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 Well, start charging people for that advise.  Oddly, that will probably make more people listen.
How would you profit from it?  If you're talking about the hobo (or fake hobo) at the freeway exit begging for change, unlikely.  If you're getting a scholarship or grant or job, then yes because you're committing fraud, and typically there are legal papers being filled out*.*This doesn't constitution legal advice, as I'm not an attorney, so you should probably hire one of our resident attorneys to advise you. Edit: It looks like Congress passed the Stolen Valor Act of...
 That's even more crazy because the Stolen Valor Act was ruled unconstitutional, so you can go buy a Medal of Honor, wear it and tell everyone what you did to earn it, and there are no legal consequences.  If you're in the military, they can surely punish you under Article 134 of the UMCJ (this is for in uniform or civilian clothes). You can be dishonorably discharged and face up to 6 months in the brig for such an offense. A dude got caught doing just that at a UNC...
 I think it is trying to impress people who can't tell they are a fraud.  In college, I worked with a guy who was a pathological liar and just couldn't help himself.  He was talking to a customer one day who was a Vietnam veteran, and he proceeded to say "oh me too."  Then when the guy asked him about what unit he was in, etc, he couldn't answer.  It was totally bizarre, but he did that on all kinds of things.  When he learned I was studying computer engineering, he would...
 Hey, this is a big step for pB, he was momentarily excited to leave NYC.  This has never happened before.
 In the CESpool, of course not.  That goes in the "what did you eat last night" thread.
 Or the CESpool.  Dealer's choice.
 No one could confuse the two.
That's just funny. Who would be more entertaining in ce? Angry bird (not to be confused with our missing legal falcon) or captain cuck?
   Typically, these are for new cars.  A Range Rover that goes for $60-70k here in the US might go for $200k in China.  Jaguar wants to protect that pricing in China, so they penalize American dealers for selling cars that end up overseas.  Jaguar is the strictest with the rules and puts a cap of something like 3%, so if more than 3% of what a dealer sells ends up overseas they get penalized.  That means that dealers will blacklist people who are straw buyers.
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