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That's just funny. Who would be more entertaining in ce? Angry bird (not to be confused with our missing legal falcon) or captain cuck?
   Typically, these are for new cars.  A Range Rover that goes for $60-70k here in the US might go for $200k in China.  Jaguar wants to protect that pricing in China, so they penalize American dealers for selling cars that end up overseas.  Jaguar is the strictest with the rules and puts a cap of something like 3%, so if more than 3% of what a dealer sells ends up overseas they get penalized.  That means that dealers will blacklist people who are straw buyers.
 At least in the old canon, Leia was an important leader and one of the few senators to oppose Palpatine, but Mon Mothma was the leader of the rebellion.  It seems like that stays true in the new canon. I also thought that Mace Windu was considered the best lightsaber fighter (whether that translates to strongest warrior is another question), but I got the impression that in the original trilogy he was getting too old to fight.  Plus it is a common literary theme that the...
 Agreed.  I did research it because it surprised me it wasn't a scam.  Apparently, Jaguar/Land Rover is cracking down the most, and they often require you to finance or put other weird restrictions to prevent these straw purchases.
 Again, here's where we will disagree.  I have used the reverse sear method numerous times.  Without fail I have been able to do a medium rare throughout with an insignificant temperature gradient.
To become a cog in the international arbitrage machine or not....
CEO of Sears says he has serious doubts they can stay in business?  Bold strategy.
In high school the shop class had multiple lifts. One of them a 4 post. It worked just fine for things like oil changes or exhaust work.
With that being said anyone who can get 120 GBP for 4.5 sq ft of yellow pine can teach us all a thing or two.
The Earth is going to run out of wood and oil in 150 years?
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