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The non-sales ones are probably all trying to make a connection to a job poster.
A steak burrito with guac has 1300 calories
I don't know - I'm not a parent - but I read a book by an economist arguing that the marginal cost of children goes down and things get easier.  Especially seeing as they get a bit older, the older ones can and will help take care of the younger ones.
I have a colleague who is totally useless (actually most of them are).  This guy IMs me and asks me if I can join "this meeting."  He sent me the meeting invite an hour after it concluded.
Don't ruin it for him.  He's 60% cash anyway.
Double the e.coli double the fun.
 My money is on Samsung for NAND.  They're doing exactly what they did in the DRAM days, and their competitors are going to lose because they're following the same losing strategy.
 I think, as a whole, we give them too much credit (especially when we lump OPEC producers together as one entity).  Most of them are probably as short-sighted as many executives are here: focusing on the next quarter or at most a year out.  There certainly has been a lot of strain over the last few years as in-fighting has been visible to outsiders.
IE he doesn't want people to nitpick and criticize his decisions the way he does other people's.
 I thought that was just because of your propensity for giving out a lot of BJs in the back of your M3.
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