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8/28 FINAL price cut to $360. If it doesn't sell at this price, I'll either keep it or return it.
New black Alden full strap loafers. Size 10B. Opening bid of $95. Listed as "Aiden" shoes, so maybe a bargain? (Not sure whether the flag is included.) http://cgi.ebay.com/Mens-Aiden-Shoes...item1c1523c1fc
A decent deal on a nice pair of basics: Size 9.5D Peal suede PTBs from eBay seller Franklin TV. Dainite soles. BIN of $150. http://cgi.ebay.com/BROOKS-BROTHERS-...item1e5df59322
I've got a slew of size 16 (and a few 15.5) shirts that I don't wear, so it's time to clear them out. Most of them have 33" sleeves, but a few are 32" or 34". Because there are so many, I've only taken one picture per shirt. But if you're interested in any of them, please PM me and I'll measure them and, if you'd like, provide more pictures. (See the bottom of the post for measurements for the shirts with the longest sleeves.) Paypal only. Shipping $4 for the...
8/25 price cut. Now just $380.
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Late to the party. My first automatic (present from my wife). Temporary black strap until I find something nicer. Any feedback on Hirsch? I've bought a bunch of the Hirsch Artisanal line in both crocodile and alligator. They're well made and they wear well. I bought them from Rustwatch (James Rust), who has a Blujay store and also sells on eBay. He's very helpful and a pleasure to deal...
The store at Lenox Mall in Atlanta had a bunch of Golden Fleece shirts at 50% off this past weekend. A pretty good deal at that price. Note, that many were non-iron.
I believe Harold's started in Oklahoma, and expanded into Texas. I bought some cotton twill pants at their (former) store in Atlanta's Lenox Mall. The pants were reasonably well made. I particularly liked them because, like the pants you linked, they had forward-facing (English-style) pleats. If you are not only tall, but also slim, I think that style of pleated trouser can look great. And hey -- how wrong can you go for $35?
Hansen's has marked down Robert Talbott Best of Class blue "Super Grenadine" ties to $46.75, with free shipping. Available in both regular and long lengths. Here's the link: http://hansensoutlet.com/display.asp?id=4625&sra=3
8/23 drops on all items.
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