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Selected Edward Green shoes (nine styles) are 25% off during the current clearance event.,default,sc.html?pmin=1&prefn1=collection&prefv1=Edward%20Green
I'm 5' 10"; 155 lbs. Started with 3 5/8"; then 3 1/2"; now 3 3/8". I think I've found my sweet spot.
Only one item in my Dream Box was reclassified as "clearance". The price didn't change, but it became a Final Sale item. Go figure!
Definitely agree about Lorenzini. They're tents. No info on Ferreti. But my several (5 or 6) Truzzis are pretty slim. They're 15.5 necks, with what I would guess are about 42" bodies (pit to pit x2).
I buy a fair amount but probably return at least 50% of what I order. It doesn't seem to have affected my superstar status.
It worked. Thanks very much.
I'm a superstar, but didn't see an extra 10% kicker.Today, the discount is reduced from 30% to 25%, and additional items are now included in the promotion.
If you're looking for a more elegant way to travel with your fine shirts, look no further:
Deep green gets my vote. It would be smashing.
No thoughts on this weighty issue?
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