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Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Is the SC double or single vented? The Oxxford suit and sport coat are single-vented. The Polo tux is double-vented. Price drop on Polo tux.
Quote: Originally Posted by hammer07 Good deal on the Oxxford. Thanks. It's a beautiful coat. I'm torn about whether to keep, return or sell. . . . Price drops on both pairs of pants!
I noticed last week that a Rack opened up on Atlanta's Buckhead Loop. Interesting that it's within a mile of the "real" Nordstrom, in Phipps Plaza. Not sure how long it's been open. Has anyone been there? If so, where does it rank in the Rack hierarchy?
9/17 -- price cuts on both pairs of pants. Some great deals on wardrobe staples!
Polo brown suede wingtips. Size 10D. No pictures of the soles, but they look like they're in good shape. Seller says they're C&J. I'll leave it to the experts to decide if they are, or they're Sargents. Either way, at an opening bid of $49.99, they could be a good deal. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT
Bought a great shirt from Pocketsquareguy. A pleasure to deal with and the shirt was just as described.
9/15 price cuts and updated to reflect sales.
Are you expecting any in brown suede??
9/14 Price cut on Oxxford suit.
9/13 Price cuts on pants.
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