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Interviewing (and waiting to get a response) I posted in the happy thread awhile back about an interview process because it was obvious they really wanted me for the job, so it was nice to feel wanted; however, it sounded like that job would suck, so I didn't take it. This time it is a job that I really want, and things were looking very positive through the first couple rounds. I had my final round, and now I'm just worrying I didn't get the job. To make matters...
My go to drunk attorney is MIA though. Instead, I will violate copyright law, trick someone else into stealing it to imitate me, then notify the copyright holder - quickly switching mine back, so no one is the wiser.
Is it bad if I thought, "Wait, I didn't post that?"
People need to be banned from changing avatars. There, I said it.
I've never know pio to go "Lololololololol" before. He's really slipping these days.
It is actually men who are posting it on my feed.
That doesn't sound like a better world.
I took the Advanced Competitive Strategy class (I assume you're talking about the one from Munich), and it was good. I have my MBA, so it was pretty easy but fun, and it had a slightly different twist than some of my classes.I tried the Game Theory II class, and it was awful. Worst class I've taken online. The Model Thinking class is kinda fun though - I am also doing it right now.I agree. Game Theory II was exactly the same way. I didn't buy the book, and I had no...
It probably would but also endlessly frustrating. Think about the people who work there.Yes, it was meant as sarcasm.
I hear for sandwich franchises, your best bet for your dollar is Quiznos.
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