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The lolz
You can try one of those Tide sticks or wipes. Have had success.
^ Doesn't sound like fraud so much as terrible decision making/priorities.
I wish the Vikings would have left Minnesota. It would have been a lot cheaper than building them a new stadium.
Comcast. Last week they put my modem on the "end of life" list. That means it still works but not officially supported. When I called with internet problems, all they told me was that I should upgrade my modem. Did that, and it didn't fix the issues. It also took 2 hours on the phone to get the new modem even working intermittently due to the connection constantly going down.
Speak truth to power or something like that.
Incan, just accept that those of us in flyover country just can't be as cultured or important as our betters on the coasts.
Maybe there will be a year or two strike like Minneapolis.
So far so good. I love the 1911. I should have cleaned it before taking it to the range for the first time because the first couple of rounds had a bit of an issue ejecting - a lot of friction on the slide. After that, I haven't had a single issue. Very accurate and the wife is a pretty good shot with it too. Is the carry version just an inch shorter? Or is there something else?
The intertubes being down.
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