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Well there is the source of confusion. When I said "your office" I meant the corporate office not your personal office. Some of us styleforum smalltimers don't have an office.
That's fair. I guess I always have done them online or had an HR person call to setup an interview and fill out the basic stuff that might not have been captured during the application process.
You have people come into your office to fill out an application?I see this not only with people looking for a job but sales people too. I was sitting in a lobby waiting for someone the other day, and there were sales people loudly talking about all kinds of stuff I wouldn't talk about in front of a client.
I just had a contractor come by to give me an estimate for residing the house in Hardieboard. The guy was professional and punctual which is a good sign. They have quite a few references and I've seen some of their work on places like houzz.com. Does anyone have any recommendations for siding besides Hardieboard? Is there better fiber cement out there? Should I be looking at something else for siding in the same price range?
Your accent could be worse - it could Minnesotan.
^ Also, quite frankly, most employers don't fire their employees over such an issue (or even suspend them). Sure if you have background checks it could happen, or it disrupts work, or if you are an executive and it is going to make the company look bad... I try to avoid all sports/celebrity related crap because I don't care. If I want to watch sports people sports, I don't care what they're doing when not sportsing.
Would you get a referral fee for any other reference?
My barber has always been cash only. He also charged me full price to simply tidy up the back of the neck and sides the other day.
The jacket looks fine - it isn't what I would have gone with though. That being said, the pants should have a higher rise with that jacket and they shouldn't be as slim. The shirt showing is less than ideal.
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