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 Oh, you're good.  Royal Oud is a bit too close to my current daily of Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa though.
Yeah, I'm a narrow foot.  I wear a 10.5B in AE Park Aves as an example, but Creed might be for me today.
 If Muslims aren't brown, what are they?  Asking for a friend.
For Nick, I see one of the top news stories on Google News today is about Gary Johnson - CNN, Fox, etc are all talking at least a little about the Libertarian convention.  538 also has an article about Gary Johnson and how well he is polling.
I've always wanted to try St Crispins and Carmina, but I don't even know around here where to look so I could figure out my size.
 People  do hype it too much, and I wasn't aware of the happy ending that LD wants to give me.  I'm from the Midwest, so I have always heard such great things, but I didn't even think it was very good. 
In n Out was hugely disappointing.
Same reason their dicks are huge.
   The new populism party.
 Aren't you on summer break?  Don't you mean you don't start working until a Tuesday in October or whenever you guys start again?
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