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What are the favorites for plain white or blue (preferably twill or broadcloth) shirts under $150/ea (prefer <$100)?  Looking to pick up a couple of new interview shirts
Those Finamore ties...
The first time I saw the 5GT, I thought it was kinda cool. 
 So you're voting for Bernie too?
 Well I know what you're saying you like for her is a smaller SUV, but we all know the best design is a sports coupe, so you should probably go with the 911 or maybe the Vanquish.
You eat dinner at 9:30?  Damn.  I'd have died of starvation by then.
 Don't worry, you haven't given up that mantle just yet.
No one else willing to put their predictions on record?
 Everyone I know who went ring shopping together are divorced already.
 I tried signing up with the local phone company/DSL because they were allegedly moving to gigabit fiber.  They wouldn't let me sign up unless I paid my unpaid bill... I've never had service with them before.
New Posts  All Forums: