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I don't think that is necessarily true. If we go to sell our house, the city comes out and does an inspection. If they find code violations, they prevent us from selling until we fix them.
Agreed. It very common here for some reason. In fact, I have recurring meetings throughout the week before 9AM on most days. Monday is normally a reprieve though.
No, it is just because I don't have any friends, and not getting any likes would give the sads.
Technically I'm a millennial and I don't get this trend. I don't take pictures of my food, and I certainly don't choose a restaurant based on instagram or other social media likes. I don't even have an instagram account.
For shaving over food, wouldn't you be better off with white truffles?
Someone scheduled a meeting for 8AM this morning then didn't show up to it. =x
No where near spring today. -10 when I drove to work this morning (that's without windchill).
In case you're not aware, generally HD will accept Lowe's coupon if there is something there you want.I generally prefer Lowe's though. I have a Menards and two HD within 5 minutes of me, but I find myself driving the 15 minutes to Lowe's.
For the most part, going up in price for fabrics will result in finer fabrics or something with some cashmere or silk or whatever. All things being equal those fabrics will wear out faster - finer fabrics generally sacrifice durability. I would go for something that is going to hold up well (probably S100-120) from a good maker in a basic pattern (solid navy or charcoal). I also don't think for your first suit a fully hand-stitched option is worth it. Spend the extra...
Apparently a section of cubes lost power as all of the affected battery backup alarms keep blaring.
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