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Is it Mayor Quimby?
Those finger tattoos don't help though.
Now they're going to think you make too much money for a humble academic.
I don't get where the forum's favorite alcoholic defense attorney is. Unlike him not to grace us with his posts for so long.
Maybe the guy who stole his Utz chips came back for more this time.
I've found them hit or miss. A couple of the belts I've purchased are very stiff, and they have developed very sharp creases in the leather around the hole I buckle. Others have been great. All the belts I have purchased have come from the outlet though.
Why do high end suits have to be 100% wool? As ed said, there is nothing wrong with a blend.
Differential geometry for the win!
I think this thread jumped the shark or the owl.
No, the summers are very humid. I prefer a dry heat, like the summer I spent at Ft. Sill. Today it is 75 and prefect, but 10 days ago we were had a snow flurry.
New Posts  All Forums: