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 Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.  It was linked from Reason this morning.
Speaking of anti-Muslim politicians, Finland isn't too keen on their politicians being anti-Muslim: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/bisexual-politician-jailed-saying-terrorists-muslim/#gs.OEfUBDY
 Couldn't the Senate still ratify the trade deal?  I guess I'm not 100% familiar with where they are on the process.  The Senate has the authority to ratify trade deals.  The President can stop negotiating (but the Senate could even send members to negotiate on the US's behalf (which will never happen)).
Thanks for the link.  I've never seen this before, but Episode 5 is spot on.
 That's fair, and I don't doubt she would have sold out sooner, but it is the one position she has been consistent on her entire career - now she's modulated it from her Goldwater days, but up until the last few weeks she still stuck to NAFTA was a good idea, etc, etc.
 Maybe I'm trying to be a cuck, bro.  Also I was trying to get a riff on the Dutch, but Linksy doesn't participate in this thread, so it was really a waste.Yes, that's what it sounds like he is looking for.  I'm actually searching for new appliances now, and they do make the tiny wall ovens too.
Blinker usage is really low down here.  I'm surprised.  Generally speaking I prefer the NC drivers to MN drivers because they don't just sit around doing under the speed limit in the left lane or merge onto the interstate at 10MPH, but the lack of blinkers is annoying.   I was actually behind someone out of state over the weekend who started merging onto the interstate at about 20MPH (after cutting me off turning onto the on ramp).  They came to a complete stop at the...
 And yet, this thread is filled with foreigners. In before medwed saying "but I'm a US citizen"
  I made beef stroganoff for dinner last night too.  I also finished up some home made french onion soup on Saturday.  Two of my favorites.
I do like the blind spot monitoring and things like parking sensors, but in practice things like auto-braking don't work well.
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