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Relieve some stress with your new Russian friend.
I need a new driveway. Unfortunately, my driveway is 1500 sq ft. I had a guy just quote me for $5 sq ft, but he offered to knock it down to $6500 ($4.33/sq ft). Seems like a pretty good price. Based on my research, asphalt is probably going to be $4000-4500. We will probably sell in another 1-2 years, so the big question is: does the concrete add any resell value? We have asphalt today, and the neighborhood is a mix. If I was planning on staying where we are, it...
I stand by my shotgun for home defense.
Also, I use slickguns all the time for finding a good deal on ammo and guns. Here is a link for the 1911 deals. http://www.slickguns.com/category/hand-guns?sort=rating&dir=desc&caliber=4
I'm in no way an expert, but I have a Sig Sauer 1911 TacOps which I really like. I have only put a couple hundred rounds through it, but no problems, and it is more accurate than I am.
Get a different sales guy? Didn't the last one tell you that you don't need new shirts?
Went for a ~150 mile ride today. It was pretty great.
I think this is still the case for new houses. In a refinance scenario, they can't see the refinance price (but buying they see the purchase price).
Just keep rubbing it in. It has only been a week, and I'm already jonesing.
Do they sell them in bigger sizes? In Minneapolis I have never seen anything but Maui Onion in a larger size.
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