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eBay seller Army Hard Hat has some Brooks Brothers extra slim OCBDs for $29.90, with free shipping. As many know, he is a first class seller. http://shop.ebay.com/armyhardhat/m.h...dkw=&_osacat=0
Price cut! Shirts are now $60 each.
Beautiful stuff!
12/8 -- Another price cut on Chukka boots!
12/4 - Price dropped on both shirts to $65 each. Beautiful cotton, MOP buttons, still proudly made in England!
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen Are the boots American 9.5 or UK 9.5? The boots are size 9.5 US.
12/3 -- price cut on chukkas!
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 MOP buttons? I checked last night and the buttons are MOP.
Quote: Originally Posted by fjblair No problem, the shoes were super nice. Somebody did get a deal, the shoes have been sold. Glad you were able to sell them easily.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 MOP buttons? I believe they are, and N&L's web site says they are. For example: http://www.newandlingwood.com/product.php?id=806 I'll check tonight when I get home and let you know for sure. Quote: Originally Posted by Arkolm 41 is what, 34 US? 41 is a neck size, not a sleeve length. It's the European equivalent to a US/UK neck size of 16". N&L shirts typically have...
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