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 Don't try to correct his racist ramblings with facts.
I have some money in a precious metals and materials fund.  It is always either wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up up wayyyyyyyyyyyy down.  I'm up 110% this year, but last year, but it is currently 40% of what it was 5 years ago.
100% stocks FTW.
Because we all know Hillary is going to be president, so why not have some fun while it all burns down?
 No one has ever said an Italian is white.
 No, Jesus was a Jew, the dirty eye-talians killed Jesus.
I miss that guy.
Sweet, I think I made the cut, unless my Jew blood disqualifies me.
You may be right, but I'd be curious to see where all these interns came from.  Why does anyone care about the color of the skin of some congressional intern?  Even a large group of them?
TIL Buzzfeed is still in business.
New Posts  All Forums: