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Unlikely. That shit is perfectly safe.
Again, I agree. I'm just saying it is possible.
I like my Galaxy S7. Battry life is great as is the screen quality.
Bro, why didn't you just get out. re ggs has it figured out.
I know exactly what you mean, but the theory is you can outgrow the debt, right? It is kind of like leveraging debt in personal finance. Take a mortgage at 3% and put your money in the stock market because it will earn more than you pay.Still I agree with your feeling.Again that would be only for external debt, right? They could reduce their internal debt such as pensions by paying out in drachmas which could be devalued.
 I would suggest you put the box over your head and breathe deeply, but people who have suggested similar acts to random internet strangers have been prosecuted.Are you seriously this dumb?  "I've got an idea let's breath in a near 100% CO2 environment or let's create a sleeping environment with heightened levels of CO2! WHAT COULD GO WRONG?!?!?"
I agree about external debt, but things like pension benefits for said 25 year old government retirees could be converted into Drachmas and they could pay them significantly less a result.
 They went through multiple currencies in a short period: Papiermark, Retenmark, and Reichsmark.  The Reichsmark was issued at 1RM = 1x10^12 Papiermarks (10^12 is tera so it is roughly the difference between one character of data and a modern HDD)
Germany's history with hyperinflation is why the PIGs want their own currency: Germany will never allow the loose monetary policy that they want due to their debt bubble.
What's that about a fool and their money?
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