing something that I could enter, I am traveling.
Easter Sunday price cut.
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