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Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Is anyone familiar with this BB line? There was apparently a silver label "Hand Tailored" line, but the label was completely different. This was made in USA. I'm wearing a blue flannel blazer today with that exact label. I've probably had it for about ten years. I liked it so much that, when I saw the same coat at one of the outlets a couple of years later, I bought it, too. The flannel has a great...
Nice starter set of four Paul Stuart ties. Two solid color, ribbed ties in navy and burgundy, a navy microdot, and a burgundy bow tie with white polka dots. I'd ask the seller for the width of the long ties. Opening bid of $24.99. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT Seller also has another set of four, mostly-basic Paul Stuart ties: http://cgi.ebay.com/Four-Paul-Stuart...item3cb4a191d8
1/25 drops.
My apologies for starting a new thread. I tried the "secrets to ID the maker" and "ask a question" threads, but didn't get an answer. This label is inside a cashmere overcoat. The brand is Louis dell'Olio, which, I believe, is a designer/faux designer brand, but I don't think is a manufacturer. The coat also has the typical Loro Piana all cashmere label. Sorry for the two shots. The label is folded and sewn. Any ideas? Thanks.
1/22 drops.
1/14 -- More cuts.
1/12 price cuts. Seven squares sold, but plenty of bargains left!
1/11: New squares added, including a beautiful red Ferragamo.
1/10 price cuts. Open to offers on multiple purchases.
1/31 price cuts -- just four squares remaining. 1/11 - added new squares, including a beautiful red Ferragamo. Three years ago, it a was white linen TV fold only for me. Then, I was hit by SF. You know the rest of the story. Now, I have so many, I can't even see all of them in the drawer. So, it's time to clear out the ones that don't get worn enough. All are silk, with the exception of the RLPL light blue linen. All prices include first-class mail...
New Posts  All Forums: