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Well, I posted this a few days ago: http://www.styleforum.net/t/236046/trump-is-2-in-gop-field/4185#post_8515582 Even immigrants that have been here for 20+ years say immigration improves the country on a 2:1 basis.
I'm not surprised.  I was looking at places in NJ/NY for a potential job move, and I was blown away by how expensive property taxes are there.  The rates are higher and the property prices are higher, so it is a double whammy.  I'm moving from MN which is modest, but compare that to places like Tennessee, and it is huge. Imagine what $500k gets you in Tennessee and what it gets you in NYC or NJ.  TN averages 0.75%, NY is double that at 1.64%, and NJ is more than triple TN...
 It was brave of me.  Thank you for acknowledging me.   
I'm no attorney, but that's the approach I would I hope I would take.  Simply tell the officer that I'm not consenting to a search, but I won't resist or attempt to stop him from searching.  That being said, in the first five years of having my permit, I never carried once.  I also have never carried or had anything in the car that is illegal (at least as far as I know).
This is at best secantial to the thread, but I had to take a class to renew my carry permit.  It was taught by a former cop, and he recommended if you're pulled over to tell the cop if you have are carrying.  However he took it to the extreme by saying some cops will have you get out of the car and search you if it is on you or search the car if it is not on you but in the car.  He suggested you should just let a cop do that. Explain to me why, if I'm exercising my right...
I think he eats more than one of those in a sitting.  That's how he keeps his cherub like demeanor.
 I'm sure he doesn't use an air conditioner in any of his mansions or yachts. Edit: I'm sure you've seen this, but the proposal gave me a good chuckle - let's stop using air conditioning in federal buildings. http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2016/07/11/hypocrisy-climate-change-emissions-consumption-gina-mccarthy-mccabe-dicaprio-lamar-smith-taxpayer-epa-column/86940890/
Not being as welcoming as France.
 He goes to Cuba for all his medical needs.
 That would have been a hilarious article.  Local Attorney Disbarred for Egging a Clinton Mansion
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