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 I understand what's happening.  I'm saying as a salaried employee, I never had to input hours - obviously I was always over $23k.  The question is, does a person with a $45k salary now legally have to enter their hours?
How do you actually track it?  As a salaried employee, I have never been asked how many hours I work.  If I work 20 or 80,no one officially knows.  So why not just say something like "you can't go over 40 hours."  If they do, and they complain to the Department of Labor, you could say, "they were ordered not to go over 40 hours, and we were unaware of them actually ever doing so."
 If you weren't getting paid by the hour, that seems like a waste of time.  If adults need to be told that, it is probably too late for them.
I think the question he is asking: why not layoff those folks in say October and give the others the additional responsibility early.  Then you'd be saving their salary for two months.
I actually can't complain about the lawyers work with. In fact, I had to get their opinion about something recently and they gave me the thumbs up, and my engineers were saying that they were wrong, and the proposal would get us sued.
 You're a corporate lawyer: you only exist to ruin ideas and say things like "that's too risky."
Climbing mountain is good qualification for president. Edit: Apparently my image failed before...
Does quoting a website on logical fallacies constitute an appeal to authority fallacy?
You're right. I scrolled right past it. Surprising that he polls higher than "other" in a two person race. He also, unsurprisingly, takes evenly from the two.
They used to be all about safety and safety conscious customers. I think the problem is they have been muddled in their offerings and messaging over the last few years. I don't think the recession helped either. Their customer isn't the average luxury car shopper, and their base was probably hit harder than say MB or Porsche's customers.
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