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It was a high of -1 yesterday without the windchill.
I come to styleforum for my news.
Which is worse? Kira posts or Ed just posting multiple quotes from Kira? We can't ban Kira though; this way I'm always safe from being the worst poaster.
The judge looked more like Judge Mills Lane.
Here I thought you were going to say Georgia (a jab at Edina and the others).
I once took my landlord to small claims court. It seemed pretty simple to me, state law requires landlords to give you notice if they are going to withhold part of the deposit. They didn't, so I sued for my deposit back. Not only couldn't they prove they had sent notice, the "proof" (an invoice) they had the wrong address on it. The judge ruled in their favor because well they had an invoice with my name on it.
Find one 1-5 years old. Whatever you think you can get the best deal on. If you buy them used, they don't depreciate that much because they're so common for a first bike.
This thread died now that pio has his new car and GF is car-less.
^ Always nice when that kind of thing works out in your favor.
What do you need cell signal for in the bathroom? Just use the corporate wifi - don't waste your data.
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