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Seemingly anonymous? Like we actually aren't?
There were some really nice examples here.
How about "Banned"?
Don't wear a black sweater with this. Do you have to wear black pants?
I got an email from a coworker, who then called me on my cell to read me the email he just sent me. This happens every time I get an email from him.
At least one class period every semester in high school, the department chair would show up. So perhaps you have to retake it in college because you didn't show up in high school.Also, why do I care about department chairs showing up to a super easy math class? My harder math classes were taught by the department chair or more senior faculty.Nice ninja edit btw.
Pre-calc? Are you in high school?
Wastn't it also a Bad Religion album?
That's because you don't need your appliances for making martinis.Was that broken-down dishwasher one of your satisfactory CL purchases?
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