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You driving a lavender car today?
Can you take the $20k donation tax deduction though?
Stop using Safari. What is the matter with you?
Hard to come by such quality craftsmanship in office supplies these days (what with budget cutbacks and so forth).
You think I can have that altered to fit a 40L? Maybe use the excess fabric to make a scarf or something?
I hate when I'm typing a word that starts with "i" (such as "incandescent"), and I hit the spacebar too fast. Word/Outlook auto-capitalizes the "i", and I'm forced to hit backspace twice, rather than once.
Let it be known that if you ask a question about a gun, you will eventually shoot someone. Think about it. Has there ever been anyone who shot someone and never asked a question about a gun?
So why isn't referring to someone as Asian the same thing? In fact, Asian has much wider connotations than Oriental. Like pB, I too like the way it sounds. I will go back to checking my privilege now.
I believe this has been covered here before, but Biden is in trouble for referring to East Asia as "the Orient" in a speech. I don't get why that is wrong or offensive.
New Posts  All Forums: