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Gone. This is one of the best eBay bargains I've seen in a long time.
+1. It's a great coat for a terrific price, except the sleeve length (with working buttonholes) won't work for me.
Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
Actually, I thought there was a pretty decent selection of dress shirts. I bought this one, which was available in a broad range of sizes.http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Egyptian-Cotton-Slim-Fit-Spread-Collar-Broadcloth-Heathered-Check-Luxury-Dress-Shirt/ME01352,default,pd.html?dwvar_ME01352_Color=BLUE&contentpos=1&cgid=
Announced this morning -- clearance sale. Now up to 60% off.
Blue shirt sold. Only yellow slim fit remains. Now $35.
Either way, I thought it best to ignore it. . . .
As far as I know, all are brand new.
Yoox giveth and Yoox taketh away. The 10% coupon begins just as the 15% mark-down ends…
^^ Is it reversible?
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