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8/3 price cut -- now $180.
Sunday15, presumably for one day only. Worked for an item in my Dream Box that was excluded from last week's promotion.
^^^ Those Carmina suede loafers are just beautiful. Alas, my feet are too short and narrow . . . .
Yoox15 works on many, but not all items. Through 7/30.
Good catch. I thought 663 was printed in the shoe, but it was actually 563. An outstanding bargain, considering their condition.
Good deal on a basic and versatile shoe: Alden burgundy calfskin tassel loafer. 9,5D. BIN of $95. Look to be in very good condition. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-9-5-B-D-Dark-Brown-Leather-Tassel-Loafer-Moc-Oxford-Dress-Shoe-Cordovan-/121713375936?hash=item1c56aebac0
7/26 - price cut. Now $200.
Not working for me in the US
If it's any consolation, I'm a Superstar, and there are no codes available that I'm aware of.
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