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Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Is this Moo's new body after the weight loss? Richard from wasp 101.
Shoe collectors are more creepy. PM evidence: "Hi Mr Boatshoe Recently joined and it's so great to see many others into shoes as much as I. How big is your collection of boat shoes? I currently have 3 pairs of sperries, all with white soles. I love look of them with chino pants and jeans. What is in your collection? Do you wear sox with them? Also, do you wear tassle moccasins? If so, what brands? The softer the leather, the better! Lets exchange pics."
Quote: Originally Posted by razl Trolling clothes on ebay has turned up a new-to-me phenomena that seems to be gaining momentum: using your wife/gf/piece to model men's clothing. It's getting downright scary: I think she is the seller, not a husband or bf. If you look at her other items, they are mostly women's clothing.
Prada spr 65 hs.
I like A. More texture, color, and overall just more visually interesting. B looks like he'd put Rohypnol in your girlfriend's drink.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Your trousers are too short.
Emperor Haile Selassie
All of the combinations are weird. It's as if there was a plane crash and various mismatching articles of clothing were scrounged from the wreckage and put together.
Quote: Originally Posted by _AMD It does mean both. Aaron Well of course it means both, especially considering that most people use it to mean the second definition. The dictionary didn't drop from the sky. It reflects usage. I was just having a little fun with definition 1. People here would appreciate that the first definition of brogue, in most dictionaries I have perused, is the shoe and...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel He doesn't peruse, he reads them thoroughly. That's what peruse actually means. People generally misuse it.
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