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Check your first-to-post privilege.
Watching the Packers and Jets today, and they started throwing punches at each other. Why throw punches at a guy wearing a helmet? Also, you play a game for millions of dollars a year, I don't get what could possibly cause someone to get upset to throw a punch in said situation (which will probably cost him a couple hundred thousand dollars in fines). Edited because I'm an idiot in my typing.
That was my first guess. I'm going to guess Kiton because they seem to be the logical choice for insane msrp.
You're such a tease. My guess vicuna is involved. Or maybe some of that 200 year old reindeer leather.
You're suspiciously obsessed with the missed connections at Neiman Marcus.
Some of their new stuff is good, unlike Green Day, but Smash is a solid album through and through.
God punished you for being a bad wingman.
Do you even have a Neiman Marcus in St. Louis? That might be the problem.
I don't think Voldermort has anything to do with this.
I totally agree with you. I will try to avoid getting to CE, but that's one thing I have about MN - the government almost reflexively helps the incumbent. Certainly the incumbents are lobbying politicians to do so, but it happens a remarkable amount here. We're on the hook for a new Vikings stadium too because we couldn't bear to have them leave.
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