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What is going on in this thread?
 So if I look at the picture, I can see the very center is rare, the next ring is medium rare, then you have the edge that has a nice crust.  When I did this, everything but that mm or so where the crust is formed, is all medium rare - completely uniform in temp.Here's an example using a tenderloin:http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/12/the-food-lab-reverse-sear-beef-tenderloin-filet-mignon.html
 I agree.  However, Qdoba stopped steaming their burrito shells, which leads to a different flavor that isn't as good.Have you ever tried Moe's?  They have a crunchwrap supreme that is amazing, but it seems the one by us just closed.
Marriott sent me an email with "reservation worthy" restaurants. They were in MY, Miami, and STL. Why are they doing this?
Tried my first reverse sear steak last night. It turned out amazing. Made a porcini gravy to go with. On another food related note, Qdoba now has soft corn tortilla shells and cotija cheese for their tacos.
 It is definitely trimmer than the Milano.  The rise is a bit shorter too.
 The knowledge that she can never be that low again.  Plus she might learn to not make decisions while emotional.
 If that doesn't work, go for the sympathy sex to help the grieving process.  Prepare to crash the funeral.
I forgot to include in my response rant.  We had an open rec for a new college grad position to take over a bunch of the crappy, tedious work, but my manager was too slow in getting filled and the company has gone ahead with a hiring freeze for the rest of the year.  I don't know which is worse - I guess your situation because at least there is certainty that I'm not getting help. Meanwhile I have a coworker, who I have to help with basic Excel functions.  She can't even...
 Tell her "this is a place of business.  If you can't control your emotions, please leave."  That should help.
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