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That sounds awful to me because I don't like convertibles or SUVs (though MB makes a compelling looking one).
This coming from the guy who slams noobs who ask if anything less than competition grade armored leather and storm trooper boots are acceptable.
Beepi cars seem a bit steep, but I guess that might be because they are mostly in CA.
Is harvy actually working for a change or did he get put in time out again?
The guy who posts pictures with pantone chips adds a nice contrast.
Cox has my vote.
So you're more wise.
It is always nice when it works out that way. As they say, who you know...I agree with you but they were both tech companies and both claimed they were still tech startups. I'm just saying, I would still err on the side of being over-dressed. Wearing a suit and tie has never hurt me in an interview, and I have worked in the tech industry my entire life - I started as a computer engineer.
If they weren't worth the cost, no one would pay it, right?
Link? I could use a good larf this morning, and I don't dare try navigate the SWD forum.
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