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 Does Pio get resigned to this thread for American or Canadian discussions?  Or does he get some kind of dual citizenship advantage?
 What would be a reasonable amount?  A base model 747-8 that airlines (who are buying dozens at a time) pay $350M for a single plane.  So that's $700M out of the $3B or 23% of that cost.  Now factor in another $100-200M for each plane to customize into a plane not designed to hold hundreds of people which is in line with what the ultra wealthy pay to customize, and you're at at least 30% of that cost. What about all the communication equipment?  The top secret defense...
Economics is made up and the data doesn't matter because it doesn't agree with me!
The only show on HGTV I like is Fixer Upper.  The Flip or Flop show drives me crazy with how fake it is (same with most of the other shows).I thought we all agreed there is no white culture: only re-appropriated culture from other groups.
Oh Canadians..
 Only if you don't watch.
   A base 747 costs ~$147M with the 747-8 costing about $350M.  So even we assume the middle point of $3.5B, we're talking about a 5x cost over a base model.  That's not bad considering there are some people who are just customizing them for civilian use and spending another $200M to do that.  Air Force One needs all of the military systems, a communication array that can serve as a mobile command center for the President, etc.  I'm not at all surprised to see them cost...
I hate the term mancave.  Also, the image looks less like said mancave and more like a cabin. All white men think alike.  That's just a fact of truth so to speak.
The Bern was 75 and all the kids loved him.
FB is shit and has been for a long time.
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