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Just pour yourself a drink and relax.
Even if it was real, that guy is a fucking idiot.  A 10% chance APPL drops below $100?  He's delusional at best.
 Services are using it more.  I know it is even getting into the legal sector (or at least other continuous improvement methodologies).
Why is stealing signals cheating?  In baseball, it is encouraged to steal signals (catchers or coaches). 
 Except you're getting all those bugs and crud from other people's houses.  Is her vacuum even using protection?
Even before it was co-opted for the current usage, I don't think many people used it right.
 Link knows Milwaukee though.
I'm surprised idfl, who never lets his contractors get the best of him, is letting his cleaning lady cuck him so hard.
Which one do you have?  Our current vaccum isn't great on hardwood floors (it seemed fine in our last house though), and our whole first floor is hardwood.  I was thinking about a Neato because I've read cool things about those.  For the Roombas, I think I'd have to do an 8x0 or 9x0.
 As long as you own it, you're still being cucked.
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