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I love Milk Duds
From the first article I found on a quick google search.http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/12/12/stateline-state-income-tax-road-warrior/3998111/
If you make a certain amount, doesn't NY and NJ charge you income tax even if you are there for work for a day? I remember some articles in Forbes and the like about that happening to all the Super Bowl players.
Did your cat only stand up for its constitutional rights after you consumed too much port or LSD?
How do you hold them up? Belts and side adjusters aren't appropriate with semi-formal wear. Also, when you wear braces, you can (and should) keep the waist looser to increase comfort.
He's fine, but he has this weird cult following. When he's on the talk show circuit he creates a lot of straw men about people who disagree with him (Bill Nye as of late too).
I know this is old, but I would say the first one because I think it is gaudy to have the brand name visibly printed on your studs.
My money is on troll. He seems pretty effective.
When I did my WI/MN ones, it was really easy. Basically just a form and sending a copy of my 1040 and the other state's return.Edit for clarity: I only had to fill out one state.
There is an inverse coorelation between how much work someone actually does for a living, and the amount of bitching they do about it. With rare exception the ones in the above group, never are bitching on Facebook about their work. Some of the teachers I'm friends with on FB, seem to make it a full-time job during the summer to post about how much work their job is and that summer isn't a big vacation for them.This is spot on. It is also the giant Neil deGrasse Tyson...
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