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Is there much contest for that title?
Nailed it.
I don't get people who don't understand how to do the maths around time zones. The worst part is that in Outlook, you can highlight my name and it tells you the current time where I am. I had a colleague in Europe tell me he wants to meet at 4PM his time/7:30 my time (which is actually 9AM my time). I get that it is daylight time, so he may be off by an hour if he just does the mental math, but how is he off 90 minutes?
The only feud I care about is Family Feud.
No, I paid your retainer. I own you.
Was it the person who screwed the pooch that told you that?
Looks like I sold CMG a day too early. =/
Aren't you supposed to be without interwebs? Where are the Ted Cruz threak updates?
Where did this Dr. GF nonsense come from?
A blast is what I learned on. Many of the posters will say it is a bad learning bike because it is fairly heavy, and it lacks a tachometer. Also a lot of posters in these parts prefer European or Asian bikes. The one thing I'll say is make sure you can find some place the service it. There are only two HD dealers in the Twin Cities that will touch them, and for some things independent shops won't do the work. With that said, I really like belt drive because it is just...
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