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Quote: Originally Posted by le.gentleman In my experience, all tie knots slip eventually. Some textured ties do better than shiny ones but if you wear them for a day, your knot will slip. Recently, I reviewed what is called a Tie Snug. It is a little clip that is placed under the tie knot and is practically invisible. It did the trick for me and my tie knots are not slipping anymore. Has anyone else tried this device? If so, what did you...
15 really beautiful Charvet shirts that look to be basically new. Size 15.5 x 32, but quite slim (42" chest; 38" waist), and all with a monogram. If you're trim and willing to deal with the monogram, run, don't walk, and buy these. Buy it now for $450, or make offer.
I've got a CC20 that I bought through the Kent seconds store on eBay. (I also can't find the flaw.) A very versatile brush at an unbeatable price.
4/14 -- Cuts on all remaining pairs.
Quote: Originally Posted by HGCROSBY How do you explain the sole measurement? 11"? The seller doesn't suggest it is the insole. I'd definitely need more info before I bid. I have the Peal monks in 9.5b. They are about 11.65" long and the same width as these shoes.
Brooks Peal tan boots (Is the correct term "jodpur"?) Not sure of the maker. They look nearly new. Size 9B. Opening bid of $49.99. No bids with six hours to go.
Brioni alligator brief bag. "Midnight navy blue." Not sure I'd walk into court with this one, but I covet it nonetheless. Gotta love the combination lock dials. $23K OBO. (Nine offers declined so far . . . .)
PM sent for PS #27 & 29.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt S When I come across a navy blue grenadine tie on eBay for under $40 I have a hard time passing it up. I find that I wear navy ties more often than anything else, and I like to have backups. I'm the same way. I've sold off a half dozen grenadines on B&S, but I've still got three navy grenadines: a Paul Stuart, a Faconnable and an RLPL (unlined tip). Each is a bit different shade and ties a different-sized...
Lederer lid over attache. Only a couple of blurry pictures, but it looks to be in very good condition. Note the monogram and the 3" width. Opening bid of $45. Brooks black tie. Can't tell for sure, but it looks like a garza fina grenadine, but could be just woven. $20 BIN with free shipping.
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