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Because money doesn't buy taste.
Can confirm, am white and get stopped literally 80% of the time I fly.  I haven't had a trip where I haven't been stopped before at least one of the flights since I started flying regularly.  In the process of signing up for Global Entry now to hopefully cut down on some of that.
I don't like any of those things (except for the good news about ol' Linksy).
and Magic the Gathering.
 You don't need to share your experience as a fluffer.
Too much red, IMO.  I think the multiple tones of red amplify the effect.
All I can say on Harambe:  
 I'm shocked!  Here, I thought paying taxes was patriotic and people just line up to pay more taxes.
Damn it, LD, stop shilling for Hillary.  The foreigners are sick of it.
 Careful, you might bring Nick into this thread.
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