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Not speaking to this particular case, but why is it hard to believe someone reporting some kind of sensory failure in a shooting? It is very common - my carry permit said something like 80% if people report some kind of sensory loss during a shooting. Even trained soldiers and special forces claim to experience it regularly. Maybe no one is questioning that part though.
I was just at a BBQ joint and these assholes just sat at a table for like 20 minutes after they were done eating with zero regard for people standing around waiting for a table.
Nailed my interview today. It was half a day plus lunch. Basically the entire time was them telling me where they think the best areas to live are. The hiring manager's boss just flat out said they really want me. Looks like I'm going to be moving south of the Mason-Dixon. Just in time for winter too!
A good friend of mine is a baritone and is a young artist in a major city opera.
Saw a new NSX and what looked to be a Ferrari 488. First time seeing either in person. The Ferrari had giant Ferrari badges seemingly everywhere though. I don't get that.
First, who cares about his sexual preference? Second, how did he censor his speech?
Thats just because you're jealous of the king of battle.
All will be forgive when i get an invite to check out the sweet new yard and learn about fancy wine. Well if the lawyers are losing out in this deal, I'm even more in favor.
No, the Somalis are taking all the soft targets here.
 You're right, getting companies to manage themselves better is pie in the sky compared to getting government actors to solve the problem with more jail time for their biggest donors which is perfectly sane and rational. Again, I tried to clarify the difference between civil and criminal court, but look at the many high profile criminal cases we have had in the last year that were heavily politicized and some of which were clearly prosecuted for political gain when the...
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