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He can't afford furniture with all of his pink pants and John Lobb shoes and boots on a professor salary.
Pick them all up at once.
Tattoos and crazy piercings have always been a turn off for me.
I've been getting all kinds of thumbs-ups lately, but today I even got one from Bhowie.
Tough to say, but I think it is crazy to get 0% matching. My wife's current employer which sucks in just about every way when it comes to pay/benefits matches 50%. The company she will hopefully will have an offer from in the next couple of days gives 7% if you do 5%.
I don't know about that... my balancing may change over time, but it would be extraordinarily difficult times before I withdrew anything from my 401k or IRA funds.
You're both right. However, if I was in the same situation (and I am) I would invest my money in the stock market over paying off my mortgage faster. I don't know his investment time horizon, but mine is 40+ years. If I'm at 3.5% interest, I can write that off on my taxes (which if you assume a 100k married household income would be 25% federal plus state). If my interest rate was 6%+ I would probably pay down the loan.So again, you're both right - it depends on if you...
I thought it was 3. Split the baby in half.
I would invest. If you pay extra principal on the house, you get 3.25% guaranteed return (less the tax deduction). While the stock market isn't guaranteed, the historical returns indicate you will do better than 3.25%.
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