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Sick burn: "Do you only date young super models?"
Hillary is the Ace of Hearts, huh?
I think Finn is just adding commas randomly now, to, screw with us.
 John is right: check your privilege.  You don't get to decide what rape is.
Ha. My company isn't hqed here.
  At least you're both honest.
  Gib is right, they changed oil and they aren't as good.  That's why I prefer to just do potato chips at that point.  Super thin slices and fry once, but all the fried potatoes at home take a fair amount of time because you need to get some of that moisture out.
 Did GF learn your instagram handle?
 Agreed.  I was more referencing the claims that curly fries are better than hash browns, etc.  I love curly fries, but I would rather have hash browns with breakfast.
I keep getting mail about gigabit internet, but it isn't actually available in my area.If I was at my previous employer I would post my numbers. Easily get 2-3gb
New Posts  All Forums: