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The ETOs of the world already don't look kindly at me, so I've got nothing left to lose!
I find it pretty terrifying the President has the power to negotiate special tax privileges without a vote in Congress, but now that an R is in charge, we'll see everyone flip flop on whether there is too much executive power.  Suddenly suited things this is okay and ethan thinks the executive branch is too strong. It would be so much easier to just be a partisan than an ideologue.
 Maybe.  I would wonder how safe my job is if the President has to intervene to save it.  That doesn't seem like a sustainable thing.Also, that is a stupid emotional argument to the question "is it good policy to have the POTUS negotiating to not close individual factories or offices or even to save a group of workers at a given office?"What if that factory relocation had been from Indiana to Alabama?  Those 1000 people would still have lost their job, but we wouldn't be...
 I think that's about the only way to get fired in any industry today.  My last two employers were notorious for not firing anyone except for not showing up.  Heck, they barely ever put people on PIP so they could fire them.  There was always a running joke about how it is impossible to get fired at employer x.
 You're the man.  The site was great, and I agree with what you're saying about prewar homes and the patina that can't really be duplicated.
That's certainly true, but I rather he be on domestic policy.
Why are president elects negotiating to save 1000 jobs? But I do wish Romney would be considered for something other than state. He'll do fine: I like the guy and he's a class act, but would have preferred something like Commerce.
Basically. They did it to avoid being forced to pay out. Managers were supposed to track, but there was no hr system.That's what the data shows, but I feel no guilt, and my team is small and managed independent products, so nothing to feel guilty about.
 Trade with China, Japan and NAFTA have all greatly improved the life of the average American.  While it gets thrown around that real wages are stagnant despite increases in productivity, that's because our non-wage compensation is becoming a larger part of our total compensation.  When you control for that, the picture looks much better: While the first part may be true, there is no evidence he is going to actually do the second.  I mean, look at the people he's picking...
I'm sure you'll find yourself on the receiving end of all sorts of inspections, tickets, etc after that stunt.
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