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I guess - it just seems like overkill to me.
You want to use a 4" barreled .357 magnum to shoot hares? I would think a 22 rifle or a 20GA shotgun would be a better approach.
Do you know the other couples? Otherwise just don't bring anything and go out to eat. Edit: Also, it isn't too late to say you're not bringing anything and you should all do your own thing and then blame the vegetarians. Everyone naturally hates vegetarians anyway.
Giving a thumbs up to A_Y and ethan in 24 hours... the apocalypse is nigh, folks.
Too bad I didn't buy that TIF.
I don't get why pB thinks it is acceptable to post about good boobs and not post pics.
I'm going to be a specially acknowledged contributor to a World Bank working paper.
Thoughts on Tiffany or Gamestop before the earnings statement? I am currently shorting Abercrombie and it is down 5% already - think it will drop further after the earnings announcement.
Next challenge should be spectators because it is now past Memorial Day.
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