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Then why did she hire you? Seems an undue expense.
Was your rural letter carrier or milkman Dutch by chance?
Dang, Harvy is always white knighting L'inc, and now he's throwing down the gauntlet. Things change quick in the styleforvm dome.
I got rationally angry because one of my coworkers got promoted - she knows nothing about her job, but she's been there long enough and basically just existed in her job while openings were backfilled.
Why is breast cancer the biggest medical rallying cry in our society? Sure it is the most common form, but barely, and it far from the most lethal. Colon cancer kills 20% more people with 50% less instances. Lung cancer is about the same rate, but kills almost 6x the number of people. Hell, pancreatic cancer kills the same amount of people, and it is almost 100% fatal.
He pushed you to do that because he can make more money. Also, in small claims court, at least here, you don't use lawyers.
They have a $50 service call charge and a $50/30 minutes rate with a minimum of 30 minutes, but surely you understand that it is a cost vs value thing. I'm not upset at their rates. I'm upset that I had them come out because they warrantied something. If I knew they were going to charge me for labor, I would have just done it myself.
The warranty is literally one sentence "Lifetime warranty on spring(s), hardware, door sections (10 year warranty on on windows)."To me, that implies labor. When your car is warrantied and something fails, the manufacturer pays the labor.The problem with the door in this case is was that the screws holding the opener in place had come loose and fallen out. Literally all they did was screw it in (which is apparently an hour of work). I could have easily done that myself....
L'Incandescent testing it. Still not working for me. WTF. This is worst kind of discrimination - the kind against me.
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