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11/4 -- price cuts
Having said that, my wife used it today to buy some towels (which they don't stock in our store), and our SA said she'd order them and honor the discount.
I received one of these as well. It's only good for in-store purchases.
I have one of the grosgrain (faille) bowties from Sam Hober. https://www.samhober.com/italian-faille-silk-bow-ties/ In fact, I wore it to a black-tie wedding this past weekend.Because all SH ties are custom, I was able to specify the shape, length and width, resulting in a tie without the slide and/or hooks that are on adjustable-length ties. Highly recommended.
Thanks. Didn't work for most items I tried (including full-priced items), and took off only 20% on the couple that it did work for.Oh well. I guess I'll wait for the next deal . . .
Wow! These are the lowest prices I can recall seeing in the past year or so. Must stop buying now!
I have two Loro Piana white dress shirts. They're marked size 15.5, but they measure closer to 15". They're now too snug for me, and therefore I'm selling them. As you would expect from LP, the all-cotton fabric is just beautiful. As you can see in the pictures below, they are just beginning to show some wear on the collar points and cuffs, but they have a good bit of wear left in them. Original retail was some silly price in the neighborhood of $400 - $600...
Thanks. It's there now, and the items that work with the code are marked "lovedreambox".
Thanks very much. The code worked on some, but not all, of the items in my Dream Box.By the way, where did you find this code?
I saw that, too, but so far, nothing. Credit card standing by…
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