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What a stunning pair of shoes!
Gentlemen: Start your engines! Bidding opens at $5,000. BNIB Hermes Sac à Depeche Crocodile Porosus and Black Box Briefcase Set
Beautiful and well-preserved Dunhill alligator cigarette case. Not sure what I'd use it for, but you'll think of something!
and he is showing the perfect amount of shirt cuff.
Yoox has sent me several single-use codes with recent orders. None has worked on any items, including both full-priced and sale items.
Price cut. Sport coat now $115.
Pretty slim pickings at this point, at least in my size (BB2).Do you have an AMEX card? If so, you get a free Shop Runner membership, which provides free shipping and returns for BB purchases.
+1. I'm sorry to see the line end. I have at least a dozen of the shirts -- oxford cloth and broadcloth. The fabrics were very high quality. But I like the pants even more. They are the perfect mix of a traditional rise with a slim cut -- a combination that is very difficult to find. There have been many wacky patterns over the years that I can't imagine anyone bought, but I found plenty of normal blues, greys, khakis, herringbones, etc., and good deals were to be had at...
Not sure either, but I think it goes with these:,default,pd.html Might as well have the complete set!
FYI: I bought several items that were marked down today. I tried to use the 25% off code that I received with a recent order, but it was invalid.
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