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3/21 -- Price cuts on all remaining items.
3/21 -- Price cuts on all three coats.
Church's did have a store in Lenox. I believe it was where Montblanc is now located. If I remember correctly, it closed arbout the time when Prada bought the company (and eliminated their narrow-width shoes). I haven't seen Church's since then in any Atlanta store.
3/17 -- Price cuts on all three jackets.
3/16: Added another alligator belt from Scott Mallory of Soho. Size 36. Pictures in first post.
5/14 -- Price cuts. These are the final price cuts. If they don't sell at these prices, I'm going to donate them! Three great sport coats marked as size 40, but the measurements indicate otherwise. Shipping: $7 for the first coat; $3 for each additional item. PayPal only. (Personal payment preferred, but not required.) First, an Oxxford 100% camel hair jacket, from Neiman-Marcus. Three button, double-vent, ticket pocket. Fairly heavy fabric with a brushed...
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter Perfect!!!! i just bought a similar crock belt and am looking everywhere for where I can find a buckle that fits (1 inch, snap buckle belt) and is business appropriate. Anyone know? including the OP Thanks, free bump in exchange for answering! Brooks Brothers sells one in both sterling and in vermeil. Here's a link to the vermeil one: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...or=Gold-plated. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Wow, some great great stuff. Thanks. I enjoy collecting alligator and crocodile pieces, but it got a bit out of hand. Three sales posts later, and my collection is now at a more reasonable size. Apparently the market agrees with our taste, because all the belts and wallets are sold with the exception of the Coach belt and the vintage alligator wallet!
4/15 -- Price cut on Scott Mallory belt: The thinning of the herd continues . . . Shipping in CONUS: $5 for the first item; $2 additional for the second; thereafter, no additional charge. PayPal only. And I've saved the best for last - a vintage wallet -- alligator inside and out. I was told that it is French, and from 1920s. The skins are supple and absolutely amazing. It shows some wear around the edges, but the scales show no signs or cracking or lifting. ...
3/3 Price cuts on all shirts.
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