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I'm pretty sure Greece is the least concerned about Greece.
You're right - they totally seem like they will fix the slight flaw and lead to a better customer experience in the future.
I wish I had the picture I took from my seat on my last flight - it was a window completely blocked by an engine. One day I'll be move up in the world.
Thickness and crunch were good. One bag was worse than the other. Maybe I just got one bad bag.
I tried Boulder Canyon Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt chips. Okay at best. They seemed really inconsistently flavored. Some just tasted really vinegary, some had a decent malt vinegar flavor, and others just tasted plain.
Sometimes just cleaning the igniter area is enough, otherwise it will probably need to be replaced.
Borderline CESpool, but my feed is already filled with political crap about this shooting in South Carolina. Stop trying to score political points on the back of every tragedy ever.
Should a Dutch Calvinist such as yourself be using the Lord's name in vain either in text or in your mente?
Don't you work in academic research (I always assumed lasers for some reason)? Perhaps they were some of those that were stealing intellectual property to send back to China.
My big problem with the movie was that no weapons damaged the big dino. You would think people armed to take down a T-rex could do at least something to slow one down.
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