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I don't get why we don't just ban Kira. I mean, I don't get how we can live in a society that allows kira but not birdman.
Worse, some (like the AmEx gift cards) charge you.
NYC has the hottest most unbearable summers, and the worst, frigid winters. Everyone knows this. Then don't forget hurricane season. Finally, there are 8.4 million insufferable whiners at any given time. Present company excluded of course.
I tried setting up a meeting with a coworker. He declined because he is OOO that day, but he didn't bother marking his calendar as OOO.
The lineups look good, but a few in there are deal breakers for me... seriously Linkin Park? Didn't I see they are trying to give their new album away now?
How can one's spirit be lifted by white chocolate?
+1 to all of that. I think they completely did away with average traffic by time of day. That is really annoying too because with my new job comes a completely different commute, and I want to minimize my driving time. I will also add that I hate how I have turned off automatic updating of apps, but I feel like when I manually approve an app, it often turns it back to automatic updating.
There are about a half a dozen that are really bad. Many of those flash sale sites are even worse, but on the menswear side, BB and LE are the worst.I have gotten the point where they are just completely ignored.
What kind of university do you teach at?
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