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Wouldn't using the umlaut be cultural appropriation? If he doesn't use the umlaut how is he appropriating another's culture?
Aren't there bonus points to be dolled out?
Do any of you have any experience getting into MBB as an "experienced hire"? I am very interested in doing management consulting. I finished my MBA a year ago (part-time), and I am now working as a marketing/product manager, but I want to do work on larger, more strategic projects. I would also love the travel aspect. When I talked to a VP I know at Deloitte, they told me I need to be outside my MBA graduation date at least a year. Are the other firms the same? ...
The button stance is what makes the look.
What are people's thoughts on summer weight flannel? That just seems weird to me, but I do love flannel pents.
Pants sold.
I'll have to get some better photos and measurements up soon.
That is a great deal - surprised it is still here.
From my limited experience, I think it varies, but the in-house counsel tends to be more corporate like (hours, demands, etc). It seems large firms tend to have far greater variability in work environment than corporate counsels.
I don't know outside the US, but here they allegedly have an umbrella policy for all their drivers. That being said, I don't use uber x. Everytime I have used uber it has been for the black car.
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