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Seems like a classy guy.
 You get tattoos for every check you get?  Doesn't seem like something you should need to commemorate.
I took a half-day from work figuring I'd take my wife to a movie.  The main drain apparently clogged up and flooded the basedment.  The plumber gave us an 8 hour window, so I was stuck sitting here waiting for them to come fix it.
How much do your custom guns improve your scores?  I mean, if you had to shoot with stock versions of your guns, do you think your scores would be significantly different?  Have you ever tried it?
My wife gets a BMW discount through her employer that allegedly stacks with all other incentives.  I wonder if I could stack that on an ED...
 That seems stupid low seeing the MSRP on those is in the $80s.  That would be like a 25% discount.
 Well, what will really get you is that the safest things companies could do is automatically  lock accounts after x number of lockouts (5 or 10 is a pretty good number).  Also, the symbols, numbers, etc rules are actually counter-productive.  Machines don't care about symbols for cracking passwords, and those requirements lead to people writing down their passwords which lead to them getting stolen.Passwords like "zthequickbrownfoxjumpedoverthelaydog" are nearly...
Those ED prices look similar to what I saw for CPO.
Dumb question but what is ED in this context?  In b4 Hroi ED joke.
 To me it really comes down to what you are really after and the particular brand's CPO program.  Some CPOs offer almost nothing over used (some give you maintenance and new car financing).  I don't think I'd ever buy a new car: if I'm going new, I would probably stick to a lease (which is what I did with my VW). The other thing is I've noticed CPO cars that are almost the same price as brand new.  Is a shorter warranty worth $1k?  What if it is $5 or $6k?My next car will...
New Posts  All Forums: