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I just skipped 200+ posts, and I see it is exactly the same argument as it was when I checked in a week ago.
Bad comparison, bro.  AMD and NVIDIA are closer competitors in the GPU space.
 Pio may be an internet big timer, but some bureaucrat will happily slap him down and take away licenses.
  I worked for a company that was listed on a US and Canadian exchange.  The stock pretty much always moved the same (otherwise there would be that sweet arbitrage).  What about Americans claiming to be Canadian?
I didn't think the pio actually smoked the reefer for fear of losing his job.
 I don't know if I would be using "Robert Reich agrees with me" as a selling point for my argument.
Just saw a web ad for an article titled "14x lottery winner says lotto isn't as random as you think"
Yeah, the tan makes the whole thing look a bit washed out/monochromatic.
Shut up you beltway insider elitist.
 I imagine this as you walking up to some random woman in a cube at work and telling her that.
New Posts  All Forums: