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eBay seller ArmyHardHat has loads of Brooks Brothers Makers cummerbunds, in basic black, for a BIN of $24.90, with free shipping. They're available in S/M: http://cgi.ebay.com/Brooks-Brothers-...item483f87100f and in L/XL: http://cgi.ebay.com/Brooks-Brothers-...item483f871209
3/14 drops.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Damn. Even part of the sole is alligator: Link Those are spectacular!
3/3 drops.
3/1: Plenty of tire kickers, but no buyers, so it's time for price cuts. Also, I've added shoulder seam to shoulder seam measurements for all jackets.
3/29 -- Updated with sales. Some beautiful sport coats for sale today. All are marked 40R, but given the measurements, they may work for a 42 or for a 40L or 42L. All are fully canvassed. Shipping: $10 in the CONUS. Paypal only. 3) Brooks Brothers 100% camel hair; three-button. Single-vented. $75 --> $70 --> $65 --> $60 --$55 Shoulder seam to shoulder seam: 18.25" PTP: 21.5" Waist (across middle button): 20" Sleeve: 23.5" + 2" TOC: ...
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi A two tone yellow Rolls Royce...and I thought I'd seen it all! Actually, I believe that the hood is brushed stainless, rather than painted a second color. Different strokes . . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by Butler Dominic So on a final note you are saying that there was no code? Since it didn't work that means there code was or is not OK and hence no code right? Well that sucks. I would have love to get myself a discount. OK I will go for a coupon code hunt. You always have one some where you just need to look well. I assume that the code I found was valid; I just couldn't get it to register on the J. Peterman site....
Quote: Originally Posted by forex How do you get the 16% discount? I saw it here: http://www.couponmountain.com/The_J_...ons-deals.html I couldn't get the code to work, so I called and placed the order by phone. I mentioned that I had a discount code, but the web site wouldn't accept it. They adjusted the price when they took the order. Shipping was about $15.
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto SAB umbrellas for $234! http://www.jpeterman.com/Mens-Things...Brigg-Umbrella Great tip! Thanks. Just bought one, and used the 16% first-time-customer discount.
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