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I don't understand this rationale either.  At the end of the day, you're typically buying a car to drive to work/wherever.  Let's say you buy a  $30k car with 0% interest, so you pay $30k over five years.  Then you go sell it for $10k and buy a new one, so you've spent $20k over 5 years, which is $4000/yr on a car.Now let's say you lease a $30k car with a residual of 58%, your lease payment is $367/mo, you pay $13,197 over three years, which is $4400/yr on a car. In this...
Ron Paul did win a uprising number of delegates though - 154 which was 3rd most.
 I don't care either.  It was more of a commentary on the stupidity of how SCOTUS changes the meaning of interstate commerce to fit their needs.They're about as delusional as Ron Paul fans.
If growing wheat on your own property for your own consumption is interstate commerce, I don't see how compiling voting records and mailing them (buying stamps, envelopes, etc is a commercial activity) isn't commerce.
Sorry, we can't release some of Hillary's emails as part of your FOIA request because they're too classified.     http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/30/us/politics/22-clinton-emails-deemed-too-classified-to-be-made-public.html?_r=0
 Presumably he's an at-will employee, so they can fire him for no reason at all.  There was a kerfuffle because the first guy in CO to buy legal weed was on TV, so his employer fired him.  They reinstated him after public backlash, but I'm sure he's been since fired again.
 Give me all of your money and assets.  I'll lend them back to you at so you have no assets.
If you were part of the problem, prices would be coming down.
 You're banned from saying you're from WI.
The uniform looks good, but TC being the best logo in baseball?  Setting aside the fact that the American League doesn't play baseball, I don't think it is the best.
New Posts  All Forums: