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 First, despite your simplistic world view, Randian Objectivism isn't one in the same as libertarianism.  Also, neither Johnson nor Weld pass any kind of libertarian purity test.  As an example, Weld is a big proponent of gun control. I agree that there is no purity litmus test this time around.  Although I would argue most Democrats are actually very pro-war, they just don't talk about it because a big part of their electorate is anti-war. It is probably good for the...
Good to see others getting some exposure.  Fully prepared for nothing even resembling a libertarian answer from Johnson/Weld though.
 You post that like once a month.
 With 6 days to go, I'll bet it clears $600.  Probably $700ish final price.  Plus it has a long enough inseam us tall guys can bid on it. 
But I had dibs.  Does dibs mean nothing anymore?
Guys, what did I tell you about that RLPL 3 piece?  There are 6 days left, and it is already over $200?  Come on.
 I learned it all from Law & Order, so I feel qualified to be a lawyer and a detective.
 I think that will almost always be the case.  Shooters and sports games always seem to be the first to improve, and for the most part it is because that's all the differentiation there is between each yearly release.  Sure they add a new feature or improve controls a bit, but it is mostly about better graphics. Meanwhile RPGs and platform type games focus more on story, etc. The industry is likely improving for two or three reasons: 1. Maturing market.  The market is...
 They don't have agency, obviously.
Manhunt was creepy and weird, but I played it as a teenager, and it certainly didn't turn me into a killer.  It is just a paternalistic worrying - they freaked out over Bully because it was GTA for kids or whatever, but it was really tame.
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