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That Boba Fett one is kinda cool.
There are some good places online. I got a bell vortex for
Texas is the same way on leases. Hear you just pay sales tax on the monthly payment.
I'm a bad person to ask about this because I generally don't enjoy it here. The best things I can recommend:There are lots of great bike trails and stuff like thatIf he has a motorcycle, get outside the cities and take advantage of some of the great scenery especially available.If he can easily get to St. Paul, check out a Saints game - they generally have all kinds of wacky promotions and stuff going on.Downtown Minneapolis generally has a pretty decent music scene -...
I think that's right on. My wife test drove one, but she thought it sits too high and was generally blah about it, but she liked the size of the Impreza hatchback....I hate car shopping, so it has been a long few weeks. We went to look at a couple used cars at the local BMW dealer and the sales guy was by far the nicest and most helpful.So we're actually in the market for two cars. My wife is looking for a used hatchback/wagon. Her favorite so far has been the Honda...
I don't think the monster is a good bike to learn on. I also, would never be willing to finance a motorcycle unless it was 0% interest.
I had a question to you about the quality of one of the jackets you posted 5-10 pages ago, help answer that. :P
I'm currently using a textile, but I would recommend leather.
I don't get on the bike without an armored jacket and boots. I almost always wear armored pants and gloves too.
My 10 year HS reunion is next month (which I have been getting plenty of spam on FB about). Why would I want to go hang out with people from HS? The people slated to go are mostly people who never left my home town. I also don't get why people are posting things like "I'll buy my tickets on Friday - need to get paid first." If you are living paycheck to paycheck, perhaps you shouldn't be spending the $27/ticket to go to this event.
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