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Interviewing. I'm tired of the "you have everything we want, but we want someone with more experience."
That's what I've been doing wrong all along.I just don't get them, and I find them very unattractive on women.
Why would you get a tattoo to begin with?
That Swiss Zegna SC is awesome.
So what you're saying is, if we all just post more, we can all be more beloved?
That's because she's not asking for free birth control.
Its the lizard people. They're manipulating us all.
I don't know if I would want to work for a company that only values you when you get another offer. You said they haven't given you (meaningful) raises in awhile, and others have only got promoted after putting in their resignation.
That is a really sad story.
I always laugh when I see jobs with requirements like that or "Microsoft Office proficiency."
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