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 We don't.  We're just here for the pB show.  You're letting us down.
I just want the get out of jail free card from the community chest.
 No, of course not.  I had to use the government email servers.  I don't disagree that if I was SoS, I would have gotten away with it too.  I just don't want to see any SoS get away with it.  I don't like when rules are applied differently to the ruling class.  I don't care who it is, I just want rules being enforced consistently.  Partisanship will never let that happen though.
But Wall St will rally.
I believe I'm going to live forever in a sexy robot body, but maybe I just spent too much time talking to @Harold falcon before he went AWOL.
 My big objection to the whole situation is quite simply this: I had secret clearance at one point.  If I had done what she did, they would have fired me and prevented me from getting secret clearance again, which would limit the jobs I could take.  While Hillary quit before she could get fired, these lapses won't prevent her from taking a job that gives her access to even more classified information including the most top secret information.
 There's nothing wrong with targeting tree huggers: in fact, it was probably necessary.  But that market is tapped: Toyota just dominated that space.  Why do all these companies try to fight in that space when there is so much white space.  I rather go into a market with a product with a unique value proposition rather than enter a space with another me too product.  Almost all the electric vehicles are small, "unique" design that don't target the average car shopper.I...
 Does Hillary actually believe anything?  Or does she just say whatever her audience wants to hear and is more deft than Trump?
 My wife has a friend from law school who grew up in IL.  I convinced her that everyone outside of IL referred to them as Illinesians.I think we can all agree that this discredits your taste.
 No, you get charged sales tax no matter where your online transaction takes place these days.
New Posts  All Forums: