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Did you at least get second base?
There's always Johnson.
In America, all American companies are evil.
 From an evil American company.
 So unions are upset that Ford didn't build a plant even after getting a promise of almost $1B in subsidies?  The rest of Canada should be happy.  Even assuming 1000 employees for the new plant (which is the peak level per plant), that's $1M/job.  $2M if we use current employment levels.
He posted in the folded up shirt porn thread yesterday.
 Don't try to correct his racist ramblings with facts.
I have some money in a precious metals and materials fund.  It is always either wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up up wayyyyyyyyyyyy down.  I'm up 110% this year, but last year, but it is currently 40% of what it was 5 years ago.
100% stocks FTW.
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