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They had it right the first time. No one drives their own Maybach.
They are doing it near me too when the repair roads. It adds a fairly significant expense. They aren't even doing it on side roads. Rather they are taking the busiest 4 lane roads, removing one lane in each direction and making it a bike lane.I also agree with #2. About once a month I almost hit a cyclist who decides to blow through a 4 way stop. When I went to school in Madison it was the worst, not only did cyclists cause problems for motorists, they would...
Agreed with all the above. If you can manually open and close it, it is obviously something with the opener itself. Be careful with those springs though, especially the old style ones.
I'm just bitter because I want to buy luxury pents on spoo prices because there is no other way I can afford it on my subsistence wages.
I'm happy for them, but I still wouldn't do it.
Anyone have good luck cleaning the edges of their Eagle Country boots? Also, I know I've asked this before (but never got a very good answer), but what about the polishing the cronmok? AE's website says they shouldn't be polished.
Yes? I mean one of those cups is like 20oz. I normally have one cup with my meal then refill when I leave, so if I fill it with ice, it probably winds up being about 20 oz of soda total. Also, I almost always get tea which tends to be luke warm, so it needs a lot of ice to cool it.
I don't think I'd take anything of value to Brazil, especially Sao Paulo.
I do it so I drink less soda.
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