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I do love some chili cheese fries, but otherwise just salt and maybe malt vinegar if I'm at 5 Guys.
Looks white enough to me.
40 when I woke up here in MN.
I hate appraisers, but you can thank Dodd Frank for this. Appraisers see the purchase price before appraising on new purchases but not on refis. Also, banks can no longer select the appraiser - they are assigned from a pool. I tried refiing. I wanted to get a $30k valuation increase because housing prices have gone way up since we bought, and we have done a lot of work to the house. House came in at what we bought it for. Appealed and pointed out some recent sales,...
Why bother? He's not going to go to Jersey, or if he does, we'll all have to read his posts in the pissing you off thread.
Maybe he could upgrade to chicken selects.
I cast three votes, but my problem with most of these wasn't the loafers with suits per se (which I'm surprised about). My biggest problem was short (or no) breaks and the low vamps of the loafers. My two cents.
I opened an email from a sales guy at my car dealer. Thirty minutes later he called me going "I saw you opened my email....:" WTF. If I wanted to talk to you, I would have. Way to use email analytics in the wrong way///
Don't lie L'inc, you're a huge Star Wars nerd.
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