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Milano and red fleece are different fits. The Red Fleece are much slimmer through the legs
Phone trees. This is especially annoying when they have a really long intro. I just called a company that had 2 minutes worth of information that was relevant to why I was calling before I could even select the option I wanted.
This season of Justified is awesome.
Vanguard.I'm willing to re-balance my portfolio or move to different funds over time, but I don't want to betting on individual stocks quite yet.
I'm rolling over my 401k from a former employer to an IRA and looking for some fund advice. I'm going to go with Vanguard. My current 401k, which I invest 10% of my income in, is at Fidelity and is mixed between their large-cap (80%) and mid-cap (20%) index funds. I also have a Roth IRA that is primarily invested in precious metals and minerals (and that I continue to purchase). Is there a preference for ETF vs. mutual funds? I am rolling over enough to get Admiral...
Yeah, that was probably Linc.
Eastern Wisconsin is #1 Wisconsin.
I'm from Wisconsin, and no one called it pop. Everyone here in MN does, and it makes me think less of them.
I have seen a fair amount of motorcyclists out the last couple days as we have been getting above 50. It makes me want to do so, but with all the salt, sand, and other grime, there is no chance.
We can't have icky images on such high-class fora
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