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What does a waistcoat or cummerbund have to do with braces? You should always wear braces with a tux. Waistcoat or cummerbund is your choice. If you go waistcoat, go low-cut. The lapel doesn't really matter, but I would go waistcoat over cummerbund and cummerbund over nothing.
I agree with Nick. That coat is very versatile. You could do navy cords like the model has on, or dark brown chinos, or more "fun" colors such as dark red or hunter green. It could also be paired with jeans. Here again, BB does a bad job with the tie, picking a neat pattern better suited to suits. For shirts, I would go for oxfords or a winter/fall looking twill. You could also go for a heavier polo or something similar.
Biscotti doesn't have friends, does he? This is one elaborate trolling, right?
Lincs posts have some gems. His BA is probably better than most major league batters.
I actually really hate the pattern. To me it is made worse by the shirt and tie choice on the model.
They're trying to determine if they can just sleep with you for a better grade. Next time they move close, try winking at them.
Seemingly anonymous? Like we actually aren't?
There were some really nice examples here.
How about "Banned"?
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