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Alden shell medallion tip blucher in 10 D. Might fly under the radar given that it's listed as a narrow (B), when it's actually a B/D (medium width); and that it's not identified as shell. http://cgi.ebay.com/VINTAGE-ALDEN-ME...item19b89072b1
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC ^You shouldn't have to pay extra for narrow sizes. I've ordered narrow width Aldens from a couple of different sellers (including Tom at Leather Soul Hawaii), and neither charged me any extra. Both times they had to order the shoes from Alden (no lag time, Alden had them in stock). I've had the same experience. I ordered the (narrow) shoes from the store, which were shipped directly from Alden (typically...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hunter well if you want to buy them in bulk, as I do when I see a great deal, HansensClothing.com has a great deal right now on Robert Talbott Socks if you buy 12 or more then they are $10 a pair... So I stocked up... He also has free shipping so that is an added bonus. Hunter Thanks for the tip. I had previously bought a bunch on B&S and gotten hooked. Another dozen on the way!
2/11 -- Price cut on Freeman chukkas and on AE shell tassle loafers. Brand new mainline (not Studio) Ferragamos in a rich, pebbled brown. Perfect condition. Size 10B $140 --> $120, including shipping in CONUS. Brand new Freeman Chukkas in size 9.5B. Substantial, well-made shoes. $85 --> $50. Brand new English-made Sanders & Sanders suede shoes for E.T. Wright. Perfect condition. Size 9.5 B - Brand new. $75 -> $50 E.T. Wright...
Armyhardhat had some BB extra slim fit shirts, but most of those also sold quickly. A great deal from one of the true good guys on eBay.
eBay seller Army Hard Hat has some Brooks Brothers extra slim OCBDs for $29.90, with free shipping. As many know, he is a first class seller. http://shop.ebay.com/armyhardhat/m.h...dkw=&_osacat=0
Price cut! Shirts are now $60 each.
Beautiful stuff!
12/8 -- Another price cut on Chukka boots!
12/4 - Price dropped on both shirts to $65 each. Beautiful cotton, MOP buttons, still proudly made in England!
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