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I think long term it is a bad play. Maybe they'll be the next Google, but they will have to be extremely clever to stay relevant in the long term. They're already seeing lower adoption by young people.
What is the E9x? I see lots of E92 or E95 or whatever, but what does that mean?
I could go for some good TexMex right now.
Well, we all know you didn't actually sleep with his wife, so you shouldn't blatantly lie in an interview.
Must have been all the friend onions.
I know they have crazy high MSRP, but to me, $30k for a 7-8 year old car is not cheap.
A dealership by me has one for sale. It is automatic. They have an M3 hardtop convertible (manual) for the same price.
That Boba Fett one is kinda cool.
There are some good places online. I got a bell vortex for
Texas is the same way on leases. Hear you just pay sales tax on the monthly payment.
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