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Maybe the beanbag chairs are why your back hurts. Then again it is probably the low T.
Maybe it is the lunchtime company.
I know your pain as someone who is 40L.
My new employer blocks all non-work webmail sites. WTF! I can Facebook and Stylefoum with impunity, but I would trade Facebook for Gmail in a heartbeat.
The Pumpkins have a new album out today.You're usin' a 286? Don't make me laughYour Windows boots up in what, a day and a half? [[SPOILER]]
Siding is almost done, and it looks great!
Comcast's cable packages/pricing models. We had just internet with Comcast, and the bill kept going up. We called, and they said they couldn't reduce our price, but if we added cable our price would go down. We did that, and cable hasn't been working. I called to complain, and I learned our cable package is for the basic broadcast channels plus QVC. No point in wasting any more time troubleshooting. How is it that my price goes down by adding stuff, and they have a...
I meant the actual delivery.
Until that gets stolen too.
I was in Des Moines for work a month ago, and I had egg roll mozzarella sticks at a place called Wong's Pizza. It was oddly good.
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