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You don't get waiver on the sales tax for an interstate title transfer? That's the one thing MN doesn't hit you with. When I moved, I didn't need to pay sales tax on my car that was titled and registered in WI. I had to pay the registration fees, but no sales tax.
MN is at least two weeks. When I moved here it was 2+ months because of the government shut down. WI prints it on the spot, but MN does it at some central location.
$70/mo? I just checked on a Street Triple, and I would be at $133/yr
Then it will be clove cigarettes.... too soon?
Butter is churned by people of German descent far away from where they it can be contaminated by buttons or electricity. If you left NYC you would know this.I too don't add butter to my bread.
I understand. Being a person who has never considered BMWs, I don't know anything about the Exx and what they indicate - I figured they indicated year or something.
That will be interested. I wonder how they'll possibly do residuals, because it seems to me based on my recent search that a lot of 2-4 year old cars are fairly expensive (at least at the branded dealership), but the second they fall out of warranty, their value plummets. I've been seeing some used 5-Series and Lexus 350s in the 2009-2010 for less than 20k, but a 2012 is $25-30k
We have Lync at work, and I just had a coworker ping me three times with: Coworker: "Hi brokencycle: uou there? Helllloooooo!!! u joining?" Me: No, I'm on a different call. cw: do u want to tell them back later? ... Why does my coworker IM like a 13 year old girl? Why does my coworker think because she IMs me I'm going to change my mind on what meeting was more important? It is also extremely hard to talk what you have constant, but irregular pinging noises in your ear.
I've never even heard of it.You're not a dubiously honored. Don't you have one of your 10 recurring meetings to go to?
I think long term it is a bad play. Maybe they'll be the next Google, but they will have to be extremely clever to stay relevant in the long term. They're already seeing lower adoption by young people.
New Posts  All Forums: