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I never thought I'd say this, but I agree with yuppie. I would have no problem in either of those scenarios putting it back.
BH, he has valuable posts in the motorcycle thread.
I bought the navy cronmoks the other day, and I have two questions. Looking in AE's website, they recommend "natural" edge dressing. I don't see natural on their website, but I do see neutral. Should I go for that? They also recommend not polishing them? It seems they want me to just use leather conditioner and saddle soap? I have the cronmoks in tan, and I have always just used a neutral polish. Should I really avoid using polish on cronmoks?
Aren't they graded on a curve? Can you really fail a large number of students?
https://www.hiltonhhonors.com/processlanding/processlanding/?lp=delta&WT.mc_id=zEMG0AA1HN2OLF3PtnrAH4BNI1004x5DeltaMQMI found this in my email from last week. It might be cheaper than flying. You just need to make sure that Delta is your double dip choice with Hilton.
I think you can buy some MQMs or use the Delta shopping partners.
Maybe the beanbag chairs are why your back hurts. Then again it is probably the low T.
Maybe it is the lunchtime company.
I know your pain as someone who is 40L.
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