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Without a suit, yes. Without a jacket (sport coat, blazer) and tie, no. Gotta draw the line somewhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by ceaton Damn my (perfectly reasonable to me) long arms! otherwise I'd be all over this... Sorry. I've got skinny feet and (relatively) short arms. Having said that, the Golden Fleece and the Ralph Lauren shirts should work for 33" arms. (Double-check the shoulder to cuff measurments to be sure.) And, if these shirts' sleeves are too short for you (shameless plug), I've got some beautiful New & Lingwood shirts...
2/2 Price cuts on all shirts!
2/2 - price cut. Brand new, made-in-England, N&L shirts for only $50 each, or two for $90!
The only times I've ever worn white tie was in weddings, my own included. All of those outfits were rented. Years later, having learned the "rules" by reading SF, I went back and looked at my wedding pictures to see if it was a complete sartorial train wreck. Much to my suprise, I pretty much got it all right. Kudo to the rental shop. What a relief. Over the past few years, I've purchased all of the various pieces, including a full dress set, and I now have the...
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Great deals here from a great seller! Thanks very much. 1/27 -- Price cut on Ferragamos (now $120) and Sanders English suede shoes (now $50). If these are your size, these are great deals!
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi 100% cashmere Kiton 40R gray staple suit!! very cheap!! Looks like a great deal, but the pants are short (28" inseam), and there's only a 1/2" extra to let out.
1/26 Price Cuts!!
1/24 -- added Brooks Brothers Luxury Line double-button cuff. Fray sold!
3/21 Price cuts. I've lost some weight, and am sizing down in my shirts, so it's time to clean out what no longer fits. I'm starting with eight white shirts in great shape. There's something for everyone (as long as you're a size 16). All shirts do not have pockets, except for the Lands Ends. Shipping: $5 for the first shirt; $2 for the second; free thereafter. PayPal personal payment preferred, but not required. First up, a beautiful Fray for N-M. It has...
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