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 If they're building the wall for Trump's election, who are they shielding themselves from?  Seems to me they should be building it for Hillary's coronation.
 Yes, there is seasonal and regional variances.  If you look at the numbers, regardless if the state is among those that are growing the fastest, such as Washington, or among the average states, such as Minnesota, you'll find that if you had bought at the top in 2007, you would be back to even today, so a 10 year holding period seems to be relatively safe. The ones with the more rapid increases in price also had the most rapid drops.  Turns out some markets are more...
No, you would embrace them in the warmth of a social safety net.  Don't lie.
 Maybe in betimes he will deign to settle this dispute.
 Two dips in 100 years is enough (three if you count the 2009 dip after the homebuyer credit ended)? Now, you could make the more persuasive argument around inflation house prices dipping, but my gut is that has more to do with housing lagging changes in inflation (such as the Carter years). 
Says the man using plebe vs pleb. That pool is bigger than the median home in Manhatten. Don't worry, they'll get a bailout.Well, I already posted a couple that don't.  Minnesota has actually required giving insurance information when you renew your plates.  I doubt they actually check though.
Cool article - nice read minus the auto-play video.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_insurance_in_the_United_States#Requirements_by_state Some are trivially low, like Florida which is $10k for property damage only or NJ which is $5k property damage only.  South Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi and New Hampshire don't require it.  Edit: I am willing to bet there is a strong correlation between the levels of insurance required and the insurance compliance rates.  Anecdotally, TX and MN have relatively high minimums (both...
 Maybe next time they won't act like smug assholes on the witness stand.
MN requires insurance, but has one of the highest rates of uninsured drivers. :(
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