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There are many restrictions for the 40% off promotion, including all Ralph Lauren footwear, RRL, Purple Label, etc.
12/18 price cuts. Shirt now $90. Pants now $165.
I received similar messages: one shipped; two are still back-ordered until 1/5/17.
Thanks, Razl. Mention that you saw my listing here and knock $5 off the shirt and $10 off the pants!
2/11 price cut. Pants now $155. For sale: Two great Brooks Brothers Black Fleece items. Both staples and NWT. 2) Light to mid-grey flannel pants. Button fly. Size BB2. New with tags. Front rise: 10.75" Unhemmed/ $185 --> $175 --> $165 --> $155, including first class postage within the CONUS. 1) Blue oxford cloth button down shirt. Size BB2. New with tags. Note the ribbon trim at the sleeve placket and at the hem gusset. I assume that if you don't like...
Today, the "surplus fabric" shirts are gone from the web site, but three different mainstream fabric shirts have been added, two in a broad range of sizes.,default,sc.html?lid=leftnav-menu Plus, there's an election day promotion of an additional 15% off and free shipping.
I'm in the same boat. I called customer service and they credited me 15%.
I've seen most of these fabrics before, but I have no idea why they're showing up now, especially in a broad range of sizes. Bought three.Wish some NOS BF pants would appear in the clearance section....
Some additional Black Fleece shirts have been added. Free shipping today only.,default,sc.html?pmin=1&start=0&sz=24&view=viewAll
A bunch of stuff in my Dream Box was marked down today, plus there's an additional 20% off if you buy via the mobile app (or 15% if you buy from the web page).
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