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70% off Veterans Day clearance sale started today. Some good deals on Black Fleece, but sizes are very limited.
I have four of these shirts. I would say they are probably closest to Brooks' extra-slim fit. The quality is amazing -- beautiful fabric, buttons and stitching.
10/23 -- price cuts on all shirts.
10/23 price cuts.
Some significant drops on my fall/winter Dream Box items, plus style15 works for 15% off up to $400, and 20% off above $400.
I have all three sizes of the duffle bag. I use the small one as a gym bag. I use the medium one for weekend trips. It's the perfect size. The large one gets little use. It's too large to carry on a plane, and (when packed) it's too heavy to check and carry through the airport, meaning I'm more likely to use a wheeled duffle or larger suitcase. All in all, I'd suggest the medium.
+1. I've had my PP 3919 for 20+ years and wear it at least once a week. I'm not particularly careful with it, and it looks about as good as new. I'm far from objective (it was a wedding present), but I don't think I'll ever stop thinking it's perfect.Edit: Here are some pictures:
30% off promotion starts today. Appears to apply to full-priced items only (but not all of them). Discount % decreases after today. Details here: https://media.yoox.biz/yoox80/banners/4396_1_countdown_myoox_US.jpg?634485886869569819
9/29 cut -- now $150.
Now they're all back to full price. Go figure.
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