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Today is a new low in my life. I got compared to AY. By all means though, keep spending money on Zicam. If you want, I can sell you some stuff to help with that low-T.
At best there is one study that shows some minor benefit of taking zinc immediately at the onset of a cold. If you actually believed that though, you would just go buy zinc supplements at a fraction of the price. You're experiencing the placebo effect.Mayo Clinic: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/common-cold/in-depth/cold-remedies/art-20046403Consumer Reports:...
No, this is the stuff your dumb friends post.
Lol at people taking zicam. I can't take either of you seriously anymore.
I also wish crime dramas would be more episodic. Law & Order, as an example, spent 95% of the time focusing on the case, but then it turned into this long running focus on the personal problems of the main characters. The spin-off series are worse.
I would drive the Bentley, you know, if I was forced to.
You're crazy. Boardwalk Empire was a great show, and there wasn't really a spot where I was bored or found it a chore. In fairness, I did essentially just watch the whole show in about two months.Agreed about Breaking Bad. The last complete season of Mad Men was rough, IMO. Layne dying was a turning point for me.The ending was great: definitely tortured route to get there.I don't know. To me, everything wrapped up a little too neatly (and cheesy) in SoA. There were...
I'm sure spoo supports you all setting bids 'beyond reason' for everything.
+1 the show really needs to conclude. FX tends to do a pretty good job of ending a series at the right place.
I think this is another euphemism such as "talking to Christ."
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