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My new company makes the entire week of Christmas a holiday. So my Monday is going to be great.
Put that in the description so I can get it on the cheap.That Chanel bag is sweet too, but it got out of my price range in about 30 seconds.
That double-faced cashmere sweater...
Well, the cops shouldn't be the only ones to have them... I know I know, CE that shit.
So condoms and pink pills?
Novocaine actually works by interacting with testosterone. So, I think you know the real reason he had to give you a double dose.
Didn't you post earlier about being "in it to win it"?
I'm not even one who is particularly paranoid of bed bugs and the like, but I would feel uncomfortable buying a used mattress. Then again I wouldn't ever buy used shoes either.
I have some red fleece winter chinos from last year and I really like them except for the super short rise. The fabric is somewhat heavy and they have worn well. Plus I like the notched waistband.
Who buys a used mattress on CL? I sold a boxspring that came free with my mattress that I didn't need, and that was one of the few positive CL experiences I had. They showed up on time, when they tried negotiating, I was like "I have four other people coming tomorrow." Plus the buyers showed up in a Honda Civic to buy a queen sized box spring, so I got the entertainment of them trying to bungee cord it to the roof.
New Posts  All Forums: