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I thought the Yankees just bought players in free agency. Have they had anyone come up through the farm system?
I am lame, but I didn't know I was Republican. Good to know.
Last year I was driving down a residential road where there was a Lamborghini parked perpendicular to the two lane street completely blocking traffic while the driver was standing around talking to someone. This is in a neighborhood where the median house price is probably about about 2/3 of the car new. I concluded from that scientific study that all Lamborghini drivers are douches.
I don't get this trend in paying taxes/tickets/whatever in pennies/dollars/other low-denomination currency. Sure it is a pain in the ass for the clerk to count it, but you have to sit there and waste your time while they count it. Plus, you're relying on a minimum wage government employee to be able to count properly.
Change of venue. What am I paying you for?
I agree. Although, I do enjoy the occasional velveeta.If I killed someone for making chili that way, do you think you could get me off with some kind of affirmative defense?
I can't wait for the Brewers to take a 20 game lead in the NL Central to blow it in the second half somehow.
People put cinnamon in chili? WTF!?
I hear you can buy a pair of shoes with that savings.Edit: It appears people beat me to the joak.
Hate speech isn't protected, bro. Nor is libel. Although, a place that doesn't put beans in chili probably does suck.
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