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Multiple items in my Dream Box were temporarily marked down with the code LOVEDREAMBOX. 20% off if you order through the site; 25% off if you order through the app. Promotion ends 1/12.
Certainly. We've been hosting a black-tie NYE dinner party for more than twenty years. In recent years, some of our crowd have groaned a bit about putting on a dinner jacket, but standards must be maintained!
I'm disappointed to see that the new/old OCBDs (the $140 ones) are not included in the buy 4 for 40% off promotion. I typically stock up each year during the post-Christmas sale, but I'm not sure I will this year.
Don't be too disappointed. As Saint notes, it varies. Most of the times I've tried it, it was rejected as an "invalid code". But with this promotion, Yoox specifically stated that you could take advantage of the discount and use the code.
It depends on whether it was a one-time use code or if it was your Super Star code. I used my Super Star code.
I've done it with one of my tuxes. You really can't tell.
In the US, discounts vary, depending on the item. Many are 30% off, and you can stack your Yoox Code for an additional 10%, for an effective total discount of approximately 37%.
Pants are gone. Shirt is still available.
There are many restrictions for the 40% off promotion, including all Ralph Lauren footwear, RRL, Purple Label, etc.
12/18 price cuts. Shirt now $90. Pants now $165.
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