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 How does a lawyer not have to show up?  That seems like some kind of ethical breach. @lawyerdad
 There's one for a outdoor grill.  I'm thinking of replacing half the deck with a three season porch and using the line for a fireplace.  We close on the house in a few weeks.  The architecht is coming out after Christmas to look at the place.  I want to reconfigure the kitchen a bit, there is a large unfinished space I want to build out, and then the outdoor space a screened porch or something.  These projects will probably take place over a long period of time - I'm not...
The letter was signed in rage and kindness.
The headlines on FB I saw were saying the opposite though - some smaller counties having 75% turnout when the average is only like 40%
Thanks guys.  It confirms what I thought.  I'll try going to a kitchen showroom to checkout induction, but my gut is to run a gas line.  I want to do the same to the laundry room, which is just off the kitchen, for the dryer.  It has gas for the furnace and water heater, so it is just a matter of running new lines through the house.
 I don't know the specifics either because quite honestly, I don't give a shit, and the only places I'm seeing it are on FB from people who just spam bullshit articles all day.
My WI friends are going nuts at the moment over alleged voter/election fraud in WI.  Pretty funny seeing they're some of the most ardent opponents of any kind of measures to cut down on voter fraud.
 Turkey is cheaper than chicken?  I can normally get chicken breasts for $2/lb, and dark meat/whole birds for $1/lb and except for Thanksgiving Turkey is normally $3-4/lb.  I love turkey.  Perhaps because it is rare, and I have almost always had a tasty turkey.  Since I have been doing Thanksgiving for the last 6 years, I smoke the turkey, and it doesn't last. Ham on the other-hand... I'll just go hungry.
 For health, they only do carrier insights.  There are about 20 or so diseases they let you know if you're a carrier.  If you are a carrier, I'm sure you could dig in deeper to see if you have both variants to put you at risk for the particular disease.
My wife just got her results today.  I did mine over the summer.  I really like knowing: it would be interesting to get her brother to do it too, so she can get the paternal haplogroup and such.
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