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I know markets love stability, but I think this is great news in the long term.  Time to buy on the cheap.
A plug for @whusurdadi.  A+ seller.
 Good to know.
I thought guns were banned in Germany.  Then again he didn't actually shoot anyone.     https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jun/23/armed-man-opens-fire-at-german-cinema-kinopolis-viernheim
They're going to introduce voodoo in the new movie.
Gary Johnson was awful in that thing.
I have been having good luck with LinkedIn lately.  I used to get non-stop spam for sales engineering jobs or account management or whatever based on my title, and it was clear the recruiters didn't read my profile, but in the last two months I have had three recruiters contact me about jobs that were relevant.
We should drug test Congress and their staffers.  They're receiving the government monies, and they're passing laws everyone else has to live by.
Appeal to authority argument?
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