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3/3 -- Price cut.
2/25 -- final cuts.
Agreed. Now that I've had a chance to look around, I've yet to see anything that's excluded from the sale.
Gentlemen: Start your engines! 30% off lots of items in my Dream Box. No code required.
Thanks. I'll check them out.
Beautiful selection. Darn my short arms. I wish these didn't have working sleeve buttons!
Interesting marketing strategy. Items are either priced at $4.99 (or some similarly low price), or $1,000.
I don't know about the Brooks version, but this is broader in the chest than my polo coat from Polo/Ralph Lauren (also a 40).
I'm certainly glad that hasn't happened to me, and given the cost to repair, maybe I should be a bit more careful! And I understand your reluctance to recommend buying a potentially delicate watch, especially given the prices Patek charges today. I haven't looked at the current price of the 3919 replacement, but I know it's multiples of what mine cost in 1995.
I am reluctantly selling my nearly new Sartoria Cantarelli sport coat because it's just too short. I have many beautiful sport coats, but the fabric on this one is my absolute favorite. That's why I really wanted it to work, but I need a longer coat. I had the sleeves altered and have worn it exactly twice. In brand new condition. $475 --> $450 --> $425 -- $400 -- $385. Not cheap, but if it fits you, worth every penny. Details: Marked size 38, but probably should...
New Posts  All Forums: