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That's for Linc isn't it?
How can everyone register theirname.com?
Was the gay barber better? Asking for a friend.
A lot of times it is based on the person who cuts your hair. Many places they are basically independent contractors who share space.
Like the draft for the Civil War? I think that's legit. You should consult an attorney though.Really? I always agreed with their position about Kim Jung Un being the sexiest man alive.Edit: Too late on that one.
That does suck. I had a woman who stopped at a yield sign. She started to go, and I let off the brake while looking to follow her. She immediately stopped, and so I hit her going Edit: She also parked on the highway exit ramp which prevented people from going around and called the cops. The cop showed up and was just like "you shouldn't have called us" and left.
What does our favorite St Louisian say about this:http://www.theonion.com/article/st-louis-rams-threaten-leave-town-unless-taxpayers-51109
http://www.us-mattress.com/I bought mine there, and saved $500 off the one I wanted. Plus it came with a tiny tear, so they offered to replace it or give me $100. I chose the $100.They're very helpful via email too. They can tell you what model matches whatever you have looked at (because every mattress store has a different model name for the same damn thing).
I will say that some of the Audis we drove started beeping the second the car turned on (not just in gear). Still, just put the damn seatbelt on.
I don't care about rear passenger space but I do care about cargo space - I rather see a car like that without rear seats and a larger trunk.
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