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I saw that, too, but so far, nothing. Credit card standing by…
It's nice to see Brooks offering a Chestfield again, but I'm not sure about the brown collar. Wouldn't black velvet be customary?
Terrific ensemble. Smashing couple!
10/6 -- price cuts on all remaining sport coats.
Just the opposite for me, but mine are OTR. My Isaia (SB) is peak-lapel and ventless; my Oxxford (DB) is double-vented.
Some markdowns in my Dreambox items last night, plus some qualify for an additional 25% off. Total discount was about 45%. The code is YOOXmw25, which was applied automatically. Code expires tonight at midnight.
I received an email thanking me for my recent order, and offering 20% off my next order of full-priced merchandise. The message said you need to be logged in, so I'm not sure if it will work for everyone. Code: THANKYOU20.
Sporting my Hamilton today. I also have an AP, Patek and Cartier, and I'm just as happy to wear my Jazzmaster. I love the design and the details.
Sorry. I only tried it on discounted items, and it didn't work. Not sure if it works on full-priced items.
What's the code? When I added Yoox to Wechat (in the US), I received a code, but it's only good for full-priced items.(Should anyone need it, it's xlsZhRuB, and it's good for 15%.)
New Posts  All Forums: