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That was one of the most unreadable walls of text I've ever seen.
Ugh. Root Beer, without fail, makes me throw up.
There are studies that people working in those environments are more prone to getting sick.
I wish I had bought Ruger stock after Sandy Hook. You could have seen some huge returns.
You don't have to give up the interwebs in a cube. No one cares.
Right before he kills Hagen, the guy in the car, Hagen says "does the name Hut McKean mean anything to you?" Boyd goes something like "I don't give a shit" and kills Hagen.
Wait, 17%er that the government knows about or 17%er actually?
We have a volunteer opportunity today, and one of my coworkers decided she would sign the whole team up then sent out a meeting request to block our calendars. I declined it because I have a couple meetings that need to happen today. Just now when I'm on a conference call, she comes over and starts yelling about it is time to go and this is more important than whatever I'm doing...
I'm left with two questions:1. [[SPOILER]] 2. Who was that guy that Boyd carjacked in the third to last episode? And who was he talking about in the second to last episode?
New Posts  All Forums: