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My barber has always been cash only. He also charged me full price to simply tidy up the back of the neck and sides the other day.
The jacket looks fine - it isn't what I would have gone with though. That being said, the pants should have a higher rise with that jacket and they shouldn't be as slim. The shirt showing is less than ideal.
For barrel, round. For french, square.
Went to an external interview and they want me bad. Contrasted to my post in the pissing you off thread about how most interviews have resulted in them saying I don't have enough experience.
I know. They start with how I have all the skills they are looking for, an impressive resume, etc. Then they say they want more experience. One interviewer told me he couldn't hire me because I don't have any grey hair. =(
Interviewing. I'm tired of the "you have everything we want, but we want someone with more experience."
That's what I've been doing wrong all along.I just don't get them, and I find them very unattractive on women.
Why would you get a tattoo to begin with?
That Swiss Zegna SC is awesome.
So what you're saying is, if we all just post more, we can all be more beloved?
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