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How unfortunate that Mr. Porter didn't have dinner jackets in the model's size (or length). Sigh.
4/26 -- Price cuts on all remaining shirts.
4/26 -- price cut to $45.
No love at $45? Let's try $40!
4/26 price cut. Now $110 for this great staple.
Agreed. These are sub-par and are not a good value.
I just read the first of a four-part series on PTO on the Golden Era of Oxfords. http://putthison.com/post/47706678968/the-ocbd-shirt-series-part-ii-the-golden-eraThe article includes a BB OCBD from 1949. Its features are strikingly similar to the Gatsby white OCBD -- no chest pocket, six buttons, and side-gussets. It looks like the original had a box pleat, rather than pleats/shirring on two sides, but I can't tell for sure from the picture.In any event, it looks like...
I measured the collar points. They're 3.25", which is the same as on my 25+ year old OCBDs, and the same as current Brooks shirts. The chest on my 15.5 x 32 is about an inch trimmer than the slim fit (21" vs 22"), but not quite as trim as my extra slim fit shirts. I haven't measured the length of the body, but it seems longer than either the SF or the ESF, which I welcome, given my longer torso.All in all, I'm very pleased with the shirt, especially given that it's the...
Those are really great looking boots.
I was in the Atlanta store today, getting some BBBF items fitted, when I saw the Gatsby display. I was surprised that they had the entire collection, front and center. I immediately spied the collar on the OCBD, and to my eye, it's the same as my vintage BB six-button shirts. I had not seen this thread, so it was a complete and wonderful surprise.Although I had no business buying (yet) another white shirt, I had to get one, if only as a vote of confidence in favor of...
New Posts  All Forums: