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In case anyone is interested, there is still an time to sign up for the Skully beta. They'll start picking people in February. http://t.co/w0CftxXtnQ
How has such an amazing jacket not been sold at this price?
My house is from the 50's, and there is some asbestos floor tiles, but that is it. Nothing in the walls.
I agree with Tim. I have double pleated suits, and while I prefer single pleat, there is nothing wrong with them on a suit.
Ugh, I caught wind of the sale a bit too late. It hit front page of slickdeals, and stuff started selling out quickly.
I doubt it is a cheapo sweater, but I don't know how old it is.
May I ask why? Is it a distaste for the fabric or that the fabric doesn't suit itself for an odd jacket?
45 degrees maybe?
Does that mean someone at JAB pays sales tax as if their suits were actually $1000+?
I can't speak to the size issue, but I bought a medium weight down alternative from Macy's, and it is very warm. It suffers from the same size issue though. To me the advantage of the down alternative is it seems you can get a high quality one of equal warmth for much less money .
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