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Except for an out of the closet Klansman who would answer the question "Are you a racist?" with "I sure am!"
 For fun I go into vegan restaurants (I still can't believe they're a thing) and start chanting vegetables are murder.  Then I get all indignant on how they're trying to harsh on my first amendment rights.
I agree completely. That's how my 401k and IRA is setup.  I just keep automatically investing.  One day, I'll probably try individual stocks, but right now I'm happy with my portfolio's performance.
Alas, they don't trust me with that kind of power.  @MrG is a power hungry monster and won't let the new blood have a taste of power.
The other great part of that JMM exchange was when Turk even got a sick burn off on him.  I think that's what really caused him to rage quit.  Shortly after that he even tried selling a platinum MB pen: http://www.styleforum.net/t/514682/huge-drop-400-montblanc-146-legrand-platinum-bnib
No.  Your pain is being an onsite legend but the moderators won't let you post however you want - gotta follow those styleforum association rules.
I told you why you can't be an onsite legend.  The GF rule.
JMM722.  That guy was sweet.  He told lawyerdad that he didn't know the law when LD tried correcting him.  He also claimed to work at a large law firm doing criminal defense and he made $200k as a third year.  Then he was actually a 3L doing law clinic stuff.  Who knows the truth with him.
I wish I got this reference. 
So he's living the dream?
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