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No thoughts on this weighty issue?
I'll be attending an evening garden party in New Orleans later this month, and was planning to wear brown and white spectators. I've only worn them in the daytime before, and wondered if there are any rules/practice about this. For context, I expect the guests will be wearing linen, seersucker and the like.
Selected items are 50% off through 6/5. The discount percentage is a bit misleading in that the prices for those previously marked-down items were changed back to their original price, and then discounted 50%, but there are some genuinely good deals to be had.
I'm a 38r in just about everything, but in the NC line, I had to size up. So, I'd try a 38.
A few mediocre drops last night (now that the 20% coupon expired). Sigh
Some good drops last night (US).
Congratulations on the beautiful addition to your family! One of my boys was born on 4/11, too. He turned 10 yesterday. Good health to you all!
I had one item drop by more than 50% of its prior (discounted) price, so I pulled the trigger. Then, I noticed that I can't return it. I thought about calling customer service and cancelling the order, but I'm feeling lucky today. . . . Here's hoping it fits!
I don't see anything about a raffle. But on another note, a bunch of stuff in my Dream Box is temporarily discounted 20-30%. No markdowns (as usual), but it's a start . . . .
In the proud StyleForum tradition -- both! Sometimes, I want the simplicity of a Marcella front, particularly if I'm wearing a DB dinner jacket. But I've always loved the old Brooks Brother four-pleat shirt. There's just something unique about those wide pleats. It's what I wear more often with my SB DJ.
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