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+1. I've had my PP 3919 for 20+ years and wear it at least once a week. I'm not particularly careful with it, and it looks about as good as new. I'm far from objective (it was a wedding present), but I don't think I'll ever stop thinking it's perfect.Edit: Here are some pictures:
30% off promotion starts today. Appears to apply to full-priced items only (but not all of them). Discount % decreases after today. Details here:
9/29 cut -- now $150.
Now they're all back to full price. Go figure.
Well, I may have spoken too soon. The prior 25% promotion, which applied to full-priced item, is gone from some items in my Dream Box. It could be because they're winter(ish) items, but I'm not sure. The Mystery of Yoox pricing sometimes really baffles me.
Looks like the discounts from last week's 25% off promotion have turned into (permanent?) drops.Try TAKE15 for an additional 15%.
Just in case you're not aware of this, if you have an AMEX card, you can enroll for no charge in ShopRunner, which provides free two-day shipping and free returns for Brooks Brothers and many other retailers.
New promotion: 25% off of full-priced items, through 9/20. Discount is reflected in price, so no code needed.
Per the flyer I received, the on-line code will be FRIENDS.
9/15 - price cuts on all shirts.
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