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 New is relative, man.
 It was just a random brokencycle musing.  No need to threaten people.
I wonder if Trump will have problems in the last couple months.  Like a new pitcher in MLB who comes in and does really well because no one has faced him, and after a time or two through he lineup, his ERA isn't looking too hot.
 I would argue releasing a personal tax return as a private citizen running for office is a bit different than releasing emails of a top US official (which we only have her word that they didn't have anything to do with government business). 
 Not that questionable for a guy like Derek.
 Agreed.  If I was in a situation where I was defending myself, if you are still standing, I'm probably going to keep shooting.  I'm not going to shoot your corpse though.
 Make sure you tell them about your MB lease - they're really appreciate how you're being fiscally responsible by leasing rather than just buying a new car every three years.
 Only 2.5% of people over 25 make minimum wage.  Despite being one-fifth of the hourly workforce, 16-24 year olds are half the minimum wage workers in this country. http://www.bls.gov/opub/reports/minimum-wage/archive/characteristics-of-minimum-wage-workers-2014.pdf Or maybe I should just do an appeal to emotions, and go "why do all these minimum wage increase supporters hate black kids?"  Every time the minimum wage is increase teen unemployment increases, and black teen...
 I need to go bleach my brain.
The benefit of being poor - paying less taxes.
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