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That's because you don't need your appliances for making martinis.Was that broken-down dishwasher one of your satisfactory CL purchases?
The one time I shot a ppk was a range rental. It was great until it jammed. Damn thing took a lifetime to clear. Made me hesitant to trust it in a life-threatening situation. Although I do love it otherwise.
Is there a reason I should go to Philly?
Coming from a man who uses irregardless?
I'd return it. She'd never bug you again about such things.
Ah living in a state with open carry, maybe the only good thing about MN. If someone actually called the cops on you, there wouldn't be anything they could do anyway.
Just a good-natured jab about all the pissed off threads about moving.
This is the happy thread, not the disappointment thread (aka Biscotti's thread).
Are you sure it isn't the charitable organization? They really started gaining popularity in the 60's.
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