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Don't worry. They will just build them here. They are all doing it anyway. Plus they'll probably get tax credits for foreign investments and creating jobs.Trump's policies are going to destroy American companies while creating a lot of middle class jobs. Every other country in the world doesn't double tax foreign income so that profit in us expansion will all go back of the country.
Sucks to have to work on a holiday.
Lord Suburb's avatar is on point for his advice.
Looking for some new dining room chairs.  They'll go with a rectangular glass table.  I think I want to avoid modern looking examples because the house isn't modern, and we already have a couple other MSM pieces. Ideas on makers/designs? A few that I'm leaning towards:         Edit: In before the 80s are dead and glass tables should be gone with it.
Just when you thought this thread couldn't get lower...
I was completely wrong on troops: I thought it was a more mild decline, and for the criminals deported, I ended in the right place, but I didn't have nearly the spike.  I was pretty close on the rest.
I normally shower twice a day.
 Styleforum: the only place I have ever been accused of being a liberal.
 The problem is we let them have their own thread.  Then they saw the comment economy was better over here, so they crossed the border. 
The Packers are going to give you dat 7:1 when they win the Supabowl.
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