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Incan, just accept that those of us in flyover country just can't be as cultured or important as our betters on the coasts.
Maybe there will be a year or two strike like Minneapolis.
So far so good. I love the 1911. I should have cleaned it before taking it to the range for the first time because the first couple of rounds had a bit of an issue ejecting - a lot of friction on the slide. After that, I haven't had a single issue. Very accurate and the wife is a pretty good shot with it too. Is the carry version just an inch shorter? Or is there something else?
The intertubes being down.
I don't know if it is different than before, but here is the fabric info from Filson's site:Made from 22-oz. 100% cotton oil finish Rugged Twill with 100% Genuine Bridle Leather.
The 60% off clearance explains why they removed a bunch of stuff from the clearance section.
So you were a phone rep?
I'm right there with you. It is very brand specific - I'm a 40L in BB's fitzgerald cut, but other longs are 32" BOC which is too long, and a 40R will be 29.5"
I'm not a doctor, but I did watch House, so I can say they can't prescribe to themselves.
^ I don't get that either. I also don't get how expensive Disney World is. It is like $100/person now.
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