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You would think, with a BIN of $5,999, you'd get a shirt rated higher than a "9". http://cgi.ebay.com/Off-White-Turnbu...item3a5ca23a2a
At least he was an Oxxford customer (or was it Tom James)?
NWT Oxxford navy sport coat. Silk & linen, size 40L. Patch pockets. Just gorgeous. BIN of $399.95. Would be mine if it weren't too long. http://cgi.ebay.com/New-OXXFORD-Cust...item588885adcd
Quote: Originally Posted by ff4marvel Endless cashback worked for me, just searched Bing for "endless" and it came up as a sponsored link at the top of the page Endless has a limited selection of Persols, including the 2931S. With the 30% Bing discount, the price is $129.50, with free shipping. This is the best deal I've seen on these, by far. Hurry. There are only three pairs left. http://www.endless.com/Persol-Mens-0...eywords=persol
Quote: Originally Posted by mxgreen Cordovan belts are included. As are cordovan wallets and briefcases.
[quote=antirabbit;3266997]I also tried to buy it, no dice, dude already bought it. Quote: Originally Posted by Mata_Leao I purchased the camel hair Oxxford and the HF. I can't speak to the status of the smaller, blue Oxxford. I think the seller has been busy and hasn't had a chance to update the thread. I'm the seller of these jackets. The HF and camelhair Oxxford are sold, but my thread was too old to edit to reflect the sale. Only...
Quote: Originally Posted by needshoehelp I bought a solid navy 40R type A on eBay and it's quite nice. The shoulders are indeed very lightly padded (in fact, I'd prefer a little more padding, but it's okay). It's slim but not skinny. One thing I like are medium-wide lapels, which you don't often find on a slimmer suit. Mine came with pleated pants also, which I prefer, but the pants are also cut trimmer (Radcliff model) than standard-issue pleated pants....
Lovely lid over Brooks Brothers briefcase. Reportedly made by Peal before BB purchased the company. (But didn't the Peals from that era have a royal warrant?) http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tchlink:top:en
FINAL price cuts on all jackets. If they don't sell at these prices, I'm going to donate them to a local charity.
FYI, for you brave bargain hunters: Carlo Franco is having a sale! Any three ties for $80 each; four or more for $70 each, and bowties are only $25. Best of luck! http://carlofranco.com/
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