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Anyone have good luck cleaning the edges of their Eagle Country boots? Also, I know I've asked this before (but never got a very good answer), but what about the polishing the cronmok? AE's website says they shouldn't be polished.
Yes? I mean one of those cups is like 20oz. I normally have one cup with my meal then refill when I leave, so if I fill it with ice, it probably winds up being about 20 oz of soda total. Also, I almost always get tea which tends to be luke warm, so it needs a lot of ice to cool it.
I don't think I'd take anything of value to Brazil, especially Sao Paulo.
I do it so I drink less soda.
Not really a man....Spoo always has such short consignors. Where are the 32+" inseams?
With adblock, you can tune it. If I'm not mistaken you can remove ads from certain pages only or only certain ads.For me, the ones that get me the most are news sites that do auto-play videos for the articles I go to read.
Auto-play videos are the worst.
Same with polishing shoes for me. I enjoy a movie or some television and it is a pretty good use of my time.This is the same as many technical jobs. When I was still an engineer, almost always people who listed themselves as an expert for certain skills were awful. The guys that were humble were always the stronger candidates because they knew enough to know how little they knew.I don't even know what "expert" in Excel means though. I write macros, and I'm pretty good...
We were talking about people sitting on a car..... https://instagram.com/p/1pPpHzvjtr/
Get a room you two.
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