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 I'll give you my address and maybe you can ship me some pizza and giardinara.Stop microaggressing me with your cultural appropriation.  
 I don't disagree.  It is a friendly park, but that doesn't mean they're not insufferable.  I will give most of them credit, at least they stick by their team even in bad seasons.
 Per five thirty eight, there's a <1% chance he'll get electoral votes and the election will go to the House which could give ol' Gary the W.  You're probably half-right.
I grew up in a town of asshole Cubs fans. I want to see them keep suffering.
I read it that way too, but I think he is referring to house prices because no senior engineer at Amazon is making anything approaching seven figures with stock unless that have 10 years worth.
I'll miss the Midwest though not the MN cold. I'd take all the Lake Michigan snow over the cold.Perhaps I'll move to one of Raleigh's suburbs for displaced Yankees to keep the connection alive.
Come on SF.  I can't deal with all the Cubs fans if they win it.
After some negotiation, signed my job offer today.  Negotiations got me a few extra dollars in base and signing bonus - only negotiated because I had nothing to lose, so that was a nice little bonus.
Previously long lost footage turned into emoji form:
 What if the fat kid doesn't have black neighbors?
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