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I see you're in Minneapolis too. The unemployment rate around here is near zero. Every retailer I go into is hiring, and I even saw a billboard truck driving around advertising $11/hr to work at Home Depot.
Have you seen the new Terminator movie?
I believe everything Linc posts. Why would a guy come to a clothing website and lie about anything?
Does all that port not count?
I agree with all of these points. However, I grew up in a town dominated by a couple large union manufacturers, so I have grown up hearing about how manufacturing is critical to the US and the middle class, and they would decry things like NAFTA and trading with China. That's where I'm coming from: I don't believe there is an ideal balance of manufacturing to other jobs (or that we will descend into a distyopia without doing "something") , and I tend to be a strong...
It is. I don't think Montana is far for a Maybach guy to go for a cup of brew.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shelby_Airport
Does drinking count as work? If not, you can't claim it HarvEdit: Wow, for some reason I thought I was quoting the bird lawyer... I'm obviously ready for the holiday weekend.
Back on topic, I'm thinking picking up BP. Thoughts? Is there a better buy in the oil and gas sector right now?Edit: Damn, just looked at the price, and I should have bought yesterday like I was thinking.I agree we're not best at manufacturing. I'm just saying: is that a bad thing? I don't think it is.
My question back is "Is this a bad thing?" People bemoan the loss of manufacturing in this country all the time, but is it a bad thing? If we're better at things like "innovating" or whatever else, shouldn't we just rely on people who are better at manufacturing to do it? Arbitrage obviously can be very powerful, and I don't have any preconceived notion that there is an ideal industry balance or that manufacturing is important to our overall economy.
Wise move by Intel because Samsung came in and dominated the Japanese a couple years later.
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