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People tell me I'm boring a lot.  Oh well.
 Yes, but that's only because taller people make more.  Its just science.
 All Jews are bankers and lawyers.
I take payment in 40L Tom Ford.
Bernie Sanders is like Jesus, he's a cool Jew with lots of ideas on how to be better and take care of poor people. He got screwed over by his own people, and now his followers are a bunch of fucking assholes who have no idea what he stood for.
I wish we all had one homogenized culture and set of values everyone could agree on.  Can we get on that?  We need to get 300M+ people to just think exactly the same culturally.  Let's get rid of passive agressive people, as an example, not only could we get rid of undesirable Asians, we could deport every native-born Minnesooooooootan.
 Agreed.  Same with mine.  Though it just felt nice with the lease because then I had zero costs other than the lease payment.  When I went to get a new lease and they got rid of it though, I said screw it.  Let's face it, we're loss adverse.  When you're using to getting something and it goes away, we value the loss higher than if the situation had been reversed.
Who's speaking tonight?Michelle's speech was good?  The only bits I saw were of "Hillary is a good role model" type stuff.
Replacing the vinyl floor in my kitchen.  Had a contractor today who recommended against ceramic and instead going with a wood-look vinyl.  He said they are doing a lot of removals of ceramic for the stuff because the ceramic is so much harder and causes discomfort.  I'm not sure - I feel silly replacing vinyl with a newer vinyl product.  Also, it butts against a the original 50s oak floor, but with enough contrast I think it will be fine. Thoughts?  His reasoning is...
   The former-cop and soldier carry permit instructor I had claims it is because of adrenaline.  He claimed something like 80-90% of cops miss the first shot (and why any civilian will miss).  I find it suspect though.  I think it is a lack of training - that twice a year at the range isn't sufficient.
New Posts  All Forums: