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 Did GF learn your instagram handle?
 Agreed.  I was more referencing the claims that curly fries are better than hash browns, etc.  I love curly fries, but I would rather have hash browns with breakfast.
I keep getting mail about gigabit internet, but it isn't actually available in my area.If I was at my previous employer I would post my numbers. Easily get 2-3gb
For ties I don't even read the title.  For other stuff, I'm generally limiting my eBay search to you anyway, so for a sample size of 1, it makes zero impact.
Your constant use of that word is giving me PTSD.
 Not enough.  Obama hates the Jews and Israel.
I don't know how you all can choose a best kind of potato.  They're all amazing.
 I use Rankine for temperatures.
 I don't know.  I guess it depends on how you define conservative.  If you define conservative as "favors small government" he was pretty middle of the road: he voted for TARP, he flip-flopped on sequester, and he was talking about raising the debt ceiling again.  That being said, yes, I think by most conventional definitions of "conservative" he is one; however, the story line doesn't have to match the facts, and the story line, on both sides of the political press,...
Why does anyone care what John Boehner thinks?  Is this one of those times where a Republican is forced to quit or gets primaried, and the Democrats start talking about how there are no more "reasonable" Republicans left and point to said individual?
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