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FYI. AMEX has a promotion through the end of June -- spend $200 on your enrolled card and get a $50 credit on your statement. I bought some stuff on Friday when the semi-annual sale started. Moments later, I received an e-mail from AMEX informing me that my purchase triggered the credit. Details from Fat Wallet here:
With the price now $700+, I'm not surprised they're not widely available.The Atlanta store was recently reorganized, and as far as I could tell, no longer carries any shell cordovan shoes.
The Natural Craftsmanship collection from a couple of years back is on sale at about 70% off, with a few exceptions. The original prices were quite high (e.g., cotton pants for $400, etc.), and apparently, it didn't do very well. I've bought some of the sweaters, shirts and pants, and it's very good quality. At these prices, it's a great value. Here's a link that will take you to the...
I have always loved this watch. The platinum version is on my (growing) bucket list.
For sale: 44 ties that just aren’t getting enough wear. All are silk, unless noted. All are used, but in good condition. After a careful review, I didn't see any stains or discoloration (despite what they may look like in my sub-par photos). Of course, if you buy one and you find a problem, please let me know and I’ll make it right. Price includes first-class postage in the CONUS. Feel free to make an offer it you’re interested in more than one. No international...
We loved our dinner at Spring. Special, but not overdone or overwrought. Terrific service. Can't say enough good things about the place. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
Thanks to all for the helpful input. Is the 15202 available with a white face? If so, I may need to try that one on, too, but given the additional cost, I'm not sure I could justify the difference.Assuming I go with the 15300, then the trick is finding the right one. The ones I tried on had clearly been polished, such that the edges of the bezel felt more round than pointed. Ideally, I'd want one that had not been polished.
Yoox just started its 15th anniversary promotion. Items are discounted up to 30%. Not all items are included, but quite a few in my Dreambox qualified -- some at 30% off; some less. The extra 10% kicker for Superstars is stacked on top, making for some very good deals. Enjoy!
I just had the pleasure of going through the same process. Having admired the various ROs on this thread (OK, maybe drooled would be more accurate), I decided that it's time to upgrade from my Cartier Tank Francaise auto to a RO. I'd like to trade it in to lessen the blow, but my wife has laid claim on it. On the other hand, she said that she'd like to get me a watch for our 20th anniversary, so how can I complain?I have a 6.25" wrist, and therefore can't wear a large...
6/8 -- price cut to $400.
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