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 Styleforum: the only place I have ever been accused of being a liberal.
 The problem is we let them have their own thread.  Then they saw the comment economy was better over here, so they crossed the border. 
The Packers are going to give you dat 7:1 when they win the Supabowl.
 Medwed will remind you he's a US citizen, but I think we should apply Trump's policy of businesses moving overseas to labor too.  If you work overseas as a citizen, you pay an extra 40% in US income tax for the privilege.
Perhaps this is a reason why milennials are making less money: http://www.census.gov/newsroom/press-releases/2016/cb16-189.html
 You're also in the hard sciences with an academic focus, so I get that.  Academia is a bitch these days. Does "they started cutting down at my styleforum time" count for me or against me?
 I never played WoW - not my genre.  I prefer RTS, turn-based strategy, and the occasional FPS
 The other thing it doesn't cover is total compensation.  I don't think jobs paying $20k/yr are paying out big bonuses, but there are increased costs for businesses all over the place, such as increased insurance costs.  I also wonder if the fact that people don't expect any loyalty out of millennials, they pay less because it isn't worth paying someone and invest in training them to only have them jump ship.I'd also be curious to see the variance of incomes of millennials...
Do you understand that you wasted your time asking him that?
 Only for WoW neckbeards.
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