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 Ugh, the RF crush my junk with the 2" rise.
 I'm really disappointed because right after I bought my car, a dealer here was offering a Cadenza for a 3 year lease at $299/mo with nothing down because they weren't selling here.
I was promised more arguing in this thread.
 Well they don't want us to focus on how they take hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers to build giant stadiums that never have a positive ROI while everyone involved gets super rich.
Boy is there egg on your face.
I use USAA for almost everything, but I have a Chase checking because most of cc's are through Chase.  I haven't had any problems and couldn't be happier.
Folsom you say?
It is an interesting question.  I think it will lose its impact because it becomes mundane and not newsworthy.  Yesterday, I was having a discussion with someone who was concerned about self-driving cars because of all the news about crashes lately, but we all know the reason it is in the news is because it is so rare - human drivers have probably been in thousands of accidents in the same period of time. But the organizations in your examples can kick those people out...
Because appropriateness is irrelevant.  If some NFL player wants to protest something at an NFL event, that's his and the NFL's business.  Everyone might have a different view of whether it is appropriate, but who cares?  The only opinion on the "appropriateness" that matters is the NFL's and the player's.  Obviously, fans can boycott or whatever as a result of the actions, but that makes their opinion only indirectly relevant.
Guys, this is all stupid because any specific question can be answered with a simple algorithm.   1. Is it a law or government actor restricting speech or the speaker is on publicly owned property? If yes, violation of free speech.   2. Is it a private actor, such as a synagogue, professional organization, or business restricting speech or is the speaker on privately owned property?  If yes, it isn't a violation of free speech.   3. Is the speech immoral or...
New Posts  All Forums: