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No where near spring today. -10 when I drove to work this morning (that's without windchill).
In case you're not aware, generally HD will accept Lowe's coupon if there is something there you want.I generally prefer Lowe's though. I have a Menards and two HD within 5 minutes of me, but I find myself driving the 15 minutes to Lowe's.
For the most part, going up in price for fabrics will result in finer fabrics or something with some cashmere or silk or whatever. All things being equal those fabrics will wear out faster - finer fabrics generally sacrifice durability. I would go for something that is going to hold up well (probably S100-120) from a good maker in a basic pattern (solid navy or charcoal). I also don't think for your first suit a fully hand-stitched option is worth it. Spend the extra...
Apparently a section of cubes lost power as all of the affected battery backup alarms keep blaring.
One year the state mailed me the wrong check value - something like $20 instead of $120. They paid me interest at something like 8%.I don't know. Diminishing returns and all. How many have you had today already?
The weather forecast called for a low of 1, but it is currently -10 before windchill.Then they're doing something wrong. I grew up in a union family too (at least on one side of the family), and we didn't live in a shack, we had new cars every 3-5 years, typically, and we went on two vacations every year. Was it mcmansions, MB cars, and luxurious, exotic locales? No, but somewhere in between.
Be honest, they'll be the second to go. Lit support people and doc review attorneys will be first - they are already being outsourced or replaced by technology as fast as the state bar associations allow it.
I think harvy has well established he is happy being a rent seeker.
I agree on the intern, but I don't understand the bolded. Why do I need to be in the office for 8+ hours/day if I get my shit done?
I'm still torn on the part-time program. That is how I did my MBA. My employer paid for part of it, and I actually TAed and was involved in other school activities while I was going, but when I graduated, my employer didn't seem eager to promote me, and I found it hard to change industries/functions because I didn't have any experience. I felt like the full-time program got the focus of the career center, and with internships in the target field/industry, it made it...
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