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On my Buell, I have comprehensive $50k bodily harm/person $500 deductible. I pay
They will need gifs.
I have a polo and three chinos and like them. The chinos even have a split waistband. I can't comment on durability because they are all new purchases.
Stop spending money at Brooks Brothers. Everyone I know who has gotten one, made a purchase a year or two ago and nothing since.
Used mine on a field satchel. Would do again.
Typically with the Brooks Buys, if you return an item, you actually get the lowest amount back. Like for suits at 2 for 1699, you would get like $700 back because one suit is $999. YMMV.
Just make shit up, embellish your credentials, and talk about you love of styleforvm.
Yes, and the most generous cut is the Madison.
Shots have been fired.
All I can think of is Sealab where Captain Murphy eats the live octopus saying "is there nothing we can't learn when we look to the East?"
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