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ebay is your friend
Bought design #8 and #16. Even more beautiful than the pictures can show. Arrived incredibly quickly (just over a week to New Zealand). My only complaint is that I didn't buy more.
Oh man this might be my lucky day, I'm an 11. By the way, excuse my ignorance, but what's NOS mean?
Maybe if I just lop off my toes...
Is that size US or UK?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sebastian Pointing out the obvious: It is 1125€. Ouch I need to learn how to read french numbers.
Sorry to revive a dead thread, but I didn't think this question warranted its own. Go to this link. What's up? John Lobb for 125€? I'm very confused.
Quote: Originally Posted by ginlimetonic errrr plugging your pores ain't a good idea. Wasn't there a James Bond girl who died becuase they painted her whole body in gold? Your body needs to breathe. Perspiration is your body's process of cooling off, becuase converts heat energy fro inside the body into salts and water, which evaporates cooling your body. It wouldn't kill you, but plugging your pores is a horrible idea because all of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by fxh No idea on suits in NZ but shoes might be better going Pediwear or Herring online - I think everyone here has had good experiences with both Herring and Pediwear - order online Friday night here and it will likely be on your front verandah by Tuesday. Awesome! I was just looking at Herring's website. Looks like they've got some very nice shoes at good prices. Might buy some today.
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnsNotHere I lived in Wellington for 7 years but unfortunately my sartorial interest was only sparked when I move to Australia. Others may be able to help you better if you give an idea of budget. Good luck! Cheers! I'm thinking maybe up to ~$400 for some shoes, $800 for a suit, NZD. Somewhat flexible, though, if the quality's good.
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