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I have several bow ties in different shapes, but they're all satin, and I wanted one in grosgrain to match the lapels on my tuxes. I purchased one from Sam Hober and couldn't be happier. http://www.samhober.com/italian-faille-silk-bow-ties/ Like everything else they offer, you specify exactly what you want -- shape, width, length, etc. It's great having a tie that is the perfect length for me without the slide/hook adjusters.
The notice in the mail said the discount applied to "selected" shoes. That usually means it excludes Edward Green, cordovan and Harry's. But why not put it your cart, put in the discount code and see what happens? (And please let us know.)
Just received an e-mail from Shop Runner announcing the F&F sale a day early (on line). Code: BEFIRST. 25% discount, including off of sale and clearance items, plus free two-day shipping.
I just used this code. Saved quite a bit. Thanks!
BB15 works again for a 15% discount, including on the Natural Craftsman items that are already 70% off.
Sorry. You're right. I noticed the sale last night and placed my order then, but didn't check the site again before posting this morning.
Another weekend sale. 60-70% off Black Fleece and selected Natural Craftsman sale items. And both the current 15% off promotion and Shop Runner apply.
If you're referring to the typical corporate discount, that's true, but only for non-sale items. I believe today's 15% includes sale/clearance items as well.
Received three pairs of pants. No issues.
+1 I get one almost every day. Sometimes it's a promotion, like the luxury shirts for $59 that I posted recently; other times, it's just highlighting a particular product.
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