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 I agree.  We need to eliminate the draft though.  If the government wants to fight a war, it should pay soldiers a market rate commensurate with the risk.  They basically did with Iraq - tuition or student loan forgiveness plus huge signing bonuses. 
Boring.  I want to see the data the release.
 The man pays too well for me to do something else.
 Because you're an internet atheist asshole.
 That reminds me.... where's JapanAlex these days?  Starting a worker's commune in Angola or something?
Anyone have experience with sizing for a narrow foot?  My best fitting shoes are my AE Park Aves in a 10.5B, so the 5 last.
The Carmina Mallocra 2640 size 10.  How does that fit?  I'm a 10.5B in the AE 5 last.  Any chance they work?
You're getting soft.
 And yet, the European and Asian car manufacturers can make their cars right here in the US... almost if there is some reason that the Big 3 can't afford to manufacture here...
Yeah, but they also produced Nickleback.
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