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Only one item in my Dream Box was reclassified as "clearance". The price didn't change, but it became a Final Sale item. Go figure!
Definitely agree about Lorenzini. They're tents. No info on Ferreti. But my several (5 or 6) Truzzis are pretty slim. They're 15.5 necks, with what I would guess are about 42" bodies (pit to pit x2).
I buy a fair amount but probably return at least 50% of what I order. It doesn't seem to have affected my superstar status.
It worked. Thanks very much.
I'm a superstar, but didn't see an extra 10% kicker.Today, the discount is reduced from 30% to 25%, and additional items are now included in the promotion.
If you're looking for a more elegant way to travel with your fine shirts, look no further:
Deep green gets my vote. It would be smashing.
No thoughts on this weighty issue?
I'll be attending an evening garden party in New Orleans later this month, and was planning to wear brown and white spectators. I've only worn them in the daytime before, and wondered if there are any rules/practice about this. For context, I expect the guests will be wearing linen, seersucker and the like.
Selected items are 50% off through 6/5. The discount percentage is a bit misleading in that the prices for those previously marked-down items were changed back to their original price, and then discounted 50%, but there are some genuinely good deals to be had.
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