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 So I assume the backsplash is just the standard thickness then?  I've been wondering about doing a slab of quartz for the backsplash in our new house, and I was going to look into getting it thinner than the countertop because it isn't necessary.
Our last master bath was 4x6 with a 3x3 shower.  It was tight to say the least, so I feel your pain on that.Really like the kitchen.  Is that a quartz backsplash? Or marble?
I don't know. I was going to tile, and I'm glad I didn't after watching the tile guy work. Now I learned enough I could probably do a backslash, but I wouldn't want to do a floor.False. That glass tile is expensive. The nicest looking tile is subway tile IMO, and that stuff is really inexpensive.
We did our 30 sq ft bathroom for We sourced the tile ourselves and found something we liked on clearance for 80% off.  The only large expense was the tile labor.  We did a semi-frameless shower door for like $200.  All the other fixtures (Kohler) added up to a few hundred bucks too.I will add the tile guys I talked to hated doing really small jobs (we did the kitchen at the same time) because really you have to let things set, so if it only takes you an hour or two of...
 It wasn't out of bounds.  It was just the tone that I read into it.   Hard to explain in text, but it was a tone that implied from the question that the amount of space he had was unreasonable (not one of trying to understand the need/want).
Not knowing the extent of the work the first quote sounds much more in line with something reasonable.   I don't think you need a "designer," and in my limited experience contractors with designers are overpriced and the designer has zero value add.  Personally, I would decide what I wanted (pick out fixtures and tile yourself), then find a plumber, electrician, and tile guy to do the work and deal with them directly.    
 I don't think it is wrong to ask about costs, but the cost:value curve is not linear, and maybe members are willing to move farther to the right.  There is just way too many pejorative terms thrown around.  Just like the "why do you need all the space" question sent your way.  Maybe the question was innocent enough, but I read it with a certain tone.There are plenty of examples where people are potentially getting ripped off (like the plumber who quoted me at $3500 for a...
When did this forum turn into "Why do you need x?  Why would you pay $y for x? blah blah blah"  We need to make Styleforum great again.  Then again, I think idfl deserves all the shit he gets for all the shit he dishes out,   As for the wainscoting question, I had it in one of my bathrooms in my last house.  I liked the look of it.  To me, tile halfway up the wall seems weird (maybe I have a poor imagination).  Typically I would expect a few inches of tile along the...
Who cares? Noone needs it, but it is his money. Who needs $10k bespoke suits?
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