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 Well, you better be prepared, because we're keeping up with you now.
 I think we're in a bit of a mini-bubble.  Housing prices rapidly recovered over the last couple years, and I think the low interest rates have fueled it.  I don't have any evidence either though.
Like I said above, don't worry about it.  It is gun ownership's fault.
 Not that I want to sit in a spa with you, but can I come hang out with you over Xmas?  You can adopt me and teach me about wine.
 Have you considered you're wasting your money and will always be poor?
I have a coworker who went to get lasik and had to do prk instead.  Her vision was awful for weeks and apparently it was very painful.
Classic.  The left is already blaming gun ownership for this guy in Indianapolis getting shot by police.  If he wasn't allowed to own a gun, the police wouldn't have shot him.
 Closer than many veterans.
 Strong stance.  God bless her.
 I can never get dried beans the right texture.  They always come out slightly wrong.
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