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 How big is your house total ~5k sq ft?
I would agree with both of you if the Rs were seeing problems in other areas besides the presidency.  The Republicans are dominating every other aspect of government.  Some areas rely heavily on social conservatives while others don't.  It just doesn't translate well to the national stage, plus they have a huge problem when 1/5 of the delegates are in almost perfectly reliable blue states (CA, NY, and IL).  I don't know if it is the problem they can't dump a profitable...
I waffle on this.  I agree with you that the CEO very likely didn't know and it is a tiny part of the business, but at the same time, I think blame ultimately should always fall on the leader.  In the case, it probably isn't systemic enough to blame the CEO, and it should probably be a division head or similar owning the problem.
My house is a 1950s story and a half and is about 2000 sq ft including the basement.  We have a fairly closed off kitchen - just a kitchen and breakfast nook that has a sliding door to the backyard.  I want to keep my kitchen pretty closed off because, as others have mentioned, why do you want all the grease, grime, and smells getting to the rest of the house.  I cook all the time, so my kitchen isn't for show.  Also, in six years, besides family, I think we have...
 If I'm ever in the position to turn down $41m in stock, I won't.  Even if the guy gets canned, you know he'll find another gig.  He'll probably still get canned, so what's the upside?
 You could just say the tiremonger said it was fine.Or there is always this: http://mechanics.stackexchange.com/questions/18292/can-this-tire-sidewall-damage-be-repaired-or-should-i-replace-the-tire
Time to buy some of that DB?  At current levels, a 75 cent quarterly dividend is looking nice.
I meant this year if Hills hadn't stood up to accept her crown.
Rubio maybe but he didn't stand up to any scrutiny. He rose as the alternative to Jeb when Trump took him down, but when the tables turned to Rubio he fell down too.Rand maybe if the party takes a more libertarian turn, but definitely still a small outside chance at best.
Does your university charge you anything for that?
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