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 That's because R2-D2 is an asshole.
I just checked - it is coming up on Googley
CESpool doesn't get indexed by search engines.
One of my carry permit class questions was "T/F: If you are driving down the highway, and someone pulls along side you and starts yelling and threatening you can shoot them."
 I don't know.  I just wonder if the universe knew.  He was obviously very secretive from the beginning, but did that veil come off to the universe in Episode 3 or just to a select group.
 You obviously live in Chicago (and I don't), but I do know that when I was looking at potentially relocating to the metro area for work, it was by far the most complicated and onerous process to bring my guns with.  I have to get fingerprinted to even keep the guns at my house (at least that's how I read it).  So the idea that somehow it is suddenly easy to legally bring guns into Chicago is false.
 Did the galaxy know Palpatine was a Sith? One of the funniest aspects of the whole canon to me is: stormtroopers are supposed to be these amazing soldiers - basically like SEALs/Delta/Green Berets/etc are to our military.  Yet, they're basically canon fodder in the movies.  I guess you can argue that the movies and books follow extraordinary rebels, but they do a great job quelling normal rebels.
Even if we accept the numbers that there were 48 murders by White Terrorists between 9/11 and June 2015, that's like 3 people per year.  How much are we, as a society, going to spend worrying and trying to stop 3 murders per year.  That's lower than the weekend death toll in Chicago every week.  I'd feel safer wearing a turban near one of these "right wing militia" compounds than walking down MLK Blvd in Chicago.
 Top threat compared to what?  Who is the most threatened by this threat?  What are the costs associated with stopping the threat?
 our state department?
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