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Once again, the studies at best are mixed. From the Journal of American Medical Association:When initiated within 24 hours of symptom onset, oral zinc is associated with a shorter duration [by .75 days] of the common cold in healthy people. However, there is no association between oral zinc and symptom severity, and the prevalence of adverse effects with zinc lozenges is high. Given the high heterogeneity of data, these results should be interpreted with...
I have some pills that will decrease your cold length.
Good ol' auto-correct.
Good to know. My previous employer was a large multi-national that had a use it or lose it policy except in CA, and CA employees were uncapped.I agree about the inefficient market and arbitrage potential. I wonder if an employer could create some kind of internal market for employees to sell/gift vacation time - the implementation would be tricky. I know where my FIL works, they can gift sick time to each other, but their sick time rolls over every year, so it isn't...
I may have to side with AY on this. 1-3-2 (3 over 2 by a slim margin). 4 and 5 just shouldn't exist. I can't wait for 6! It will likely be awful though
Just move to CA. They can't take away your unused vacation without paying you for it. Work for 40 years, don't take vacation, and get paid out when you retire/die at your desk.
This is another one of those placebo effect type things. There is no evidence that it helps the average person - there is some evidence the elderly with limited social interaction and mental stimulation may benefit. Oddly enough, leading brain scientists believe regular physical exercise is one of the best ways to improve cognitive function.
If only you guys had taken Emergen C or some elderberry extract with your overpriced zinc tablets, you wouldn't be sick at all.
Some random quotes from the gem that is The "Whiting" of Hip Hop: On the Responsibility of White Artists in Black Music .
We will see because once HTML5 really becomes mainstream it should change things somewhat dramatically. Things like auto-resizing to fit display size should mitigate the need to design for this platform or that.
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