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Pio started posting about it on styleforum
I just saw a dude riding a motorcycle with a woman on the backseat holding the case of booze in his lap. Only in Florida..
Good to know. I want to find a couple more places that have soapstone to see if that is a route I want to pursue further. I don't know about the darker look.Last house with did a beveled matte subway tile. Was really happy with it - it added some depth without being obvious.
One place we went to had this stuff which they said was made from porcelain: don't like how their website tries to hide what they're made of though.  We don't have much surface to backsplash so the price isn't much of a concern, but I want something thin to avoid losing any counterspace.  I'll look into the tile sheets: otherwise I'm leaning toward subway tile.
Where do you see it on their site?  I don't see anything.
 I don't know, but I could have sworn it was one here.  It was pulling out of a neighborhood here in Raleigh.  It had the Tesla looking T on the front, and it wasn't long enough to be a Model S, and it didn't look like an X to me.  I guess it could have been an X: I have seen a few of them around here, but it didn't look the same (I don't mind the look of the X and I like the look of the S).
I saw my first Tesla Model 3 in person today.  That is an ugly, cheap looking car.
 Exactly.  It is already a socially acceptable time to start drinking.  Why wait?
You can finally afford an unexpected $200 bill?
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