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^ That's because it is all made up anyway.
Damn millennials.
GF, have you considered taking some vitamin c for that self-diagnosed strep?
Do things like your grandparent's first name instead of the middle. They don't know the answers. Odds are if you answer the question that way, when prompted in the future you'll go "let me try the first name" Edit: also those password requirements and questions are maddening. Even more dumb are these "let us assign you a security picture so you know it is our website" things. WTF. How am I supposed to remember that my bank login image is a battleaxe?
I have the Moras in brown leather, and I love them.
Why do news articles switch between imperial and metric units? I was reading an article about the asteroid that flew by Earth, and it is "500 meters wide" and it flew within "745,000 miles of Earth."
It is well established that Nixon's head will be Earth President in the future.
And the conclusion?
Isn't it one of the Scandinavian countries has a list of acceptable names? Edit: It is Sweden. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naming_law_in_Sweden Fuck Sweden.
So if I take more selfies, I will be more popular and fun? I need to know the causation.
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