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Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek Not your cup of tea? Then I suppose you're not a big fan of the Belgian loafer, either. . . . http://www.belgianshoes.com/henri-suede.html#
Quote: Originally Posted by ZON_JR Aren't these missing tassels? http://cgi.ebay.com/ALDEN-Mens-Moc-L...item518fe56394 Model 666 is a tassel loafer. But, it's not such a bad look without them!
1/13 -- Price cut on Ferragamos. Now only $125 for a brand new pair of mainline (not Studio) Ferragamos.
I went to a dinner party last weekend at which Coq Au Vin was served. I enjoyed it so much that I asked the hostess for the recipe. It was from a 2001 issue of Bon Appetit. Here's the link from Epicurious: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/fo...-au-Vin-104595. It was made with thighs only. I have no idea if it's authentic, or how it stacks up against other versions, but it was rich and delicious, and everyone had seconds!
1/6 -- Price cut on Freeman Chukkas. Now, only $60!
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh A couple years ago some one from Port Washington was selling a bunch of AE made Facconable shoes on ebay. I've never seen any decent Facconables in store though. I bought a pair of these because they were available in a narrow width. Split toes with a rubber sole. They're my go-to rain shoes. Great purchase at a great price.
Quote: Originally Posted by interlockingny You can't. You need to zero out your balance in order to be able to make a payment with a credit card. Your paypal balance will always be the first form of payment unless you have a zero balance, in which case you will be asked to pay with another source. Thanks. That's what I thought, but I hoped there was an easy way around this. It's a shame, because I'd like to keep a balance in order to make...
Sorry for the sidetrack on the debate, but I've got a related question. From selling stuff on here over the past few months, I've got a pretty good sized PP balance. I've been paying for my purchases on both B&S and eBay from that balance. I'm not worried about this for the purchases here. However, I probably shouldn't be doing so with eBay sellers with whom I've never dealt before. So, how do I make a PP payment via credit card if I've got a balance in my...
12/29 Price cut on brand new Ferragamo pebble grain shoes. Church's and a pair of AE Graysons sold. (Another pair of Graysons in shell cordovan still available.)
Get 'em and don't look back. I've got the Peal version of the C&Js, and pairs from Alden, Ferragamo Tramezza and the AE Moras. And now I'm hunting for a pair in brown suede. They're incredibly versatile. They're sleek, but subtle.
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