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Quote: Originally Posted by nerdykarim I haven't been to Miller Brothers, but I would probably skip H. Stockton. Unless you love small Southern prep brands, most of the stuff there isn't terribly exciting (Samuelsohn, Bills Khakis, Barbour, Alden shoes, etc.) Definitely check out Sid's (and stop by Star Provisions on your way out of the plaza). +1. You will be very sympatico with Sid's well-curated selection.
Reasonable buy it now prices ($349.99) for RL Blue Label suits in grey and grey pinstripe -- sizes 42S, 42R and 50L, and free shipping to boot.
They look great. Enjoy!
This is a great shoe. If the last fits you, at that price, it's an easy call. In my opinion, you can wear it with anything from a sport coat to khakis (but not a suit). Disclaimer: I am both a suede shoe and Alden fan. Combine the two and you (usually) have a winner. I'm wearing a pair of Alden model 953 monk straps today. (These:
6/24 -- Price cuts on last three pairs.
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett Garza grossa, midnight blue with white stripe. Self-tipped, no label, 4-fold construction, lined. Not as SF-approved as NOBD's untipped garza fina (man that's an awesome tie) but gorgeous. Drape and knot are superb. This is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely my next Hober. Thanks for the inspiration!
6/22 -- drops on all remaining pairs.
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance Spoo, forget the goyard smurf bag, I think you'll want cole porter's goyard trunk . . . I like the two-tone diagonal stripe. Marvel at the LV shoe trunk recently sold by this seller. Only one bidder, but for $24K.
ALL SOLD. THANKS! Some really nice office pants that no longer fit since my recent weight loss. My loss; your gain. Shipping in the CONUS included, via first class mail. If you want UPS with tracking, please add $5. PayPal only. Except for the RLPL, all are pre-owned, pleated and size 34. All are wool, and are light to medium weight. 1) RLPL NWT flat-front pants in dark khaki. Made in Italy. Marked 36, so I thought I could have them taken in to a 34, but...
Based on my experience, the size marked on the sole is the US size. Any idea what to do about the stains? Dye them black?
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