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If we're cybering, I need some A/S/L?
Believe me.
otc, stop shilling for Hillary like @lawyerdad.  When the revolution comes, economists, such as yourself, will already have a black mark next to their name.  You don't want to wind up against the wall, do you?  I agree, politicians should change their positions over time.  When we learn new facts, we should adjust our positions.  Unfortunately, the only fact that politicians care about is public opinion on an issue.
 Is that some kind of cross reference to the WTF police thread?
 Does she believe anything?  I don't know.  Trump just goes full stream of consciousness, so who can say if he's saying what he believes or just free associating words.  Hillary though has flip flopped on issues more than John Kerry.
 Well, that's my point with my above post.  When you make a denominator total households or individuals you can make a lot of numbers look trivially small and the average voter goes "that doesn't affect anyone, and $100m (or whatever the expected revenue is) is a lot of money!"  We should do that!
 OTC, stop complicating history with complicated math. In seriousness, I understand how that metric can be valuable, but I think it isn't valuable because it is a bit of a tyranny of the majority "Oh look, only 0.000000000000000000001%* of people are affected.  That's not me, so we can free crap from them." *Obviously I had to write the number out because the average voter wouldn't understand 1x10-21
Had a similar nick in a tire with zero problems.  Tires lasted their full 60k mile life.
First, the federal government won't ditch contracts with Palantir - the NSA/FBI/etc need the product.   Second, referral programs are discriminatory now?  I think all companies will be in trouble if that is the case.
Yeah, but the 5 minutes I watched Hillary tried bringing everything back to her middle-class roots too.  Politicians are just narcissists.
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