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 $100 well spent.
I came back from the long weekend in a positive attitude, and by lunch I can't wait to get home to finish applying for a few jobs.
I played the beta too, and while I thought it was fun, it won't be something I will buy.  Just picked up MGS 5 and Battlefront, so I'm good for awhile.  Plus another month or two and Fallout will drop in price and there will be some patches.  Then early next year, and we should have a new  Hitman game.
Aren't most award-winning chili recipes posted online?
I don't know about the set he got, but most appliances on sale for BF at the big box stores aren't BF made items like TVs.  They're typically a line that had excess inventory or is about to be replaced by new models.  I think Samsung is really hit or miss.  Part of the reason I didn't go for it is the crappy dishwasher and I didn't really need an over the stove microwave.  I'll probably just by my items piece by piece.
 I was looking at a Samsung set that was discounted similarly.
Did you buy really cheap appliances?  Because typically the price is based on the price of the appliance. I worked at BB once, so I can tell you the margins on those warranties are 90%+.  Typically HD/Lowes/BB don't do commission anymore, but they give employees bonuses for selling warranties.
Why is L'inc the only one allowed to have socks?
 Excellent for two crashes and a rebuilt title.
 Harvy never passes up an opportunity to troll for new clients.
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