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 The con is you have to have a sous vide machine (which I don't).  I have had absolutely zero problem getting medium rare throughout with a nice crust though.  I typically am making a tenderloin or rib roast rather than individual steaks though. Kenji also just posted an article about the fat flash: 
 I always worked in one of the southern suburbs, but there's also plenty of employers in the Plymouth/Golden Valley area too.  Plus if you did work downtown, you could always pay to use the carpool lane.
I went to update Adobe Flash, but Firefox blocked the download because my version of flash is out of date.
 I use Kenji's reverse sear method.
 As someone who has lived in MN, I'm about to commit blasphemy, but I don't care if I make baby Prince cry.
Picked up some flank steak.  I haven't had it in a long time, but it really turned out great.  First was rolled with an ginger and scallion filling and a teriyaki glaze.  The second was a bloody mary marinade which then I reduced into a sauce.  Still have a bit of meat left going to do a pistachio pesto recipe probably.
@otc   Personally though, I'd go for Lake Minnetonka if I was going for lake living in the Twin Cities, but that's because I hate driving through...
I have done marble look quartz, and I will probably do it again. It is more maintenance/less durable. There are people who can tell the difference, but there are really good examples that I can't tell the difference (or wouldn't notice the difference if you didn't tell me it was quartz.Cambria and Silestone both have nice options. Cambria will probably be more expensive, but it sounds like they have stricter standards for fabricators/installers. I have seen pictures where...
Make sure you ask about the rollover explicitly you know for the other 1% of us who can't afford a good CPA.
South Minneapolis schools are good but not uniform. If you're living in that priced house you are either sending to private or one of the charter schools.Always funny because I lived near Holy Angels, and people would pay $20k/yr/kid and then still live in the best public school district in the area.
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