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Well, it's settled. Sugarbutch's wife is cucking him.
 Mrs. BC only travels for two or three days at a time: I'm not 18 anymore.
Which one did you think you were getting?  The TK?
I was just thinking about this... my wife travels about once a month.  Maybe I could just hire the cleaning lady to come on one of the days she's gone.  Then I get all the credit for cleaning while she's gone.
 I'll paypal you to ship them to my house.
Isn't it obvious?  For all of his sweet talk about Pio, you know he really has a soft spot for you.
 Have you read any of his posts over the last few years?  He gets worked up over everything.  That's the only reason he's fun to have around these parts.
You mean the LA Rams?
Why did you get HR involved?  Snitches get stitches.
Soon California will secede, so there will be a nice border wall to protect us.
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