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 Hopefully the SCOTUS can find a Constitutional clause about how every 58 Presidential elections we get a do-over?Who is Trump going to pick?  Huckabee?  Santorum?
Abortion is such a funny issue to me because it so perfectly illustrates the lack of ideaological consistency between the parties (except perhaps gay marriage).  Could you imagine if Republicans tried passing a bill decreasing regulations on other medical procedures?  The Democrats  would go nuts.  On the other hand, Republicans claim to be limited government, but when it comes to abortion they want more government control.  Some will make the argument that government...
How much did that RLPL three piece go  for?
 Aren't most of those people unemployed?  Hence all the complaints?
 Apparently some anti-fascists came armed with knives and bats to counter-protest the nazis. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-neo-nazi-stabbed-20160626-snap-htmlstory.html
 That doesn't sound like pB.
I did my best on the denim. Outbid. I'm waiting for that purple label suit to take off.
Has he really endorsed Hillary? I haven't seen it if he has.
Trump won because he staked out one position: nationalism and just went all out.  Everything else was peripheral during the primary.   In other news, George Will left the Republican Party over this. 
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