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I am waiting on my first shirt to be delivered. Can I order now and have you hold off making them until I get my shirt to confirm measurements? Edit: I may just go with the pants if not.
They have either 2 or 4. I can never remember.
You should. It is normally 15%, so you would get 40.5% off total (1*.7*.85=59.5%)
I've been looking at something like this for my house when I redo the kitchen. It just isn't worth getting expensive lighting for my current home.
Those electric baseboards are super expensive to run.
Our central heat and air is subpar. My brother, who is finishing up his AS in HVAC, noticed that at some point we have a return air duct coming into a supply duct which explains why most of the vents in the house have very low airflow.
The last couple years they had the Brooks Buys of like 2 for $1400, and you could add a corporate sale of % off, and typically get them down to about $500/ea.
Train the dog. Mine broke one by jumping at it because he saw another dog out for a walk, and it bent the screen body. For our back door, we have a bell, and he has to ring it to be let out. That way he doesn't scratch the frame or jump at the screen.
I'm finally going to pull the trigger after pondering it for months. Some of my shirts are reaching the end of their life, and I have a couple shirts that I wear regularly that I don't really like. I'm going to order one to start to make sure the measurements are good - I have done online m2m before, so I'm pretty close on my measurements. I have a few white shirts that I wears, so I'm thinking about starting with a plain blue. What are people's thoughts on the pale...
I picked up a snow blower in August or September from Sears. I was about to stack like 3 coupon codes. It was like $400 for a two stage.
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