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Sure. My point was more "I would avoid pinstripes, chalkstripes, etc." To me herringbone is a solid, it is just a a different weave with a solid color cloth.
I would specify a solid suit if possible. Also, I might avoid striped ties. Stripes have business connotations in my mind (particularly a pinstripe suit).
That's what I thought. Enjoy those nice looking shirts.
Great colors. In the picture, it seems the collar is buttoning weird. Is it just the photo or just from shipping?
I'm surprised to hear that about Silestone. We were looking at different quartz and man-made countertops like Corian, and there was no mention of sizing restrictions on any of the ones we looked at. Granite would probably be the last surface I would ever do. They are almost always super busy, and to me quartz to me is an improvement in most aspects (less maintenance, etc).
It is probably a mid 90s suit based on the lapels/gorge.
In case anyone is interested, there is still an time to sign up for the Skully beta. They'll start picking people in February. http://t.co/w0CftxXtnQ
How has such an amazing jacket not been sold at this price?
My house is from the 50's, and there is some asbestos floor tiles, but that is it. Nothing in the walls.
I agree with Tim. I have double pleated suits, and while I prefer single pleat, there is nothing wrong with them on a suit.
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