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I know ed likes to talk about how bad the Braves are, but the Twins are a special kind of awful.  They give up a 2 out walk in the 15th, so the Nationals pinch hit with a pitcher.  The Twins give up the stolen base - the pitcher didn't even look at the runner, and a good throw still might have got him.  Then the pitcher BUNTS, and the catcher airmails the ball down the line allowing the runner to score.
That RRL shearling is pure awesome.
 Samsung Gear VR.  It was listed for $80 with free shipping.
   Thanks guys.  I'm just using the mobile website vs the app, and it just says "sold item" not "paid-ship now" I'm thinking about reporting the buyer (not that it will do anything). 
 You can't count your country's backwards sales tax.  I think they lease fairly well though.  When we were shopping last year, my wife was interested in a mini, and after doing some research, I found she could lease one for less than buying a used one, but she also gets an employer based discount that stacks with all other discounts/promotions they have ongoing.
For assault and perjury?  Probably not, but I can't imagine the bail would be very high.
Weird question, but I just sold my first item on eBay.  On mobile how do you check if the buyer has paid?  In the "item has sold" email, there's a link to "check payment status" but it doesn't actually show me anything.  Just what it sold for. Also, what do you guys think... this buyer seems really weird.  Brand new eBay account with no feedback.  He does a best offer for the BIN price (4 hours after it is listed).  Now he emails me and tells me that he paid for the item...
I'm a winner. No Mr big stuff because spoo refused to sell me those shearling coats for $100
The countryman is the most comical.  It looks like it can't decide if it is a sedan or SUV.
 That was pretty amazing.  I know it is rare, but I don't know how a pitcher even lets that be close.  He had a huge lead, and the pitcher was going from the windup.
New Posts  All Forums: