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People on CL drive me crazy. I had a brand new PS4 to sell when it launched, posted it on CL, and I got tons of emails and calls, and then they would all just low ball me. Like one guy was like "oh I thought it came with 6 controllers, so how about $200?"
I have always gotten my annual bonus in Feb/March. This year on account of changing jobs in January, I'm not eligible; however, I did get a signing bonus.
My mistake. Same principle applies though, I just did a search, and they were $30 last week, but back up to $40 now.
We should probably just CE everything.
What's d-cap?
Agreed. The Long Branch is not a dress boot.
Looks like you missed out on a few deals:http://slickdeals.net/f/7503790-xbox-one-wireless-controller-for-29-99-fs-w-sywm-sears-com-expiredhttp://slickdeals.net/f/7501544-xbox-one-wireless-controller-for-29-99?v=1Just setup a slickdeals alert and buy them next time they go on sale
I don't get why we don't just ban Kira. I mean, I don't get how we can live in a society that allows kira but not birdman.
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