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 I can't help but click on every DU link someone posts, but it is always a race to see whether my eyes start bleeding from the terrible design or my brain does from hitting my head against my desk over the stupidity. Agree with Turk here.  Trump is the biggest RINO to ever run for office.  In another thread, someone made a comment about how they can't wait to see Hannity, et al. quickly disavow him when he loses, but I remember at least Rush being fairly critical of him in...
The Constitution Party is basically a pro-life federalist party.  Probably somewhere between Republicans and Libertarians.
 No, I'm going to reform my homeland to be more like them!
One of the leaked emails is about how the Ds should encourage the media to cover Trump and Carson as serious candidates because they would rather face them in the election.  Meanwhile, they were encouraged to call people like Paul and Rubio as typical crazy far right candidates. There's no accounting for taste.  I am pretty opposed to a lot of Obama's policies, but as a person, he seems like a halfway decent guy (I mean, I don't think any politician is actually a great...
 I think we can agree all taxation is theft and should be stopped.
Judge rules a no-knock raid with ~30 SWAT which resulted in a charge of drug possession in the 5th degree, unconstitutional.   What's interesting is a judge signed the warrant.  I'm surprised to see the charge will be invalidated.  I don't think what the police did was reasonable or necessary, but how were his 4th amendment rights violated if a judge signed off on the no-knock search...
 You're talking in complete tangent to my point.  My point is that there are rules for the elite and rules for the rest of us.  I just want the rules to be clear and consistent for everyone.High ranking (though not general level) officers have been forced to separate from the military for similar things.  Major Brezler sent one classified email and had about 100 classified documents on an unsecured thumb drive.  The one classified email that started the whole thing was,...
 By then they'll have gotten their 15 minutes of fame and the election will be over.
Tsunami power, actually.
But they seemed to like Ron Paul, so I don't care - they were fighting to expose the truth, man.
New Posts  All Forums: