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 Well, he could beat McCain, not substantially, but that's why I want specifics.  I don't want wiggle room.
Romney: 5%McCain: 1%Bush (2004): 7%Bush (2000): 3%Before that it is just white vs non-white which puts most Rs in the 10-15% range which is consistent with today.  So you think he's going to do better than Bush?  What's considerable?  I want details, because I'll probably take that bet.
Oh ffs.
[[SPOILER]]  That guy doesn't look like Pio's avatar.
 Well, he wasn't stupid enough to date a therapist.  Plus, she knew you were a lawyer - a know risk factor.
Still summer, but you don't have winter anyway.  Plus, you know how sensitive he is to things like the seasonality of colors.  He wouldn't want anyone talking about him wearing pink out of season.
Pink tends to be a spring/summer color, so fall probably brings a lot of strife to a guy like Linksy.
 I don't care what intoxicants you consume, and I think it should be legal (I know CE that shit).  I just couldn't ever do any of said drugs because I don't like the feeling of being intoxicated.  My best friend occasionally does hallucinogenic drugs apparently, and we can still be friends, but I won't ever partake with him.I know people can enjoy said intoxicants and not ruin their own/other people's lives, but personally speaking, 95% of people I know can't.
 Then stop wishing hell on others.  It isn't nice.  You used to be the cool Vader.
 That's because you're an emo kid.
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